Santoshi Maa 11th October 2017 Written Update Episode

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Santoshi Maa eleventh October 2017 Written Update: Dhairya protects Santoshi

The Episode begins with constable making Dhairya method. Police takes Santoshi’s body. Dhairya begs them to recede Santoshi. They save her in the van. Dhairya runs and drives off the van. All of them salvage worried. Police follows Dhairya. Dhairya worries. Narad and Brahmadev come to the federal government center. Narad says we are capable of’t secure any clue, nonetheless something is substandard. Brahmadev says a book is saved in substandard method. Narad asks him to seem at in Kamandal water, DimakRaj came to his location sooner than, Prabal was assured to marry Santoshi, there’s some secret, we now enjoy got to search out it. Devi Paulmi leaves.

Dhairya tries to salvage some distance flung from police. Devi Paulmi involves kamandal and says Narad grew to severely change wise, stare how I beget hurdle in your method. She spoils the water. Dhairya sees a truck coming. He takes the van aside and stops. He
hears police siren and says I in actual fact want to recede hasty. Brahmadev says I will’t stare the leisure in kamandal, I m pondering who can quit this. Narad says real Devi Paulmi can creep towards you. Brahmadev says then name Dev sabha urgently. Narad goes. Dhairya drives the van. Police appears to be like to be for him. Dhairya hides with Santoshi. He remembers how he has fooled the police. Dhairya leaves from there.

Prabal smiles seeing Santoshi. She asks who am I. He says she has severely change asurlok member, it received in all probability because of Devi Paulmi, I m getting my cherish, thanks. Santoshi asks Prabal who’s he. He says I m your lover, we’re going to salvage married, this location is yours, real retain loving me. Seshnath asks Madhuri to come relieve to Santoshi’s house, she is stupid. She gets worried and asks are you in senses. He says here is chance to severely change her relatives. She scolds him. He says this might maybe occasionally be our revenue, creep and pack bags. Dhairya parks the van. Police sees the van and stops. They secure it empty. Brahmadev says we ought to unruffled choose Devi Paulmi and assault on Asur lok. Santoshi Maa says I vowed to assault on Asur lok alone. He asks her to determine on Devi Paulmi as effectively.

Dhairya makes Santoshi lie down and says I will originate hunger strike now, till Santoshi Maa comes here and saves Santoshi. He challenges Santoshi Maa. He begins chanting Santoshi Maa’s title. He stands on one feet. Santoshi Maa asks Ashwin Kumar to address and provide protection to Santoshi’s body, she is going for the style, in the occasion that they fail, this might maybe occasionally be wicked, in bellow that they want to total the job. Ashwin Kumar announce we’re going to be capable to provide protection to her body. Santoshi Maa asks Gaumata to determine on an gaze on Santoshi.

Santoshi Maa does puja to name Adishakti. Devi Paulmi says I will assault Santoshi’s body.

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