Saam Daam Dand Bhed 13th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Kishori Slaps Bulbul Episode

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 13th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mandira self-inflicts accidents on her body and calling Bulbul cries that she will be able to be able to not tolerate these accidents anymore. Bulbul rushes to her and says Ananth can not torture her love this, she will be able to confront him. Mandira says it’s not Ananth’s mistake, he is looking at for moral of a husband, however she has given it to Vijay, she is helpless. She says till Bulbul is with Vijay, Vijay will not revert relief to her, so Bulbul has to achieve one thing. Bulbul says now she knows what to achieve and leaves.

Bulbul returns dwelling and asks Vasu the set is her bapu. Vasu clicking selfies says he went to temple. Bulbul yells at her to sop lazing spherical and attain some work. Vasu stands in a shock. Bulbul then shouts who called her father here. Gayatri enters and says she called her father. Bulbul says she is drained of acting correct and now all of them will fling out of dwelling. Gayatri shouts if she is out of her mind. Bulbul shouts she will be able to be able to jabber whatever she desires, it’s time for them all to fling away this dwelling. She asks Sadhna to give dwelling keys and warns if she doesn’t, she knows methods to take it. Kishori enters and presents her a tight slap and tries to slap again, however Vijay enters and stops him and says whatever Bulbul is doing is their household downside, he must serene not beat her. Kishori praises Vijay and his household’s sanskars and apologizes Sadhna. He then says let us fling now. Bubul asks him to fling, she will be able to near the next day to come. Kishori says he is ashamed to endure a daughter love her and must serene repent for it. He does her final rights and disowns her and leaves dwelling sadly. Gayatri smirks.

Bulbul runs to her room and cries that she is making an strive to unite Vijay and Mandira and has to achieve all this. She begins packing her dresses. Downstairs, Sadhna asks Vijay that household points happen in every dwelling, so he must serene not send Bulbul away. Bulbul does pooja and prays god to reunite Vijay and Mandira, sacrificing her happiness. Mandira on the various aspect prays god that she must serene gather Vijay at any heed. Drama continues..

Precap: Vijay takes Bubul to temple. Mandira provokes her to fling with out talking to Vijay. Vijay drags Bulbul apart and says he desires to explain fact earlier than leaving her.

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