Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th July 2017 Written Update

The Episode begins with Adi thanking Raman. Raman says its okay, but you presumably did unhealthy, you are going to need gotten to reveal regret, accepting mistake is just not any longer flawed, seek suggestion from Aaliya with delight in, everything will be pretty. They roam to their vehicle. Mani comes there. Mani asks where are you going, you may maybe even be going out with your dad, invent you delight in Aaliya. Raman says Mani we are able to roam house and discuss. Mani says let folks understand. He scolds Adi and says how can you slap Aaliya, invent you watched staunch you may maybe elevate hand. He slaps Adi. Aaliya asks what, why did you declare Mani, he is just not any longer going to forgive Adi. Shagun says he would perchance gentle know, Ishita is pleased with her upbringing, you discontinuance it, Adi did unhealthy, its imp for Mani to know.

Mani asks Raman to preserve away. He asks Adi how can he beat his wife. Adi says please satisfactory, did you understand your daughter’s mistake,

did you save a spot a question to to her what took space, I went with her on honeymoon, she bought happiness spending time with Nikhil, would I no longer slap her, declare me. Shagun asks Aaliya no longer to desire stress, they did unhealthy, Raman insulted you and then Adi, I will’t allow you to roam there, where your husband would not respect you, we are able to assemble the papers. Aaliya asks what, is this imp.

Shagun says its mandatory to educate them a lesson, they always invent unhealthy with us, don’t fear, we are with you. Aaliya says I desire Adi understood my and Nikhil’s relation. Mani says they’re staunch chums. Adi says Aaliya forgot me, its admire I died for her, roam and place a spot a question to to her, why did she marry me. Mani asks him no longer to blame her. Adi says I do know the scheme she modified seeing Nikhil, if she loves him, she would own long previous on honeymoon with him. Mani slaps him. Raman stops Mani. They each push every other and argue. Raman shouts leave else I will assassinate you. Folk sight on. Raman says I will assassinate you when you come right here. Mani leaves.

Aaliya says I accept as true with irregular. Shagun says composed down. Adi says everything bought flawed. Raman says I will assassinate Mani, when you elevate hand on lady subsequent time Adi, I is just not any longer going to leave you. Girl says Raman used to be so infected and threatened to assassinate Mani. Ruhi gets Pihu to college. Pihu sees Riya and hugs Ruhi. She says don’t place a spot a question to to me to turn out to be Riya’s buddy. Riya and Pihu roam. Ruhi asks Nanny what took space to Riya. Nanny says I bought scolded to enable you to meet Riya. Ruhi says I desire her to assemble chums. Nanny asks her no longer to intervene, its madam’s dedication. Ruhi says how would they handle Riya, her existence will be ruined.

Bala sees Kiran in his institute. He asks what are you doing right here. She says you may maybe even be no longer replying my calls and messages. He asks isn’t that evident that I don’t desire to seek suggestion from you. She says I got right here right here for you. He says there can’t be any probabilities, sorry, Ishu says correct, I will’t circulation on in my existence staunch admire that, I own two teenagers. She says so she mentioned and also you agreed. He says she did not discontinuance me, she licensed Raman along with his teenagers, my teenagers are imp to me. She asks invent you watched I will’t be a honest mum to them. He says you may maybe even be a honest industry lady, I m pleased with you, but strive to thrill in, I m no longer asserting a working lady can’t be a honest mum, Vandu used to be a college primary, she used to be a honest mum, but issues modified, my teenagers lost her, if I moved on, the girl in my existence would perchance gentle come as my teenagers’s mum, no longer my wife, sorry to direct this, its tricky to desire Vandu’s space.

She says pretty, I desire to sight how tricky is it, I desire to turn out to be mum of your teenagers. He says I don’t realize. She asks what are you going to invent for children in evening. She says I want to get Shitija. She says I will get her at the present time. She gets a call and says what, packaging unit, where is Raman, pretty I will call assist. Bala says you focal level to your industry, I will space up teenagers. She says no, I will get Shitija and also roam on work, message me college handle. She goes.

Mani remembers Adi’s phrases. Shagun calls him. Mani says Raman insulted Aaliya, Ishu did that with you, Adi slapped Aaliya and crossed limit. Taneja hears him. Mani says I is just not any longer going to be calm now. Taneja smiles and says I reflect Samdhis bought a battle, its honest. He says sorry, I heard your conversation, Raman has no manners to seek suggestion from any person.

Raman says what does Mani reflect, Mani and his daughter obtained’t come, its Adi and Aaliya’s mistake too, Adi went to reveal regret, what did Mani invent. Mihika comes and says indicate Ruhi, she leaves geyser on on each day basis, electronics is just not any longer a silly story. Ishita asks why are you blaming Ruhi, she has stress on her. Raman asks what’s unhealthy with you, she is horrified for Pihu. Mihika says its okay, Ishita knows facing teenagers successfully. Mihika goes. Ishita says that is my natural reaction admire Mani did, we are protective about teenagers, declare me what would Mani battle thru radiant Adi slapped Aaliya, what would you invent being in his space. Raman says I would own killed that man.

Taneja says Raman and Adi timid me, I m with you, in uncover for you assist, call me. Mani says I desire to declare Raman his space, I desire to break him. Ishita says that is time to space up family members, we are able to indicate Mani, Adi would perchance gentle disclose regret to Aaliya, now we own so many fights, will we ruin relation, now we want to treatment complications. Raman says I reflect you may maybe even be correct, I will strive to seek suggestion from Mani.

Ishita asks what, Kiran is going to get Shitija and Pihu. Bala says yes, she insisted that she would perchance gentle compile a gamble to declare she will be able to turn out to be honest mum, she has taken this as topic. She asks him no longer to feel responsible. He says she left her packaging unit work and went to get teenagers, I did not admire to desire from two issues, I m feeling responsible. She asks him to relief her. He asks are you determined, how. She says you roam to her manufacturing facility and assist her join with her work. He says its vivid belief, pretty I will roam. She says I m chuffed, Kiran is taking an initiative. She calls Ruhi. Ruhi says my song class ended, so I got right here to espresso store, I will get Pihu. Ishita says no, Kiran will get her, she is serving to Bala, I will indicate later, Raman will be calling now. She ends call and says why did Raman no longer call, hope everything bought sorted.

Raman says Mani is just not any longer answering. He calls on landline and asks Shagun for Mani. Shagun says I don’t desire to talk. He says let me seek suggestion from Mani as soon as, I desire to desire Aaliya house. She says you insulted her, she obtained’t come, don’t call right here again. He calls Mani. Mani says why is Raman calling me time and again again. He answers and asks why are you calling, I don’t desire to talk. Raman says sorry, its my mistake, Ishita explained me, I seen my fault, teenagers would perchance gentle no longer compile punished, they’re newly weds, seek suggestion from me as soon as. Mani says pretty, come house. Raman says no, Shagun will be there. Will we meet outside. Mani says pretty, we are able to meet at espresso store. Raman says I will anticipate you. He says after I seek suggestion from Mani, I will declare Ishita.

Raman falls down and gets tremulous seeing Manni stabbed. He removes the knife from Mani’s physique.

Written Update by Amena

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