Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya Sixteenth July 2017 Written Update

Sameera kidnaps Modi family and ties them to a chair other than Gopi. Gopi asks what’s all this. Jaggi tries to free himself and warns if he’s freed, he’ll advise them a lesson. Pinku says he can not react. Sameera asks Pinku darling to tie Jaggi uncle tightly. Pinku picks bombs and ties round every person’s waist including himself and Sameera, and Sameera says she will be able to narrate principles.

Bhavani kidnaps Dharam’s family, creates electric barriers round her and asks Dharam to reach her by fixing clues and swap off electric barriers. Dharam shouts Bhavani. Bhavani asks if he doesn’t admire his family and loves her, he will must shriek his admire and she will be able to free his family. He picks puzzle tell and reads it.

Sameera says they’re going to play chess game, Kokila will change into minister,
Parag a soldier, Seeta, Ricky, Sona and Sahir will additionally be troopers, Jaggi will seemingly be king, Gopi will seemingly be queen.

Dhaaram searches clue in home temple and shouts at Bhavani that there is nothing there. She smirsks. He searches again.

Gopi tells Sameera that she didn’t realize their family at all, her maaji is now not minister and is ambe maa as an different who protects us, papaji is nonetheless however may be quite mighty, Seeta and others are significant piece of their family. Sameera says enough of her lecture, she is playing game here, in the event that they lose, their bomb will seemingly be activated, and if Modi family’s bombs will seemingly be activated.

Dharam searches clue and finds a tell which explains that he can be taught tell under lamp. He reads that clue is in his room.

Sameera asks Gopi to delivery her switch and insists. Gopi moves conserving Urmila. Sameera says she performed defective switch. Pinku darling says overintelligent Urmila’s bomb is activated and asks Gopi to produce a next switch. Gopi moves Sahir in front and asks him to attain one thing. Sameera presses remote button and Sahir gets electric shock. Gopi says here’s dishonest. Sameera laughs and says that became as soon as her switch.

Bhavani enjoys hukka and juice. Dharam searches clue in his room and finds dilapidated odd attempting key and judge this can must be the main.

Gopi says Sameera here’s dishonest. Sameera says it is her game and her principles. Sona shouts to free and quandary what she will be able to comprise. Sameera asks Pinku darling to free every person’s mouth and allow them to talk. She then moves horse pawn. Gopi thinks Sameera will reach Sona now and she has to construct her. Sameera laughs on Seeta and asks her to make use of Sia’s mind if she will be able to and test out to resolve.

Precap: Sameera says Gopi that she already warned her to either play neatly or every person will die. Pinku lisp every person’s bomb is activated now. Sameera every person will burn into ashes.

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