Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein twenty 1/three July 2017 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ashok assembly Shagun and giving her things. Shagun says thank God you can need got attain, I will pack my things, we can dart. Ashok says no, I will live here with you, Raman invited me, I m renovating my dwelling for you. Shagun thanks Raman. She gets elated. She goes. Raman asks how dare you enter my dwelling. Ashok says I got to grasp total fact, you are stuck in Mani’s break case, you resolve to hold her memory to attain support support, whilst you happen to uncover one thing against me, I will uncover her everything, then she also can merely lose her senses. He asks his driver to assemble his baggage upstairs. Mrs. Bhalla asks him to leave it.

Mrs. Bhalla says we hold to hear to him, being left and not utilizing a option. Adi and Aaliya attain to Iyers. Raman comes and says I will no longer leave Ashok, he came to live in our dwelling, he’s threatening me
that he’ll uncover everything to Shagun. She asks will he alarm us this implies, I will ogle him. Ishita goes to Bhalla dwelling and comes support to Iyer dwelling. Raman asks what are you discovering. Bala comes and asks what came about. Raman says Ishita has locked the door. All of them ogle Ishita coming in her dilapidated avatar, dressed elegantly in a salwar swimsuit. Raman recollects their dilapidated time and marriage. Everybody smiles.

Ishita says I believed to purchase this dilapidated spy, how enact I spy, what came about. Raman compliments her. Ishita says thanks, I needed to chat about Ashok, you ought to deal with him patiently, I will live in that dwelling, Amma and Appa would possibly be helping me.

She calls Mrs. Bhalla and asks her is she by myself in room. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, Shagun is making espresso for Ashok. Ishita asks her to support her attain dwelling. She tells her idea. Mrs. Bhalla laughs and says here’s monumental idea, ogle how I add stars to this idea. Bala says don’t dread, I will gather small print. Amma says I m no longer sure, if I reveal one thing inferior, Shagun will gather sick, and Raman will dart jail. Ishita says you ethical hold to fabricate me leave the house, recall to mind Raman.

Appa starts shouting on Bhallas. Raman argues with Iyers. Shagun and Ashok attain out. Amma overacts and says her line sooner than timing. Ishita takes Bhallas aspect and makes Iyers send her to Bhalla. Appa says whilst you happen to don’t exclaim regret to me, dart to them, I don’t desire such daughter. Shagun asks what. Raman says you are furious to present daughter for automotive parking topic, purchase your daughter. Amma and Appa question her to dart to them. Shagun asks are they furious. Ishita says I will live in lobby, I supported appropriate. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, you live with us. Shagun asks what’s this nonsense, how can she live with us. Mrs. Bhalla says our dwelling is too mammoth, someone can live. Raman has the same opinion and asks Ishita to attain support dwelling. Amma gets relieved.

Shagun asks what’s this madness, why will she live here. Ishita sits crying. Mrs. Bhalla says until your furious fogeys realize their mistake, you live here. Ishita says you are very sweet. Shagun says we don’t know her, why will she live here. Mrs. Bhalla says here’s my dwelling and I will deem who will live here. She asks Ishita to live well with none stress. Shagun stops Ishita and says I do know you, we met sooner than. Raman indicators Ishita to instigate her. Ishita says I m a dentist. Shagun says I trust I got Ruhi to you, your fogeys had been discovering a man for you appropriate. Ishita says yes I don’t feel cross, my fogeys feel cross and gather mad on others, are you no longer beautiful, your face appears to be like to be gentle, is there BP topic, I will take a look at. She takes Shagun. Ashok thinks Ishita is suave, but she is a drama queen too.

Ishita tests and says your BP is excessive, enact you can need got stress, did one thing happen. Ashok says don’t dread, I in actuality hold attain here, she gets beautiful when she is accessible in my palms. Ishita says you ought to silent dart, she is no longer well. Shagun says I m tired. Ishita asks her to leisure and sends Ashok. Ishita asks about Ashok. Shagun says he’s my boyfriend, he’s Delhi’s top businessman. Ishita says its bizarre, you are staying in ex husband’s dwelling, and your boyfriend is staying here, society of us had been taking. Shagun says I don’t care what they are saying. Ishita asks when are you guys marrying, is date no longer mounted. Shagun says he in actuality cares for me, he’s staying here leaving everything. Ishita says he’ll have to hold self take care of and purchase you along, its appropriate he cares for you, until marriage would no longer happen, a ways is appropriate, your admire will gather excessive, you might perhaps probably probably reveal that per chance I live in this room. Shagun says you are appropriate, but why are you giving me advice. Ishita says I will’t tolerate one thing inferior, I do know we are strangers, but we are fervent, we ought to silent take a look at fancy, if he handed, then appropriate, else you can know fact. Shagun says I will uncover him he can’t live in this room, he’s no longer such. Ishita says fancy will gather excessive this implies. She thinks to manipulate Ashok now.

Ishita scolds Ashok and says this deal we can grasp, you can lose, I will keep my husband any means.

Written Update by Amena

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