Prem ya Paheli Chandrakanta 15th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Prem ya Paheli Chandrakanta fifteenth July 2017 Written Update

Vijayagarh- Jai singh sing that chandrakanta marriage will happen with krur singh. Krur singh gets satisfied. Chandrakanta denies to marry him. Krur singh jabber that you simply can’t jabber to maharaj decision. Chandrakanta shouts to stay. Maharaj says that you simply can’t talk about in this model in court docket room.
Ratnagrbha stay chandrakanta and says exit, we are in a position to talk about birth air. Chandrakanta with champa and chapla goes and krur singh sorry.

Chunargarh- Shivdutt goes to meet mareech. They every rating satisfied seeing every assorted, which became wrong and hug. Shivdutt ask mareech what came about? What are you thinking? Mareech jabber that younger people goes so snappy that oldsters can’t rating. Mareech says I’m biggest ayyiyar and the intention in which did you imply to spoil me? Shivdutt says now you perceive that. Now you salvage 2 picks both rating out of my capability or die. Mareech shout that I’m wanting ahead to tilisim since a hundred and twenty yrs and you need. Shivdutt says you die now and that i desire tilisim powers. They every fight. And shivdutt decrease mareech head.

Vijyagarh- Chandrakanta talk about over with herself, how krur singh call to mind this. She think to spoil krur singh. Champa stops her announcing think by cold thoughts. Chandrakanta denies announcing I ought to desire some step. Champa says that krur singh is the exhaust of magic. Please exhaust thoughts. Chandrakanta call to mind flashback where virendra asked her to retain survey on ratnagrbha. She says magnificent, I must send msg to virendra.

Naugrah- Tej singh ask virendra this mighty you are hurt, why didn’t you sing? Virendra jabber that we our warring parties its now not original. Padma walks and says I’m disquieted being mom. He sing it became all krur singh idea and till you and blessings are with me, I might perhaps well be magnificent. Maharani says you are blind in cherish. Virendra singh jabber Till I’m right here, nothing will happen to anyone or the relaxation belong to naugrah. Maharani jabber that we’re in anxiety. When you will love me to think on you, desire revenge within three days and till that time I shall snappy with out ingesting and ingesting.

Churangrah- Baba with soliders tries to search out shivdutt but is stopped by shymla. Mareech head be half of help and he says I drank amrit, that you simply might perhaps’t terminate the relaxation. Shivdutt jabber you needed virendra to rating tilisim powers now I need that. They every fight again. Shymla spoil soliders the exhaust of poision and ask baba to sing knowing to spoil mareech. Mareech retain shivdutt neck and throw him. And exhaust magic powers to beat him. Mareech says I’m your father. I shall spoil you’re fervent on that, even death will rating fright.

Vijyagarh and naugrah- Chandrakanta write letter. Virendra is wired. And music play in help groud

Naugrah- some sneakers drop and virendra rating earing from it. He goes in flashback and remebers that its became the ingredient. Virendra goes to meet tej singh. That you might perhaps presumably also very effectively be my friend. I discovered this earing. Tej singh jabber its from vijyagarh. He says rating out about this earing and its owner.

Vijyagrah- Krur singh and nazim are trying and search out about ratnagarbha. She ask them that what are you doing right here? They originate story about cat in room. Ratnagarbha changes into shakir, brother of ahmed. Ahmed says that nazim became captured by chandrakanta, so i took ratnagrbha face. Krur singh jabber be alert at some stage in my marriage. I’m satisfied with your work. Each and every naazim and ahmed hug every assorted.

Chunargarh- Mareech jabber I’m father and that i need tilism vitality and even I’m in a position to spoil my son for it. He capture shivdutt.

Vijyagarh- champa and chapla meet in hall and so they hug every assorted. Kindly than proper champa arrives. Chapla confront wrong champa and Champa changes into Tej singh. Champa says tej singh its irascible to make exhaust of ayyiyari powers. Tej singh jabber I became so alone and noticed chapla(chapla rating terrorized and music performs), so I hugged her. Chapla ask what’s your motive to come help right here.

Naugrah- virendra reads chandrakanta letter, which says that pitaji and ma are planning to marry me to krur singh. Plz assign me, otherwise I shall die. Plz come soon for our cherish.

Vijyagarh- Chandrakanta says that earing belong to ma. Tej singh jabber that the intention in which it came into surang. Tej singh jabber that this earring became discovered by virendra. She thinks and listen to noice. Tej singh hides. Krur singh elevate Shakun issues love sweet, fruits, dress, jewellary. He says that we every are getting married the next day to come, thats why I brought gifts for you. Chandrakanta throws issues and jabber i shall die or spoil total vijyagrah, but will never marry you. Ahmed/ratnagrabha stops her but krur singh says plz maharani its factual pre marriage stress. We every shall marry the next day to derive hook or by prison. He goes. Chandrakanta confront ahmed/ratnagrbha about earring. He says where is assorted one, its ought to be with you? Chandrakanta says its pushtani, but you never gave me. She goes in flashback and says that its magnificent, ratnagrabha says that we are in a position to offer you at your marriage. Ahmed tried to bustle but tej singh comes and put ayyiar powder. Ahmed is available in his proper face and chandrakanta slap him.

Chunargarh- Shymla confront baba. He says that exhaust reith samya yantra. Mareech attain with shivdutt and capture even shymla but she escapes. Marrech says I shall rating you soon.

Vijyagarh secret problem- nazim and krur singh goes to a couple sceret problem. Virendra arrives at vijyagarh. Tej singh jabber that it became of ratnagrabha and he or she is captured by krur singh. And sing it became ahmed/nazim who became in mahal and that i captured him. (Too mighty confusion on ahmed or nazim being ratnagarbha).

Krur singh reaches that problem and rating some code and peek proper ratanagrbha there and goes to meet her and shriek her about marriage. Exact ratanagrbha cruses him and says krur singh, your death is end to. Virendra usimg surang reaches same problem where he teased snake. Krur singh jabber to proper ratanagrbha that be satisfied. She denies and maharaj can’t terminate so. Krur singh jabber that I extinct magical vitality and made my puppet. Ratnagrbha says that every magic has its safety. Krur singh consents. Virendra take into fable for ratnagrbha. Ratnagrabha prays to god and jabber assign my chandrakanta. Krur singh says same and smile wickedly. He says ask god to originate her satisfied with me. And goes. Virendra comes. Krur singh think someone is coming from otherside. They every goes/conceal, don’t know. Virendra reaches end to ratnagrabha and rating some door. Ratnagrbha shout for him and he sees her. By surprise some danav comes.

Precap- Maharaj slaps chandrakanta and says that if virendra involves vijyagrah, I shall spoil him into items. Chandrakanta says he shall come.
Virendra singh fight with danav.

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