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telrad finder introduction my telescope is equipped with a very good 8 x 50 finder scope that produces a 7degree true field of view the lowest possible magnification with my telescope focal length 2000mm is 625x which i achieve using a 32mm televue plossl eyepiece, description is there a large planet at the fringes of our solar system awaiting discovery at you can help nasa search for this planet and for new brown dwarfs in the backyard of the solar system sponsoring organizations nasa zooniverse american museum of natural history arizona state berkeley lab and carnegie institution of washington

the hubble space telescope has discovered a dwarf galaxy in our own cosmic backyard a mere 30 million lightyears from the milky way, backyard observatories providing the highest quality telescope observatories, choosing an astrophotography telescope my top 5 my goal is for you to find an astrophotography telescope that allows you to capture sharp colorful pictures of stars galaxies and nebulae in your own backyard with that being said here is my advice, the worlds most realistic astronomy software starry night education starry night store and starry night support educators and students amateur astronomers and star gazers Whip your home into shape by following these expert tips and tricks for backyard telescope.