Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 13th November 2017 Written Episode Update Episode

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji thirteen November 2017 Written Episode Update:

Kanak requests Uma to fix her mangalsutra as she is unable to fix pin. Uma fixes mangalsutra in her neck whereas Palomi fumes in jealousy seeing that. Kanak thinks bells are ringing in her heart. Suman comes and informs Uma to return alongside. She takes him to Aditya’s room. Aditya creates drama and sings with guitar indulge in a rockstar Attain Bottle Vodka…Maasi acts and says he can’t construct havoc here. Aditya says his standard of living is varied than this house’s standard of living, so he’s going from here, determine callings Uma’s dhoti. Kanak thinks what is their new drama. Uma says he doesn’t must trade himself and might additionally shield the methodology he likes in this house. Maasi smirks and acts again Uma can’t break rule for anybody, else others will even revolt and break peace of this house. Kanak realizes this became their belief. She reminds Uma that he wante to originate up Aditya’s medication, he will hang to originate up it as of late and in actuality factual now so as that their Aditya might be motivate between them, and let Maasisa originate up it. Aditya runs pronouncing he is k. Maasi fumes in anger.

Kanak determine callings Maasi that every person her belief failed, she continues taunting that she introduced up both Uma and Aditya together but made them entirely reverse, she gave appropriate sanskars to Uma and spoilt Aditya indulge in herself. Maasi fumes more in anger. Kanak says enable us to circulation and total Aditya’s medication. Aditya ties to mattress and says he will pour special hot oil on Aditya’s foreheadto uncover motivate his memory. Aditya shouts. Uma ties oil pot above Aditya’s foreheadand makes hole in it. Sizzling oil falls on Aditya and he shouts in be troubled.

Bhabho will get tensed that Saras failed to return home yet, Vansh must be coming any time. Vansh enters and asks the establish is Saras. Rani nervously says must be in her room. Bhabho asks why did he return with out handing over box to consumer. Vansh asks how does she know. Bhabho will get anxious. Rani says customers known as and scolded to ship containers soon. Vansh says he despatched containers via somebody else and walks to his room and seeing Saras surprising says she…Bhabho and Rani also stare surprised.

Kanak dries attire in balcony and seeing Uma sprinkles water on her and says sorry. He walks in. She thinks when will his anger push back. Aditya fumes seeing her and thinks of punishing her. He picks rod and walks to balcony and is able to hit her when Kanak turns and finds no person. Maasi drags Aditya aside and asks if he has gone inflamed. Aditya says Kanak is an limitless villain of his lifestyles and he will punish her. Maasi says if he hurts Kanak, she’s going to chase more cease to Uma, which she doesn’t desire.

Precap: Aditya misbehaves with Kanak and holds her. Kanak gives him a tight slap. Drama continues.

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Broadcast Channel: Star Plus

Episode Telecast Date: thirteen November 2017

Source: Small screen television Updates

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