Udaan 14th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Udaan 14th July 2017 Written Update

The Episode starts with Chakor hugging and apologizing to Imli and her child. They cry and hug. Bhaiya ji asks Tejaswini to come to haveli with him. She says I don’t believe you, you do everything for some greed. He says I would have lost trust on women after what Ragini and Ranjana did, but you are like devi, so I trust on women, you have been good to me always. Bhuvan comes. She asks him to keep water barrels out. Bhaiya ji signs no. She says you think getting water will make me change decision, I will forgive you and come to haveli if Suraj forgives you. He asks sure. She says yes. Suraj comes. He sees Suraj and goes.

Suraj asks did he trouble. She says no, he is not able to control anyone, his ego can’t hear refusal. He asks for Chakor. Bhuvan says she went to police station. Suraj thinks why

did she go again. Imli and Chakor come home. Imli says I m happy, our annoyance end. Chakor hugs her and says I was wrong, your anger was justified, I will leave now. Imli shows her toys in room. Chakor gets plane and holds her while talking. Imli says my baby’s heartbeat got faster hearing Udaan’s name, baby will go on you.

Bhaiya ji sits alone and imagines his family dining. Suraj comes. Bhaiya ji asks did you have food. Suraj asks when did you start worrying for me. Bhaiya ji says you are my son. Suraj laughs and taunts. Bhaiya ji says I don’t get angry, Ragini gave me injection and made me mad, my ego, pride and greed ended, when I got conscious, I understood I don’t have a happy family, I want my family to be with me, I want my son and bahu, my wife Tejaswini to be with me, I did not bend in front of anyone, I regret for mistakes, forgive me. Suraj holds his hand and says you gave good lecture, this magic won’t work for me, crocodile’s tears are just water, you are crocodile, I can’t forget what you did with me, mum and Chakor, I can’t forgive you. Bhaiya ji says I m calling Tejaswini back, she said she won’t come till you forgive me, you want her to get her real place right, forgive me, decision is in your hands.

Chakor comes. Suraj says Bhaiya ji is fooling me, you are troubling me. She asks how. He holds her and says I did not punish you to trouble, I was teasing you, you are punishing me. She says I know you wanted me to apologize, now I don’t want any forgiveness, Ajay is waiting. He says you are doing this to tease me, he thinks you love him, end this misunderstanding, else he can come to you with red rose. She asks are you my husband, if he gets rose, it will be my decision to say yes or no. Ajay gets bouquet and says now its time to tell you, how much I love you. He smiles.

Suraj asks are you waiting for his proposal. Chakor says Ajay has no time to do this. Ajay calls her. Suraj says he will propose on phone. Chakor tells Ajay she will come, what’s the matter. She goes. Suraj gets angry.

Ajay gives love letter to Chakor. She gets shocked. She tells this to Suraj. He gets angry.

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