Woh Apna Sa 13th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Woh Apna Sa thirteenth July 2017 Written Update

Nisha meets Kaka and says I am overjoyed that Jhanvi has gone away from Adi, thanks so essential. Kaka says dont be so overjoyed, what if Adi will get treatment for Asha? she is going to uncover our truth then.
Baba calls Adi and asks what are scientific doctors announcing? Adi says doctor stated she is going to turn out to be gleaming with treatment, Baba says then she is going to furthermore desire into consideration who saved her away from us for years and who this with her, Adi says you bring Asha right here, Baba says I am coming, he ends name.
Kaka says to Nisha that I actually like to enact what I didnt want to, Kaki has to die, it will quiet seek for like accident, Baba and Asha cant be overjoyed together, it shouldnt occur, I didnt want to Asha to die, I needed to shield her alive and he or she would stare danger of being away from her family, from her own. Nisha says why you doubtlessly did all this? Kaka says I had one

daughter Mahi, she became three years former. There became purpose. Asha and sharda took her to market but Asha left her hand and Mahi went missing, we never got Mahi aid after that. Sharda became in danger but she began seeing Adi as her son and forgot Mahi but I didnt, I promised myself to let Asha know the likelihood of being away from her own son, being in danger for all times that you are alive but away from family. Kaka says I organized accident and all conception Asha died in that accident, Baba became half of infected in losing her, I saved Asha in my abduction and he or she became in senses, she outdated to divulge and I outdated to remind her what danger is to be separated from my family, I saved that for 7 years then I gave her injections which I am giving to Baba. Nisha says if all became fixed along with your conception then why did you initiate giving injections to Baba, all are doubting now. Kaka says reason is Jhanvi, she brought happiness aid in his life and he or she outdated to envision his medication so I couldnt give me injections thats why I changed my conception and started giving him injection at night as mysterious person. Kaka calls someone and says I am sending slight print os someone, it be a need to to kidnap that person too. He says to Nisha lets hasten, we like preparation to enact, Nisha is frightened and appears to be like on. Kaka leaves. Nisha is unnerved.

Baba makes Asha take a seat in automotive, he goes to bring her prescription and leaves Asha with driver. Nisha comes there and says I dont like one more option, I actually like to relief Kaka. She comes to driver and says you desire Maa to doctor, driver says let Baba attain, Nisha says Adi talked to him, he’ll attain with Adi, you desire her. Driver leaves with Asha. Nisha sits one more automotive and follows their automotive.

Adi calls Jhanvi and says the entire lot is occurring as per conception. I actually like set tracker in Asha Maa’s gain, I am definite Nisha would apply her. Jhanvi says I upright want to desire Nisha red handed. Adi says we like to uncover who this mysterious shadow is. Adi says be careful, Jhanvi says I will possible be, upright aid sharing tracker’s space. she ends name, she locations on bluetooth headset and starts her scooty.

Asha is in a single automotive. Nisha is following her in various automotive and Jhanvi is following them on her scooty, she calls Adi and says Nisha is following Maa’s automotive, Adi says be careful, Jhanvi says I will aid Maa stable and I actually like talked to driver too, Adi says aid a distance from Nisha’s automotive. They all pause at a signal, signal opens, Asha and Nisha’s automotive leaves, Jhanvi tries to commence her scooty but it for sure doesnt. Jhanvi is on name with Adi and says my scooty is now no longer starting, she tries and her scooty starts again. She follows them. Some goons pause Asha’s automotive. They makes driver unconscious, Nisha comes to her automotive and says to Asha that attain with me, she leaves her gain in her automotive and takes her away. Adi is having a seek for at tracker in his phone, Asha’s tracker stops working as Nisha takes her away. Adi calls driver but he’s now no longer selecting up. Adi is on with Jhanvi and asks if she is seeing their autos? Jhanvi says no I actually like lost them, I cant stare their autos, Adi says what if Nisha took Maa? he drives away.

Scene 2
Adi comes to Jhanvi, Jhanvi says I am sorry, they took Maa away. Adi says hasten away it, tracker became closing in this role, lets search Maa. Adi and Jhanvi starts browsing role. Adi and Jhanvi attain in a godown, they hide and are afraid to stare Kaka and Nisha there. Asha is tied to chair there. Kaka smirks at Nisha. Adi and Jhanvi sees this hiding at the aid of containers. Jhanvi says Kaka? Kaka hears them. Kaka says Nisha its impartial that I got to know about your truth and adopted you till right here, dont know what you are going to like accomplished with Asha. Adi comes there and says I actually like already called police right here. Nisha says Kaka is mendacity, it became all Kaka’s conception, Adi I told you that you wouldnt accept as true with truth, that shadow who outdated to torture Baba is Kaka most attention-grabbing. Kaka slaps her onerous, Nisha is frightened. Kaka says pause your bullshit, we cant seek recordsdata from of anything else impartial from you, you outdated Jhanvi and blamed her for days and now you are blaming me? Inspector comes there, Kaka says arrest her, she saved Asha in abduction for years. Nisha says one minute, Asha lost intention and I became upright looking out out for to bring her home, Adi says pause your garbage I actually like resistant to you. Jhanvi says there became tracker in Asha’s purse and while you took her from her automotive, tracker recorded you taking her away. Kaka is frightened, Nisha says Kaka? Kaka says thank God I reached right here on time in any other case dont know what this Nisha would enact with Asha sister in law, inspector tries to arrest Nisha but Nisha grabs dagger, she says dawdle away, no one could presumably maybe quiet attain shut to me. Jhanvi tries to desire dagger from her, Adi comes to Nisha, he snatches dagger from Nisha and offers her to police, Nisha says you dont know truth Adi, Kaka.. inspector takes her away, Adi looks at Kaka suspiciously.

PRECAP- Kaki says to Adi that thank God Nisha’s grief is solved and you are free from her mess but how did you both attain Nisha? Adi says Nisha is in police custody and now she has to uncover truth, now we upright like to know who this mystery shadow is and who is serving to Nisha.. Jhanvi looks at Kaka and says Kaka.. all are afraid that Jhanvi is announcing Kaka is serving to Nisha.

Written Update by Atiba

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