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Shani 14th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

|| Shani teaches that one need to tranquil not lose their persistence within the cases of peril. Americans that obtain truth with all their coronary heart develop not topple in any peril. ||

Epi begins with Shani pronouncing I will have interaction the whole planets to Lanka with me. You are the first planet which I will have interaction to Lanka!

Ravan tells Dhamini not to waste his formative years on Shani. It is better to dedicate it to me in its assign. She tells him to be tranquil. Sufficient! I am telling you all over again. Don’t malign the satitva of a married lady lots that you’re going to feel sorry about it later. You seemingly might maybe want to absolutely pay for it. Shani will by no blueprint forgive you. Ravan points out that she misplaced the final likelihood to present in. I salvage varied ways to present you agree too. He turns to Rahu. Now he’s going to adjust your mind. Let’s stare what’s extra grand – Rahu’s maya or your

love on your husband! Dhamini appears to be like to be like at Rahu.

Yam asks Shani how dare he even imagine taking father to Lanka. Shani says I do know my karma. I am not pondering however telling. I will absolutely have interaction him with me. Yam tells him he’s going to want to battle with him first. Surya Dev stops him. I develop not need anybody’s support. He walks as a lot as Shani. As a father and as a DIL, I don’t salvage any challenge to renounce however I am a king sooner than any relation. When a king is compelled to renounce to a merciless man then it sets glum instance for future. Every oppressor will apply the the same direction in future then which is why I refuse to head to Lanka with you! Shani accepts his willpower. I shall be compelled to battle with then you definately. Surya Dev accepts his challenge.

Rahu casts his spell on Dhamini. She is in my adjust now. Ravan asks him how he need to tranquil agree. Rahu tells him that what’s demonstrate sooner than the eyes does not need proof. He asks Dhamini to feed alcohol to Ravan. Fulfil his desire. He produces a jug and glass magically. Dhamini takes them from Rahu and follows his instructions. Pronounce that you dedicate your self to Ravan and give him his heir.

Shani and Surya Dev are energetic for the battle. Shani gets distracted. He tells Dhamini to salvage faith on herself and have faith him.

Dhamini begins to repeat Rahu’s words. Ravan thinks his revenge shall be complete this day. Shani need to tranquil be busy battling however I will rating Dhamini.

Rahu coaxes Dhamini to voice it. Dhamini remembers Shani’s words. She says it might maybe maybe well’t be Ravan at all! It is handiest Shani! He is my every part. He is my husband. Ravan appears to be like to be like angrily at Rahu. Dhamini mentally thanks Shani for saving her satitva all over all over again.

Mahadev says Shani once extra proved how spirited he’s. He knew that Ravan will strive to rating Dhamini below his adjust however this couple is an instance for the whole world. They preserve apart but they incessantly give a opt to every varied. In future, this relation shall be known for faith, truth and togetherness. Narayan remarks that it appears to be like one more historical past goes to repeat itself this day. Surya Dev and Shani are standing in opposition to every varied all over all over again.

Shani offers Surya Dev one final likelihood to alternate his mind. I will absolutely have interaction you to Lanka with me. It all is dependent on below what cases you are going to walk. Surya Dev points out that he isn’t as tough this day as he became once. Shani says years ago it became about my mom’s dignity and this day it’s about my wife’s dignity. I salvage full faith that I handiest will have interaction. Surya Dev assaults him. Shani geese in disclose to avoid losing himself.

Chhaya is in a fix. Who need to tranquil I give a opt to – my husband or my son? Don’t know what Ravan has gotten me into!

Ravan is preserving Rahu by his neck. You might maybe have the opportunity to manage anybody then how can even you not form out Dhamini? Rahu tells him he can even affect Dhamini sooner than the bridal ceremony. Dhamini says you had been apt because Shani and I weren’t married aid then. I am his wife this day. I am his half of segment. You each and each can not gauge the energy of a pious lady. Her satitva is able to going by any challenge that can come her blueprint. Shani will not be factual my pleasure however my strength. I am sure he’s going to defeat you one day. You each and each will rating your karamfal then. Ravan advises him to present up this belief asap. Shani need to die! You’re going to additionally renounce rapidly whenever you occur to will stare Shani in distress with your have eyes. He turns to Rahu. Return to your non-public home. Your destiny is to be locked in my cage! He takes Rahu with him.

Shani and Surya Dev continue to battle. Shani tells Surya Dev not to force him. Please renounce. Surya Dev says I’d also fair not admire the vogue you develop your karma however I am your father finally. They resume battling. Shani is having an better hand. He says Om Brahmaye Namah and catches opt of Surya Dev. Surya Dev tells him he isn’t doing it correct. You seemingly might maybe want to face the consequences. Shani does not mind going by the consequences. I will absolutely face what’s going to come my blueprint.

Surya Dev’s household is horrified to search out Surya Dev all tied up. It turns darkish. Ravan remembers Shani’s timeline and warning. Surya Dev points out that one day is long past. You defeated me however how will you be successful in adjust over the past planets? Shani says I salvage informed them to renounce already. The complete planet rulers study Shani’s message. Shani adds that he fulfils his every challenge, whoever is the recipient. He creates a defend / bubble around Surya Dev and walks away.

Shani is standing by the window when Devi Chhaya joins him. He apologizes to her for disappointing her all over all over again by battling with Surya Dev. She tells him she dint come to discuss about that. You develop not want to suppose regret to me for that. He asks her the procedure off of coming here. She pats his cheek lovingly. You salvage gotten fought your every battle alone, be it with whosoever. Now you wont battle alone anymore. Someone can even fair or can even fair not realize the rationale within the aid of your actions however I am with you. Shani tells his mom he’s feeling uncommon this day. I feel as if something is able to head substandard. It appears to be like as if some worn memory is attempting to return alive regularly.

Camouflage shifts to Hanuman.

Precap: Hanuman hits Shani utilizing his mace. Shani’s pricey buddy has returned within the rating of his ideal enemy. What frequently is the final consequence?

Update Credit rating to: Pooja

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