Saam Daam Dand Bhed 13th October 2017 Written Update Episode

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Saam Daam Dand Bhed 13th October 2017 Written Update

Ananth tells Vijay and household that till Vijay’s home is renovated, they are able to preserve in his home. Gayatri gets happy listening to that and says she will pack her bags. Vijay says no, Prabhath bhaiya’s recollections are on this home. Gayatri says Ananth that she likes his acting and asks howdy no longer to name her sister and contact by title. He says okay, but calls again sister. Gayatri again says no longer to name her sister. Ananth’s sister enters and says she is correct, Ananth has only one sister and asks Ananth why did he come here with out informing her, if Vijay wants back again. Ananth says no. She asks her assistant to back Vijay from royal charity fund. Vijay says no need for that. Sadhna asks her to take a seat down whereas she prepares tea. Sister says her tea cannot be bright here at all.

Pankaj tells
Baba that he has sold voters with money and they also are going to vote only to him. Baba says voters are very suave, they are able to vote only Vijay unless he shows he can create Kaushalpur a heaven. He says politics is ready saam daam dand bhed and he must peaceable exercise all Four to take.

Vijay asks Angad to organize press conference in the evening. Gayatri says he must peaceable beget organized it outside as their home is in former notify. Angad informs Vijay that Mandira chachi has come and wishes to meet him. Vijay asks him to picture Mandira he’ll no longer meet her from hereon and tells Pankaj is in the back of the total incidents and Baba is backing him, Mandira is Baba’s daughter, so he doesn’t want to preserve any relationship with her. His conference begins and he tells media that his rivals beget burnt his home. Mandira waits in the back of and opens karvachauth like a flash seeing his face.

Mandira returns home with sweets and feeds her other folks and Pankaj and says their need is fulfilled and Vijay has broken up with him. Baba acts as concerned and sends her to room. Mother laughs. Baba warns her that her daughter will no longer retain aloof so with out problems, so she must peaceable no longer be happy.

Pankaj travels in car when his driver stops car seeing fireplace wood at some level of aspect road. He walks out of car shouting who dared to play sport with him. Vijay comes and counts Pankaj’s sins. Pankaj asks if he has proof. Vijay says he doesn’t need proof and walks away burning firewood and no longer easy Pankaj that he’ll attain him soon. Pankaj fumes he is aloof till elections, then Vijay will die. Drama continues.

Precap: Ananth helps Vijay in entrance of public, and Vijay guarantees public he’ll fight for them if they are attacked. Mandira falls on Ananth.

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