Shani 21st July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Shani 21st July 2017 Written Update

|| Data is the most highly efficient weapon on the planet. Shani teaches that all americans has a correct trusty to provide knowledge and it’s miles dharma to abet every body to full so. ||

Shani tells Surya Dev he isn’t amused. Years ago, you renounced me for the very identical reason. Flashback is shown. I’m surprised pondering that even after 12 years you aloof think so low! Perchance you couldn’t understand till date that no longer one’s appearance but his karmas are his steady identity. Surya Dev tries getting up but feels dizzy. He sits abet on his throne. Shani and Yam disappear to his facet. They assist him stand but he’s in deep concern. Shani says we prefer to relief him regain his energy. The resolution is correct here. He renounced two aspects of his energy to free Devi Sanghya from her curse. Ashwani Kumars are trusty here. They

easiest can abet you. Watch at them emotionally as soon as and opt a maintain a examine to join with them. You will produce your energy abet. Father affords birth and teens assist them in future when father is in want. He asks Ashwani Kumars to step forward. Acknowledge your energy and step forward. Ashwani Kumars walks as much as where Surya Dev is. They utilize their powers to medicine Surya Dev.

Shani and Yam let inch of Surya Dev as he becomes stronger over all but again. Ashwani Kumars smile as neatly. Everybody else will probably be relieved moreover Sanghya. Surya Dev accepts that Shani became as soon as trusty. I settle for this and my mistake. One’s karmas are their identity. Ashwani Kumars will be is named Surya-putra’s from this very 2d. Ashwani Kumars thank Shani. It became as soon as made doable because of you easiest. You no longer right launched us to the enviornment but you furthermore mght gave us our identity. Thanks, Karamfaldata.

Proper wind begins to blow. Mahadev appears to be like there. Eveyrone greets him. Shani capabilities out that his presence today’s making everybody ecstatic. Surya Dev realised his mistake and Ashwani Kumars got their identity. Bless them. Mahadev capabilities out that they’ll be addressed as Dev Ashwani Kumars from now onwards. They’ll be known as the Guru’s of treatment. There wont be any sickness on the planet which they wont be in a position to medicine. Dev Ashwani Kumars are became humans by Mahadev. He disappears. Chhaya welcomes them in Surya Loka with open arms. Dev Ashwani Kumars disappear to envelop her in a hug. Dev Vishwakarma tells her there could be one accountability in Mahadev’s boon. They’ve the energy to medicine the enviornment but they want steering. They’ll prefer to near with me.

Hanuman steps forward. Now my practising can even open trusty? I chanced on a medication for your topic. I brought Ashwnani Kumars and it’s probably you’ll even be neatly now. Please open my practising now. Surya Dev tells him of one other topic. I’m on my chariot in day time and I relaxation within the night. I wont be in a position to acquire time to coach you.

Sanghya remarks that they are abet to square one. Surya Dev refused to put collectively Hanuman! Devraj insists that he’ll prefer to agree. Sanghya says the blueprint it’d be doable. We both tried but nothing labored. Devraj decides to make utilize of Shani (although unknowingly) to fabricate Surya Dev conform to put collectively Hanuman.

Shani is within the hall. Hanuman peeks at him. It is some distance a ask of self-admire but practising is serious. I will prefer to keep in touch to him as soon as. He begins to quietly note Shani. Shani senses him following him and smiles. Hanuman hides as Shani stops in his tracks. Shani smiles vivid it neatly who has been following him. Hanuman decides to bend down a little bit in mumble to change into an skilled. He goes out over all but again but doesn’t acquire Shani. The set did he inch? Shani calls out to him. Who are you procuring for? Hanuman in actual fact tells him he doesn’t tackle him; is cheater but an skilled too. You stated you never atomize your promise so stay as much as it. I have to be taught from Surya Dev. Shani asks him (whereas starting up to poke in direction of him thereby making Hanuman retreat in his steps) if he’s soliciting for assist. He repeats his ask as Hanuman doesn’t settle for it so without concerns. Support me Karamfaldata. I too have to produce knowledge. He advises him to accompany Surya Dev on his rounds right tackle he’s walking today. Sanghya and Devraj smirk witnessing it. Devraj boasts that he became as soon as neatly conscious Shani can assist him. Karamfaldata is appealing his pause himself!

Hanuman meets Surya Dev. I believed rather a lot and then determined to accompany you whereas it’s probably you’ll even be to your chariot (whereas running spherical backwards). You have to perchance maybe also retain walking and I will mosey you.

Kakol is amused. I saw a monkey getting skilled for the vital time and now this. Unbelievable! Shani says I confirmed him a approach. I’m sure he’ll be in a position to convince Surya Dev.

Surya Dev seems irked with Hanuman’s idea.

Kakol is sure Surya Dev wont be in a position to direct no to Hanuman this time. Shani says I’m hoping the identical. I’m hoping the practising has begun by the point we reach Sabha.

Hanuman asks Surya Dev if the total lot is completely trusty-looking now. You have to perchance maybe also put collectively me trusty? Surya Dev tells him to prevent. You can no longer be taught one thing or put collectively somebody tackle this! You are disrespecting my knowledge. Hanuman causes that he became as soon as right telling a resolution. Surya Dev tells him here’s no resolution. Understand it that I will not be your Guru. He dismisses him upset. Hanuman begins to walks out with a heavy coronary heart. He turns to seek at him when Surya Dev warns him no longer to refer him as Gurudev over all but again. I’m right Surya Dev!

Hanuman meets Kakol and Shani. Shani asks him if Surya Dev agreed. Hanuman shakes his head. Sanghya and Devraj are upset that even Shani didn’t relief them. They reflect to full one thing.

Kakol tells Hanuman no longer to be sad. Shani will absolutely acquire a approach out. Devraj tells him it isn’t wanted. I brought him here. I promised his mom of his practising. Now I will fabricate sure my promise is fulfilled. Sanghya also suggests to keep in touch to Surya Dev. Hanuman has a immense hand in freeing him from his concern. It will probably be my accountability to relief Hanuman. She notices Shani looking at her. This is rarely any scheme but a solution to thank Hanuman; a solution to near his favour.S he leaves with Devraj.

Kakol is puzzled. They both are collectively and are talking about doing it collectively. Shani nods. I’m also recurring but I will hav eto give a plot shut to them for Hanuman’s practising. He notices Hanuman leaving quietly from there. He suggests Kakol to retain an explore on Hanuman. Hope he wont deviate from the apt route. If he refused to put collectively Hanuman then there must be a extremely immense reason at the abet of it. I have to know the explanation!

Precap: Surya Dev says he’s too roguish. This is in his blood. I will not put collectively the kind of teen! Hanuman vows to originate havoc in Surya Loka in whisper that Surya Dev is compelled to answer his mom himself.

Written Update by Pooja

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