Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuma 21st July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuma 21st July 2017 Written Update

The episode starts with hanuman going to head looking out the gandharva demons and their commander tamukh. Hanuman finds those demons as they’re heading in the direction of ayodhya. Hanuman lands and his touchdown creates a solid wave that pushes the gandharv demons within the motivate of. Gandharv leader says hanuman! hanuman says certain I in actuality have attain to waste you all.
There mama yudhjit says how will hanuman defeat those demons on my own? Luv and kush pronounce don’t pains, hanuman ji on my own burnt lanka and furthermore helped defeat many solid demons. Lord ram says certain mama shree, hanuman will fight them.
There gandharva commander says sankatmochan mahabali hanuman! e are no commonplace demons, you is no longer going to be in a drawl to defeat us and our weapons. Commander says I’m gandharva commander tamukh and our king divhasta has sent us to defeat

your lord ram. The demons attack gadha’s from their weapons. Hanuman is prepared, because the gadha attain shut to hanuman, hanuman hits them with his gadha, the gadhs return. the gadha’s flip and attain motivate, hanuman thinks how weren’t those weapons destroyed, when I hit with my gadha the wepons are both destroyed or sent into deep dwelling. Tamukh laughs and says hanuman I instructed you we’re no longer any current demons, we’re gandharv. Tamukh and his soldiers attack extra gadha. Now the gadha’s originate intellectual and hanuman’s take a look at is blurred which capability that of of too considerable gentle. Hanuman says I cannot stare the weapons.
There mama yudhjeet is taken care by a doctor and he says I still doubt that hanuman can be in a drawl to fight those demons on my own. Bharat says don’t pains mama, our military can be prepared and I could grab them to fight the gandharv. Pushkar thinks I shall by then plod and lend a hand hanuman ji.
There hanuman fights the gadha and now with his gadha attacks all gadha collectively nonetheless the gadhas all the time attain motivate. now, the gadha of gandharv attain collectively and build a circular cage spherical hanuman. pushkar comes on his arrow. Pushkar lands and now says I could lend a hand hanuman ji. The demons stare him and attack gadhas on him too. Hanuman thinks pushkar wont be in a drawl to fight these demons. Pushkar attacks his arrow on the gadha’s nonetheless the gadha still attain motivate. pushkar is alive to. hanuman thinks I in actuality need to place pushkar first. Hanuman says jai shree ram and turns into huge and breaks the cage. Tamukh is alive to. hanuman then comes shut to pushkar and fights the weapons, he turns into huge and hits the total gadha’s very mercurial with his delight in gadha. The gadha plod.
As hanuman brings pushkar on the opposite facet, hanuman creates a protect spherical pushkar with his gadha and says the records I got from my guru suryadev, I in actuality have created a line spherical you pushkar which is prepared to no longer let any deplorable shut to you. hanuman says pushkar don’t attain out of this line. Pushkar says certain hanuman ji. Hanuman now plod backs to battling the demons. Tamukh tells extra soldiers to attack gadha on hanuman. the soldiers attack gadha. Hanuman now throws his gadha on these weapons, the gadha hits the weapons and then hits some soldiers. Tamukh saves himself. the soldiers within the motivate of are destroyed and some are sent into dwelling, because the soldiers plod, the weapons coming in the direction of hanuman furthermore disappear. Hanuman thinks, so I now know guidelines on how to defeat them, if I waste the soldiers then the weapons will disappear too. Hanuman does the identical and as extra weapons are attacked, hanuman attacks his gadha on soldiers and the weapons collectively. The soldiers are destroyed and the weapons disappear too. Tamukh says so the monkey now knows guidelines on how to defeat us. Tamukh says to his soldiers that they shall grab that younger warrior captive and we are in a position to grab him with us to gandharv king unless I could retain hanuman busy. Tamukh keeps hanuman busy and some soldiers plod to pushkar, nonetheless are attacked by the protect of pushkar, one soldier says we can no longer attack him lets plod and attack that monkey from within the motivate of. The soldiers plod within the motivate of hanuman as hanuman walks in the direction of tamukh to waste him. pushkar is alive to and says I could no longer let them ache hanuman ji. Pushkar comes out of the protect, the soldiers attain and pronounce you bought here into our entice, they then attack pushkar and bind him by their spell. Tamukh thinks, they are able to need to build the work mercurial in another case hanuman will attain here and waste me. Pushkar breaks the bind, nonetheless he’s taken captive yet again by yet another stronger bond. The soldiers pronounce our work is completed, tamukh says certain our work is completed now we shall plod. bharat is coming in his chariot to lend a hand hanuman and pushkar. Hanuman reaches tamukh nonetheless every person disappear taking pushkar. Hanuman says what work is over? They did no longer lift the fight? Then bharat says pushkar! Hanuman sees within the motivate of and pushkar is taken by soldiers.

Precap: Within the palace, yamraj comes and says that no-one is shut to lord ram now I could direct him that his time is over. As yamraj goes to lord ram, from the opposite facet hanuman is coming!

Written Update by Tanaya

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