Prem ya Paheli – Chandrakanta 19th August 2017 Written Update Episode

Shivdutt’s magical wand sucks strength from Baawni. Chandrakantha requests him to discontinue, else if Baawni’s strength goes, he can’t revive Virendra. Shivdutt says he doesn’t care about Talsimi strength now as he got most extremely advantageous wand within the world. After wand sucks powers from Baawni, it returns in direction of Shivdutt. Chandrakantha jumps and holds it and powers gain transferred into her. Shivdutt along with his team runs away. Chandrakantha asks the put did they stir. Feeble Bawni says seeing most extremely advantageous wand in her hand, they escaped. He says he misplaced all the pieces and got Bavan/Fifty two abilities and his kills are snatched in a 2nd. She appears to be like to be to be like at Virendra’s idol and picks it. Shivdutt with team runs a ways away and relaxes. Krur Singh yells that he turned into once repeatedly working at the succor of Chandrakantha and this present day he is working
forward, scolds Shivdutt that he is a fool that he would possibly well no longer snatch wand from Chandrakantha. Shivdutt angrily throws cushy coconut on him and he loses memory temporarily and starts talking nonsense. Nazim and Ahmed inform Krur misplaced his memory all all over again. Shivdutt says let us stir to Chunargarh.

Chandrakantha tells Baawni that she’s going to return his powers and he has to revive Virendra. Baawni says she knows he is untrustable and has viewed it sooner than, he would possibly well betray her after she returns her powers. She says with out Virendra’s, what’s going to she attain with strength, for her Virendra’s care for is all the pieces, it’s as a lot as Baawni whether to support his promise or betray her. She returns Baawni’s powers. Tej and Chapala search Chandrakantha and discuss she did no longer leave evidence this time. Chapala finds Tej’s magical ring and asks him to search out whereby route Chandrakantha is. He finds out and walks with Chapala. Baawni destroys wand and says he doesn’t favor anybody to misuse it in a roundabout draw. He praises Chandrakantha that she proved care for is composed demonstrate in this world, he’s going to revive Virendra from navagrahas. He starts praying navgrahhas. Shivdutt with team reaches Chunargarh. Krur asks why are they here and what’s Shivdutt doing here. Shivdutt warns him that he’s going to execute her.

Baawni revives Virendra along with his recordsdata. Chandrakantha emotionally shakes Virendra and he wakes up and asks what took put. She tells him entire story. Chandrakantha thanks Baawni for reviving Virendra. Virendra asks who’s he. Chandrakantha tells him how Soundarya wanted to snatched her powers and Yaksha came and killed her, Virendra’s powers went into navvagrahas and yaksh advised handiest Baawni would possibly well perhaps lend a hand him revive. Virendra thanks Baawni. Baawni says Chandrakantha’s accurate care for saved him. Virendra sees him crying and asks what took put to him. Chandrakantha says he is remembering his lady care for who betrayed him. Virendra says he’s going to persuade his care for. Baawni says his care for his very merciless as he idea her half his knowlegge and reminisces her ruthlessly punishing men. He says she stays in Layapuri. Virendra says he’s going to stir and persuade her. Baawni says he’s going to no longer stir there. Chandrakantha says they would possibly well need his lend a hand as his care for knows half his recordsdata. He offers flute and says every time they need him, they ought to blow this flute and he’s going to arrangement for lend a hand, but will below no circumstances arrangement in front of his care for. Tej with Chapala reaches there and thinks Baawni is seeking to injury her, he relaxes seeing Virendra and walks in direction of them. Baawni leaves. Teja asks Chandrakantha if she knew midgt turned into once Baawni. She nods yes and he saved Virendra. Chapala says he is untrustable. Chandrakantha says he has changed. Tej says let us return succor to Navgarh as rani Padvika is expecting Virendra and Chandrakantha. Virendra says he’s going to reunite Baawni along with his care for and return his desire as per Navgarh’s options and ought to return handiest then. Tej is of the same opinion and returns succor to Navgarh and informs Virendra an d Chandrakantha are pleasant and have long previous to Layapuri to reunite Baawni along with his care for. Padvika says she has heard this title sooner than. At Chunargarh, Nazim informs Shivdutt that Virendra with Chandrakantha has long previous to Layapuri to reunite Baawni along with his care for.

Virendra and Chandrakantha reach Layapuri and discover women working as laborers as opposed to men. A man drags just a few kids with him and an adolescent’s mom pleads to spare her youngster, he is youngster’s father and ought to no longer be so ruthless. Virendra intervenes and asks what is the distress. Girl says queen her sucks kids’s blood to withhold her childhood and he or she is terribly extremely advantageous that no-one can defeat her. Virendra guarantees to free kids from queen’s grip. When queen is set to sacrifice kids, Virendra reaches palace and jumps in between and defeats soldiers. She signals and discover falls on him. He tries to free himself. Queen shouts who’s he to dare to spoil her yagna. Virendra frees himself and beats soldiers all all over again. She traps him at the side of her magical rope and says no person would possibly well defeat him. He says he hates her. She says she’s going to punish him. Chandrakantha watches helplessly hiding at the succor of pillar.

Precap: Shivdut tells Shyamala no person can discontinue him from getting talismi powers and says they would possibly be able to attack Navgarh tonight. Baawni’s lady care for says Virendra that no-one would possibly well defeat her and fights with him. Virendra defeats her and he or she falls, he holds her in his palms. Chandrakantha fumes seeing this.

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