Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 13th October 2017 Written Update Episode

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai Thirteenth October 2017 Written Update: Naina feels adversarial to know Arjun is guilty

The Episode begins with Sameer asking Naina why did she get her title from the play. Rakesh comes there and asks Naina why Sameer is standing along with her. Sameer goes in direction of Rakesh and touches his toes. Rakesh says he is never any longer going to forgive him. Sameer says I will contact your toes till you forgives me. Naina is surprised and wonders if he mend his ways. Naina asks Rakesh, if he has some work. Rakesh asks did you seek the library keys. Naina says no. Rakesh asks her to be far off from such guys and goes. Sameer comes to Naina and apologizes. Rakesh comes to her again and asks her to come dwelling with him. Naina says she brought cycle. Rakesh asks her to whisk rigorously. Naina retains the cassette given by Sameer. Bela tells Tayi ji that she made Chowmein and opinion to verify her enjoy first and if nothing occurs
to her then she will be able to feed others. Tayi ji asks her to verify others sort it first and scolds her. Bela goes. Tayi ji calls Pralay.

Naina and her buddy talk about Sameer touching Rakesh’s toes. Munna, Pandit and others rely on Sameer why did he rupture his occupy admire and touched Rakesh’s toes. Sameer says he has understood that he can think Naina’s heart thru his family. He says as soon as Naina hear the cassette, she will be able to agree. Rakesh asks Tayi about his library extinct keys. She says she doesn’t know. Rakesh says don’t know why all people appears to be after my library keys. Naina thinks to listen to the cassette, nonetheless then thinks she shall no longer be old. She takes out the tape reel and throws in dustbin. Pralay comes to Naina and asks her to give keys to Rakesh and tells that he performed with him and opinion to verify its affect admire school boys. Naina says it is execrable. Tayi ji scolds Rakesh for making self-discipline for keys. Arjun supplies him keys and says your key’s here. Naina appears to be on the most principal in her hand and gets doubtful. She thinks how can Arjun delight in the keys and remembers the happenings. She thinks Arjun changed into sad and unfortunate. She thinks of Sameer’s words. Naina comes to Arjun’s room and asks from the effect did you score the most principal and tells that she has the new keys. Arjun closes the door and remembers Rakesh’s hopes with him.

Naina asks him to characterize truth to her. Arjun says what he can delight in done and tells that Papa’s belief changed into pressurable on me and I must steal the rely on paper despite the reality that I studied day and night. He says he had stolen the keys with the phobia of dropping Rakesh’s hopes. Naina says this is execrable. Arjun says that’s why he can’t delight in an sight contact with Sameer even after dependable and feels guilty. He asks her no longer to characterize Papa else he will rupture and says he has viewed defeat all his lifestyles and he is seeing his think in my spurious think and says now he is gratified and celebrating my think in the total neighborhood. He says if he comes to know this then Rakesh’s head will be let down. He says please and whisk. Naina remembers Sameer getting punished for no mistake. Teri yaad aarahi hai….plays….Naina is skittish and sad. She remembers Sameer’s words and is derived to her buddy’s dwelling. She hugs her and cries. Shefali asks what came about? Naina says I did execrable with Sameer. I talked about that I admire him, nonetheless I haven’t depended on him. She feels guilty to score him punished. She then goes to her dwelling and sees the cassette which reel she had taken it out. She thinks don’t know what Sameer had talked about in it. Her voiceover says that she had made up our minds to resolve the cassette reel. She locations the reel encourage and smiles.

She plays the cassette. Sameer invitations her for his birthday on the restaurant and says even as you happen to don’t forgive me then I will whisk away the college. Naina appears to be on.

Written Update by H Hasan

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