Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 18th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 18th July 2017 Written Update

The episode begins with lord ram and sita meeting. Lord ram and sita hug each a quantity of as lord ram says my worship, sita! Song performs ram siya ram. Hanuman smiles. Luv and kush are amazed and pronounce how can our mother be devi sita? The total gods are ecstatic to secret agent lord ram and sita collectively.
As lord ram and sita celebration, each person who is unconscious stand up. Luv kush pronounce how is our mother devi sita? Sita says yes my sons, I’m devi sita. Luv and kush pronounce our mother is devi laxmi. Sita smiles. Sita then throws the weapons from luv and kush’s hands and says you each were looking out to assault your have father, did I educate you to be disrespectful to elders? Luv and kush secret agent at lord ram as he has tears and smiles at them. Luv and kush pronounce mother if lord ram is our father, why weren’t we suggested

of this truth earlier than? Why weren’t we suggested that you’re devi sita? Sita says I did no longer expose you so as that you mustn’t rating hatred to your father, because what shree ram did used to be raj dharma and for raj patha I had to are residing within the ashram so as that lord ram would cease maryada purshottam. Luv and kush secret agent at lord ram and whisk to him, they employ lord ram’s blessings and pronounce we’re without a doubt sorry father, we were now no longer in our sense, forgive us! Lord ram sits on one knee and has tears, he says it’s k my sons, correct hug me! Lord ram and luv kush hug. Lord ram has tears of happiness as each person rating tears too! Hanuman is ecstatic.
Lord ram then gets up. Sita says sons, employ the blessings of your uncles and your brother pushkar. Luv kush whisk to bharat and says kaka bharat, you are lord ram’s brother who additionally sacrificed your royal life and were able to lay down your life for him, we’re sorry to assault you kaka bharat. Bharat smiles and says luv kush, I was ecstatic to secret agent the sacrifice you each were able to manufacture for every a quantity of. Luv kush employ blessings of bharat and got to laxman, they are saying kaka laxman you are father’s brother, the one who went with him on exile for 14 years, you largely high quality our father and defeated sizable demons and wiped out rotten, we’re sorry to rating taken you captive, forgive us! Laxman says nephews, I’m proud to know that my nephews are so extremely efficient that they would possibly be able to employ me captive. laxman gives them his blessings and says you are like sons to me. Luv kush whisk to shatrugan and pronounce kaka shatrugan, you made the ashvmedh yag of our father a success and continually high quality the horse, you defeated extremely efficient demons, luv kush pronounce we’re sorry to rating attacked you. shatrugan says luv kush, I’m honored to secret agent your battle tactics. Luv kush now bend to employ pushkar’s blessings nonetheless pushkar holds them and smiles and says luv kush, we’re brothers and nowadays what we fought used to be correct stress-free between brothers, luv and kush hug pushkar.
Then luv kush reach to hanuman and pronounce rishi, we’re sorry to rating attacked you and now no longer listened to you, please forgive us. Hanuman smiles and it’s k luv and kush. Sita then says luv kush, it be crucial to know yet every other truth now, your rishi and kapi shresht, is utterly sankatmochan mahabali hanuman! luv and kush are shocked and pronounce hanuman ji? Sankatmochan mahabali hanuman? hanuman smiles. Luv says you are that hanuman who took my father and kaka laxman on your shoulders to maharaj sugreeva? Kush says you are that hanuman who learned our mother mata sita in lanka? Luv says you are that hanuman who burnt lanka with your tail? Kush says you are that hanuman who defeated adhiravana and mahiravana? Hanuman says yes. Lord ram says yes sons, he’s the hanuman who high quality each person the least bit events? Thanks to him the Ramayana you sang in ayodhya used to be even seemingly, attributable to him me and your mata sita had been reunited.
Luv and kush employ hanuman;s blessings. Hanuman blesses them after which hanuman kneels in entrance of lord ram and says lord ram, you are explanation why I’m what I’m that you pronounce! attributable to your bhakti I without a doubt had been able to total every thing I did. Lord ram then says hanuman has continually given credit to his chums or god for his success, he has continually been modest and that Is what it be crucial to learn luv and kush, it be crucial to learn loads, hanuman is aware of loads nonetheless to assemble unusual recordsdata he’s continually very angry.

Precap: sita says I did the agni pariksha, nonetheless now I would possibly discontinuance one thing that the total world will never ask my purity. Sita says I was born from mother earth, from the bottom, so I would possibly now whisk back to my mother, back contained within the earth, I would possibly submerge in it! lord ram, hanuman and each person are shy. luv and kush speak.

Written Update by Tanaya

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