Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 21st July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage Twenty first July 2017 Written Update

Aru watches Mukhi ji sleep while she thinks if she had prayed God a list of qualities, it must gain been somebody like him. Everyone relate them to be Shiv and Parvati, he’s with out a doubt Shiv ji. The cellphone bell without warning rings, Mukhi ji changed into once unnerved in his sleep. Aru will get a call from Patel bhai, he tells Aru about an repeat of 50k dupatta, the repeat worth Seventy five lac. Aru changed into once timid to hear this. Mukhi ji had woken up and hears Aru asserting this repeat can salvage her someplace powerful greater. She turns around and appears in direction of Mukhi ji then denies taking the repeat, she can Amboli alongside with her husband. Patel changed into once timid to hear about her wedding, Patel complains for no longer keen him. Aru apologizes for no longer being ready to total the repeat in time. She seems in direction of Mukhi ji questioning he needs to be powerful drained that

is asleep till unimaginative. She goes outside the room. Mukhi ji wakes up unimaginative.
Within the hall, Rashika tells Aru about having given them a while by myself in the home. She teases Aru. Aru tells her folks she respects Mukhi ji extra than the leisure. Admire doesn’t mean to salvage most attention-grabbing, it methodology to be together. Her folks bless her. Aru announces they are leaving for Amboli this day. Rashika comes there pondering they didn’t give a single penny in two days, she comes in asserting they want to put together for substitute of gifts as successfully.
Aru calls Rami and asks how she is. Rami says she is sitting in a lone residence, there’s rarely any longer any such thing as a hassle around but she must salvage frail to it. Aru tells Rami she is coming with Mukhi ji soon. Rami changed into once unnerved on the news.
At the breakfast table Aru joins all americans. Papa asks about Mukhi ji, he asks Aru why Mukhi ji is slumbering so unimaginative. Aru comes in to leer him. He smiles at her. Aru tells Mukhi ji that the breakfast is ready, if they dart away early they’ll reach in time. She heads for packing, then notices Mukhi ji changed into once brooding about something. Mukhi ji asks if Aru would dwell at ease there. Aru says any girl when leaves her mum or dad’s residence will dwell unhappy for about a days. Mukhi ji asks if she obtained’t omit her targets, she is leaving them in Ahmedabad as successfully. Aru says Mukhi ji thinks about the leisure, she can initiate her fresh lifestyles with him and most attention-grabbing this is the breaking news this day. She asks him to reach support for breakfast, he guarantees to be part of her quickly.
Later, Mukhi ji comes out and watches Aru packing her bags. Papa brings all of her medals, Mummy brings dupattas asking what to manufacture with them. Aru says she needs to defend conclude them alongside, Rashika says she is rarely any longer any extra ambani, what would she fabricate with them. Mukhi ji comes to defend conclude a dart away, Aru runs inner to salvage something. Papa hands Aru a present from their facet. Aru notices her mother no extra wore her bangles while they proficient a gold coin to Mukhi ji. She changed into once about to interrogate Mummy but she forbids her via signaling. Mukhi ji returns the coin and tells her Papa to lift the bangles, he has already proficient her the valid gold as Aru. He can yelp them that her happiness is his accountability. Papa says they can’t let their son in regulation dart away empty handed, Mukhi ji corrects to be their son. Mukhi ji thinks for a while, then stops Aru’s aarti announcing he’ll Amboli by myself. Aru obtained’t be part of him. Their daughters had gargantuan targets, his targets would discontinuance if he takes her to village. He doesn’t want to be a stone of her course, he obtained’t be ready to dwell at ease this methodology. He tells her to defend conclude the venture of dupatta and uncover about after it. Papa says he believes a married girl must dwell in her in regulations, her mother furthermore insists Aru’s home is in Amboli now. Mukhi ji asks if she can dart away her targets for his residence, can’t he uncover about after her residence for her targets. He guarantees Aru to continue visiting. Aru goes inner upset.
Mukhi ji comes to Aru who changed into once crying. She jerks his hand away. He turns her in direction of him and asks if she needs to salvage her targets, then why tears? Its all as per her need, it’s a gargantuan repeat. Aru says he obtained’t be there. Mukhi ji says he’ll steadily be conclude to her, she must see into her coronary heart and can fair leer him. Aru hugs him asserting she doesn’t want to dwell a long way off from him. She sobs. Mukhi says these aren’t the aged occasions, she may per chance per chance well furthermore fair discuss with him on cellphone. If she like to meet him, she must salvage in the car and reach Amboli. Aru says she steadily needs to dwell with him. Mukhi ji says if she lives with him, she would most attention-grabbing be called Mukhyani. If she lives right here, she may per chance per chance well well be is known as Arundhati Raidan Raaj Katara, even his title may per chance per chance well well be connected alongside with her. Aru asks whom would she fight. Mukhi hugs her asserting she must call him to fight or invite him right here. Aru asks if he may per chance per chance well well be ready to discontinuance without him? Mukhi ji doesn’t acknowledge. Her family reached all the device via the room, Mummy provides him a tiffin. Papa goes to fall Mukhi ji till his jeep. He leaves Aru upset.

PRECAP: Mukhi ji watches Aru in all americans on the methodology.

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