Merrick Garland

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Will Effort To Prod Supreme Court Gridlock In Washington

since senate republicans denied supreme court nominee merrick garland a vote following the death of antonin scalia the chief us circuit judge has maintained a fairly low profile, when trump won the presidency he appointed neil gorsuch to the supreme court seat vacated by associate justice antonin scalia following scalias death

spurned supreme court nominee merrick garland whose chance at a spot on the high court was derailed by senate majority leader mitch mcconnell may have a key say about whether president , merrick garland is currently the chief judge at the dc circuit court of appeals where president trumps legal battle will head next as the presidents attorneys attempt to reverse the , chief judge merrick garland garland is unquestionably qualified to sit on the supreme court a 19 year veteran of the dc circuit a court that is widely viewed as the secondmost powerful in Whip your home into shape by following these expert tips and tricks for merrick garland.