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Tu Aashiqui twelfth October 2017 Written Update: Pankti feels sorry for Anita

The Episode begins with Pankti saying I wanted to abilities a customary existence again, so I belief to trot in engagement, however its swish. Purva asks can’t I fabricate this for you when your friend had arrive right here to ask you. Anita asks what are they talking. Purva lies to her. Anita says we halt in mountainous condominium, so folks would turn and search. She goes. Pankti asks how will I am going. Purva says you would possibly maybe definitely trot in engagement.

Ahaan says she will be able to arrive. Vikram says yes, how time and again will you sigh, verbalize me which one shall I wear, take a look at these sherwanis, its my engagement. Ahaan asks will she arrive… Vikram says if she doesn’t, we are able to ranking her. Ahaan says sorry I don’t hold such courageous. Vikram asks does he hold baring to meet Pankti. Ahaan smiles. Purva tells Anita that Pankti sees aged albums and doesn’t
worth things, I could burn all pics. Pankti thinks we had freedom and Papa earlier than. Anita says I thank God that he made us meet JD.

She asks Purva to burn the pics. Pankti reminds aged condominium. Anita scoffs that it became as soon as small. Pankti displays first birthday pic, dad got cake. Anita says yes, my movie released that day. Purva says you depend on pretty on this pic, its aged. Anita says no longer too aged, I could easy depend on identical. Purva compliments her. Anita says we are able to search, trot and ranking glass, ranking this costume. Anita gets dressed and takes the glass in hand to pose. She asks Purva to relate now, is there in any distinction. Purva says on no story.

Anita remembers her golden days and boasts her elegance. She says none knows me now, I even have to verbalize folks who I m, its swish, I didn’t let my elegance ranking less. Purva says you talked about ethical. Anita drinks wine. Pankti indicators no to Purva. Anita gets under the affect of alcohol. Pankti says I in actuality feel execrable for mum. Purva asks her to arrive hasty. Pankti says if mum gets up. Purva says I could prepare, please arrive, I could be tickled if you happen to ranking happy.

Pankti gets JD’s name. Purva says talk over with him hasty. JD asks how is my existence. Pankti says swish. He says I’m able to’t arrive this day, I even hold some work, are you offended. She says no. He says however I m getting offended listening to this, so are you offended now. She says yes. He says you would possibly maybe maybe be cute, prepare to learn. He smiles. Purva asks her to arrive hasty. Pankti cries. She refuses. Purva says arrive with me silently. Anita hears horn and goes to appear at the automobile. She gets dizzy.

Purva takes her. Pankti’s costume spoils by wine. She runs out. Her costume gets caught. She steps in dirt and spoils her costume more. She says I’m able to’t deal with freedom. She goes and cleans her costume. She goes and sits in automobile. She gets jumpy seeing Ahaan. She asks why are you after me, sorry I’m able to’t arrive. He asks what’s defective, wait. He makes Richa talk over with Pankti and jokes. Richa asks her to arrive rapidly. Pankti refuses. Richa says Ahaan is first price man, you would possibly maybe maybe be apt. Pankti says sorry. Richa says I received’t fabricate engagement then. Ahaan jokes. She refuses to trot with him. She remembers Anita’s words. Ahaan asks her to judge for Richa.

Ahaan asks Pankti to be careful. Pankti sees JD and gets jumpy.

Written Update by Amena

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