Woh Apna Sa 12th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Woh Apna Sa Twelfth July 2017 Written Update

Scene 1
Adi calls Jhanvi at evening and says I must meet you upright now, Jhanvi says its not needed, It became once my mistake, I had excessive hopes but I if truth be told possess my solutions now, neglect for these who met any Jhanvi and I wont intervene to your life too, Adi says I if truth be told favor to meet you now.. Jhanvi please.. Jhanvi doesnt answer him, Adi says apt for these who’re not coming here then I’m coming to your personal dwelling upright now, we are in a position to meet in 1/2 an hour in passe clock garden. Jhanvi says okay. she ends name. Maa puts hand on her shoulder so model her relieve. Adi smiles and leaves. Nisha has heard his name dialog with Jhanvi.

Adi is in garden and anticipating Jhanvi. Jhanvi comes there wearing good costume. She says Aditya? Adi opens his eyes and smiles at her, Adi says you needs to be pondering why I called you here, gaze at that

clock, of us disclose this clock presents peace for these who shut up eyes infront of it, he shut his eyes, Jhanvi shut hers, Adi looks at her and is mesmerized by her. Adi says there became once a time when I aged to be aggravated you but then we modified into guests, your friendship possess taught me to are residing, I score incomplete with out you, I’m timid to can mean it’s seemingly you’ll per chance well also streak, Jhanvi says all this.. Adi says please let me disclose, you possess been consistently with me, I keep in mind how you cried on my chest when I became once in ICU, no one beloved me that grand, that 2nd touched me, I do know here is all filmy but assuredly feelings are too sturdy, coronary heart consistently purchase over mind, I insulted you,scolded you but you never stopped loving me, you beloved me unconditionally, I do know you wished to hear something on my birthday but I became once in scenario the build I had to push you away from me, I’m sorry.. within the event you suggested your coronary heart thing infront of all people this present day, I didnt know what to pause, I’m sorry I couldnt disclose the leisure.. you acknowledged your coronary heart’s thing but didnt listen mine, he holds her fingers in his and says I Fancy You, I care for you Leave out. Agarwal, I care for you so grand, I marvelous desire you from this 2nd, I care for you.. I care for you.. Jhanvi is in tears and says I care for you too, she hugs him, Janam Janam plays, they each feel peace in each others palms. Adi pulls away and says I must disclose something else, Nisha is just not in my life anymore but my adolescents are vital to me,they wont their mother’s space to someone, it will doubtless be needed to create space of their lives, you’re younger and luminous and it’s seemingly you’ll per chance well score any guy of you age so mediate once extra. Jhanvi says you mediate I’m luminous? certain I presumed all this earlier than, I beloved you earlier than animated that you’re married, when I purchased to take hang of it, I tried to streak away from you but I couldnt, I never dreamed of getting your care for pondering that it might per chance per chance truly per chance well be too grand,its sufficient for me that you take care of me too, for these who’re with me then I’m ready to fight any peril because I if truth be told possess beloved with out any situation or quiz of, I marvelous beloved. Adi hugs her tightly and smiles. Nisha sees all this hiding within the relieve of bushes, she is in offended tears seeing them hug.

Scene 2
Jhanvi comes dwelling. Jhanvi says to Survi and Maa that then he made me sit and made me exercise pasta, Survi says expose extra tiny print, Maa says let her direct, Jhanvi says then.. she smiles recalling flashback.. they’re in garden, Adi makes her exercise alongside with his fingers, she makes him exercise too and they smile at each completely different, Adi wipes her lips.. flashback ends. Survi says here is ideal care for story, Adi, you and adolescents. did Adi remark for you? he is care for romantic hero. Jhanvi recalls flashback of how Adi took her and slack danced with her, tere sang yara plays in background. Adi caresses her faces and presents a mild kiss on her cheek, she blushes and hides her face in his neck.. Flashback ends. Door knocks, Maa opens it, Nisha comes inner. Nisha involves Jhanvi and says did I lift you out your dreamworld? sorry about that, Jhanvi says thank you because I if truth be told possess this vital day in life which ability that of you. Nisha says I if truth be told possess brought something for you. She presentations her pregnancy file which is clear, Jhanvi is timorous. Maa takes it from her and is panicked to learn it. Nisha says thats upright, I’m pregnant and going to be mother, Adi and I are anticipating but again, Maa says here is your new trick, streak away, Nisha says I do know I must leisure, but Jhanvi is focused on our issues so I presumed to expose her, truth is that pregnancy file is here, you keep in mind our anniversary, Adi became once under the influence of alcohol and thats when it came about. Maa says Adi can never pause this with my daughter, I will search recommendation from him, Nisha says Adi will mumble, Jhanvi confessed her care for, Adi has wife and care for every, but Jhanvi I’m ready for DNA test, let me know, she leaves with pregnancy file, Jhanvi is in tears.

In morning, Jhanvi involves Adi’s dwelling and shouts to come out. Adi comes there, Jhanvi says are you able to be gay after dishonest me? Adi says what dishonest? Jhanvi says you’re roughly prosperous brat who goes out when they’ve wife. Adi sees Jhanvi seeing and murmurs Jhanvi to sob extra. Jhanvi says you confessed your care for to me within the event you proceed to possess relation with your wife? I’m not a frail girl, you dont deserve me or Nisha, I dont know if she became once faulty or you doubtless did all this to trap me, Adi says whats the subject? Jhanvi says Nisha suggested me about her pregnancy, it’s seemingly you’ll per chance possess got cheated me and her each, I dont must admire your face but again, I despise you, she hints at him if acting became once apt? she nods and leaves. Nisha and Kaka sees all this and smirks pondering they succeeded. Adi recalls flashback Adi coming to Jhanvi’s dwelling, he says I knew Nisha would strive to separate us thats why when she talked to doctor, I knew she would strive something cheap, you belief me upright? Jhanvi says I belief you bigger than myself, Flashback ends. Adi thinks that Nisha you cant separate me and Jhanvi, I do know you’re planning something but I will lift your truth out, marvelous wait and peep.

PRECAP- Adi calls Jhanvi and says all the issues is taking place as per conception. I if truth be told possess build tracker in Asha Maa’s web, I’m obvious Nisha would practice her. Jhanvi says I marvelous must favor Nisha red handed. Adi says we now possess got to search out out who this mysterious shadow is.
Kaka says to Nisha that Baba and Asha can never are residing fortunately collectively, Asha has to die, Nisha looks on.
Asha is in a single vehicle. Nisha is following her in completely different vehicle and Jhanvi is following them on her scooty.

Written Update by Atiba

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