Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 20th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman twentieth July 2017 Written Update

The episode begins with hanuman crying, he is retaining luv and kush’s fingers as they shout. Hanuman says mata sita has gone forever, nevertheless we are able to head to ayodhya now and carry out what mata sita wanted. Hanuman will get up and lord ram opens his fingers, luv and kush high-tail and hug lord ram. Lord ram luv and kush are crying. Hanuman says lord ram you could gotten to create luv and kush a phase of the ashvmedh yag as mentioned my mata sita. Lord ram says yes hanuman, you are lovely. Hanuman says now we want to total the ashvamedh yag. Lord ram says we are able to head abet to ayodhya.
In ayodhya, all moms are waiting within the palace for lord ram. Lord ram and everybody reach. Lord ram’s mother be taught about luv and kush and are elated. Then they fetch for sita nevertheless carry out no longer be taught about her. When the moms be taught about sita, all of them shout and everybody

is unfortunate. The ashvamedh yag continues as luv and kush sit beside lord ram praying and the hearth. From sita’s statue, sita’s shadow is considered and hanuman lord ram and everybody be taught about. Lord ram sees and smiles and hanuman smiles too. After the ashvamedh yag is over, lord ram is sitting in his room with sita’s statue, sad and the flooring.
Hanuman is available within the market within the room and sees lord ram sad. He comes and says prabhu, at the moment time luv and kush loved the day as I place them on my shoulders and confirmed them ayodhya, they have been so fervent to take a look at more of the city. Lord ram is calm wanting down. Hanuman tries to create lord ram elated and says prabhu day after as of late all yet again we are able to exit and I will educate luv and kush all the pieces that you just taught me. Lord ram appears to be at hanuman and says hanuman you could gotten always bonded our household together, you are a phase of our household and sita gave you the duty of conserving everybody elated and keeping everybody. Lord ram then says hanuman nevertheless now that my sita is no longer on this world anymore, her reason on this world used to be over, now I don’t mediate that ram has any work on this world, lord ram will get up and says hanuman I mediate even I want to head away this world now as even ram rajya has been established and all demons have been killed, so I want to head. hanuman is vexed and says lord ram please don’t say that. lord ram says I do know hanuman, you wont let me high-tail which is why even I will no longer high-tail. lord ram then says my brother laxman is my shadow, he has always been my shadow in his whole existence, he came with me on exile and protected me esteem a father, he fulfilled all my wishes and himself stayed hungry without eating a single grain of meals. Laxman has been my shadow, with him right here This is perhaps no longer likely for me to head away this world. Lord ram says laxman loves me along with his coronary heart so I will no longer high-tail. hanuman is unfortunate.
In heaven, brahma dev says to all gods that now it’s time for lord ram to head. brahma dev says lord ram’s reason is executed on this world and he has to head. all gods are vexed and indra dev says nevertheless how can lord ram high-tail? brahma dev says lord ram has a touch that his reason is over nevertheless any individual has to head and present him that his work is over now. brahma dev says ram rajya has been established on earth nevertheless lord ram going can no longer be likely with laxman as his shadow. Brahma dev says lord ram’s name will always be called as god nevertheless yamraj you could gotten to abet out the work of distracting laxman earlier than telling lord ram that his time is over. Yamraj says nevertheless dev how can I carry out that? I will distract laxman nevertheless how can I distract lord ram’s reflection, how can I recall him away when hanuman is there? Yamraj says hanuman by no blueprint leaves lord ram despite the indisputable truth that I am going there in any develop. Brahma dev says future will create all the pieces occur yamraj, you could gotten to head as a rishi on earth in ayodhya.
In ayodhya, mama shree comes injured. Bharat shatrugan laxman lord ram hanuman and everybody bag round and bharat says mama shree? Shatrugan says what took location mama? Mama shree says that prabhu ram, the demons of ganga ghat attacked my kingdom and now their commander is gradual me to fracture me. Mama says shree ram most efficient you must additionally abet defeat these demons.

Precap: yamraj disguises as a rishi and enters ayodhya.

Written Update by Tanaya

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