Santoshi Maa 13th October 2017 Written Update Episode

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Santoshi Maa thirteenth October 2017 Written Update: Prabal hides Santoshi’s soul

The Episode begins with Prabal telling Santoshi that she loves her plenty. Devi Paulmi says her body remains to be on earth, it would obtain time, you and father Rajsabha, Devgans are going to assault on us. Prabal says it map Santoshi didn’t change into mine. Inspector asks Kaka where did Dhairya obtain Santoshi. Kaka scolds him and asks him to compile the assassin, he knows him, his title is Prabal, arrest him. Kaki says why are you standing here, lunge away us on our inform.

Prabal asks Santoshi to attend for her, he’ll reach again quickly. He goes. Dhairya prays to Santoshi Maa. Santoshi Maa calls for Maa Adishakti. Everybody sees Dhairya praying. Madhuri and Seshnath cry for Santoshi. They develop drama.

Asur Raj says Devgans are attempting to assault on Asur lok, you private to notion one thing. Devi Paulmi says I gained’t
allow them to assault, its possible, if we give Santoshi’s soul to Devtas, war could per chance per chance even be evaded. Prabal says what are you pronouncing. She says we private to return Santoshi’s soul. He shouts. He says I will’t sacrifice my like, by no map. He goes. Asur Raj asks Devi Paulmi to expose her notion, he’ll preserve an eye on Prabal. She says my notion is advanced, Santoshi’s body is going to catch destroyed, if we ship peace message and present them we are returning Santoshi’s soul, they’ll settle for it, its no longer our failure, till we give them Santoshi, she will be able to change into Asur girl, they may be able to’t even waste her, she gained’t catch space in Devlok, they’ll ship her to Asurlok, we are in a position to acquire by our smartness, because Santoshi’s body will be ruined on earth. She laughs.

Asurs ask her to make certain that war doesn’t happen. She asks them now to no longer danger. She sends some organisms to waste Santoshi’s body. Dhairya prays. Gaumata sees the assault. Ashwin Kumar says its poisonous air. Gaumata says this will shatter the body, can her body catch superior if she gets a soul. He says yes, it will seemingly be possible, what are you thinking. She says my soul will lunge in her body, this air will no longer wound Dhairya. She prays and sends her soul in Santoshi’s body. Devi Paulmi says I will assault on her which is intriguing to shatter her. Prabal hides with Santoshi.

Seshnath and Madhuri catch grasping. Ashwin Kumar greet Gaumata for her greatness. Devi Paulmi says Prabal didn’t develop this true. She asks Asurs to compile who saved Santoshi’s body. Dhairya prays. Brahmadev says Santoshi Maa is doing tapasya, Dhairya will be doing a tap, Devi Adishakti can again them. Devi Parvati says she will be able to give darshan to 1 who calls her by heart. Asur Raj says Gaumata has given up her soul to Santoshi. Devi Paulmi says Gaumata received herself trapped doing this. She makes a notion and calls some Lal Rani to waste Gaumata’s soul. She laughs.

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