Shani 13th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Shani Thirteenth July 2017 Written Update

Kakol shouts Shani’s title. Lawful then, Shani advises Hanuman to forestall. Devraj and Rahu sight them from a long way. Hanuman and Shani sight at every varied. Devraj remarks that the sport will be relaxing now. Kakol requests Shani to set him. Shani tells Hanuman to let Kakol depart. Hanuman says I became letting him depart since long ago but he dint want to maneuver away. Shani tells him to let Kakol depart. Don’t power me to I smartly-behaved spared Kakol but I dint free him. Let’s peek what you will stop to set your worthwhile friend. There is easiest one factual thing about you. There is Karamfal in your title hinting at fruit. Why shouldn’t I taste this fruit this present day? Shani makes a swift action and steps in the serve of him when he tries touching out to him. Be cautious. Now not every fruit is candy. Hanuman says I’m a monkey. I are attempting all forms of fruits. I indulge in the candy ones

and crush the no longer so precious ones. Shani asks him if he for poke needs to fight. Hanuman nods. It must be neutral although. This plan is acquainted to me. If we fight right here then you positively might later command that I took advantage. I provide you with a possibility to assign the time and plan for our fight. Are you scared you wont be ready to cheat? Shani accepts the grief. Kakol advises him in opposition to it. Hanuman is for poke sturdy. I earn experienced it twice already. Tumble it. Shani assures him no longer to apprehension. Kakol nods. Don’t consist of me in the fight although. Shani explains the rule of the sport. We are able to stand Four steps a long way from every other. That tree will additionally be Four steps a long way from you. That you would possibly set a query to me a search data from. If my answer is serene then you positively will withdraw a step towards that tree. If my answer is inferior then you positively will lift a step forward towards me. This blueprint, whereas you occur to quilt our distance then you positively can attack me or otherwise you will never ache Kakol. Attain you agree? Hanuman nods. It’s ordinary but relaxing. I will peek till whereas you occur to will rupture out me.

Kakol wonders what is going to occur now. On the assorted hand, Rahu is poke Hanuman will outsmart Hanuman whereas Devraj is poke it is Shani’s idea to glean Hanuman on his facet.

Shani asks Hanuman if he is ready for his first search data from. Hanuman asks for a whereas and picks up a pair of pebbles. My first search data from is – how many pebbles am I holding in my hand?

Rahu says nothing will occur if Hanuman will set a query to such straightforward questions.

Hanuman asks Shani what took plan. you easiest stated I will set a query to something else. Shani nods. My answer is – I don’t know. Hanuman and his chums smile. Hanuman relates that he has three pebbles. You couldn’t answer my first search data from which formulation I will lift a step forward towards you. He does so. Now easiest three questions are left. Are you ready for my subsequent search data from? Shani nods. Hanuman thinks for a 2d after which asks his 2d search data from. How many identical spot of apparel I earn (equivalent to the one he is carrying serene now)? His chums applaud him. Shani shakes his head. I don’t know. Kakol tells him to are attempting some random number atleast. That you would possibly glean the serene answer. Shani denies. I easiest talk what I do know. I don’t earn a serene to claim it if I don’t know the answer. Hanuman offers the serene answer – 5. Shani tells him to place a query to the following search data from. Hanuman takes one other step towards him.

Rahu asks Devraj if that is a dream. Devraj says that is healthier even though it is miles a dream. I will be capable of’t assume Shani is failing for the principle time.

Hanuman asks a straightforward search data from subsequent. What did my mother feed me in the morning? Kakol components out that Shani can’t answer personal questions. Hanuman replies that that is Shani’s mutter. He made the principles. I will set a query to something else. Shani seconds him. Hanuman asks him if he doesn’t know this answer additionally. Shani agrees. Capture one other step further. Devraj laughs. Hanuman steps further. I’m feeling for poke wicked. It might possibly earn been better whereas you occur to had agreed for a fight. You’ve attacked that blueprint. Now you earn got to earn my assaults as an different. Shani says the logic in the serve of the sport is that nobody hurts somebody. Hanuman calls it unattainable. Shani says you are tranquil a step away. Who knows what is going to occur subsequent?

Rahu mumbles to Devraj that the sport isn’t as straightforward because it appears.

Shani coaxes Hanuman to place a query to his final search data from. Hanuman’s chums give suggestions but Hanuman asks on his luxuriate in. Who is my easiest worthwhile friend? Kakol is about to warn him but shani tells him to be serene. I do know the answer. You earn no factual or correct worthwhile friend. Hanuman denies. Keshnath is my easiest worthwhile friend. It’s time that I lift the fourth step. Devraj says I became attempting forward to this 2d easiest. I will be capable of’t assume that Shani lost so without mutter!

Shani asks Hanuman if he is poke his answer isn’t serene. Hanuman stops his foot mid air and gets thinking. Shani provides that you just called Keshnath your easiest worthwhile friend. Our closest worthwhile friend knows all the pieces about us and encourages us to stroll on the serene route. Does somebody standing right here earn these qualities? Hanuman takes his foot down. Hanuman’s chums characterize hanuman Shani is misguiding him. Shani says we each and each saved the principles. Think all yet again before calling my answer inferior. Hanuman steps serve which brings a smile on Shani’s face. He asks the following search data from – which time of day is my favourite. Shani solutions that his favourite time is when he does no longer build how and when that point has passed. Hanuman takes one other step in the serve of aesthetic Devraj and Rahu. Shani provides that it is when he sits in meditation. It’s miles the time when your suggestions went searching for any individual and you don’t glean to know what’s occurring with you. Hanuman reaches shut to the tree. Shani says your favourite time is when there are no suggestions in your mind. There is easiest broad pleasure and pleasure that you just skills at that 2d.

Devraj notices that Hanuman is easiest one step a long way from the tree. Shani made him lose in precisely a search data from. How is that imaginable?

Hanuman asks Shani when he’ll fetch the one whom his heart is shopping; who has solutions to all my questions. Shani replies that even he doesn’t know that. I easiest know that you just will meet him no doubt. He wont answer your any of your search data from whenever he’ll meet you as no search data from will be left in your heart anymore then.

Hanuman appears at the sky and sees clouded photography of Ram and Sita. He folds his fingers in gratitude.

Precap: Devraj says we can prepare Hanuman our blueprint and abolish Shani’s title as an different. Devi Sanghya advises him to carry Hanuman to Surya Loka if he needs to complete what he has in mind.

Written Update by Pooja

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