Porus 14th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Darius’ Evil Plans/Philip Insults Alexander Episode

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Puru follows Barsin towards penal advanced where Anusuya is kept. Bamni additionally heads towards penal advanced. Maid informs Barsin that Bamni is additionally heading towards penal advanced, so she has to bear dasyu away except Bamni leaves penal advanced. Barsin takes Puru to the change aspect. Puru asks where is she taking. She says if he remembers this space. Puru says he does no longer put out of your mind the space where he wins, right here is the space where he defeated Farsi princess. Barsin pulls sword and says she did no longer put out of your mind her harm of defeat and wants to present her another probability. Puru says over again, he has to set woman/Anusuya first. Barsin says even saving her satisfaction is considerable. Puru says if right here is so, he’s ready over again and pulls sword. Lachi watches them hiding.

Bamni continues heading towards penal advanced. Moses informs Darius that king

Bamni is reaching penal advanced. Farsi troopers barge in first and tie Anusuya and veil her on the change aspect of cell, exchanging her with another woman. Bamni continues walking and reaches penal advanced cell. One more woman acts as mentally unstable. Vaidya tells this woman misplaced her son no longer too long ago and misplaced her mental balance after that. Bamni asks Kanishk to trat this woman properly and get out her family rapidly. He walks support.

Anusuya notices Bamni going and reminisces your entire previous incidents from marrying Bamni, his betrayal first and then accepting her, her brother Ambhi’s trick, she pleading him to spare her son and husband and he denying her interrogate, she tonsuring his head and cutting his scalp with poisoned knife, Shivdutt throwing her son into river and looking out to abolish her, and so forth. She will get support her memory and thinks although Bamni forgot his partner, she did no longer put out of your mind him.

In Macedonia, other folks revel in Philip and Cleopatra’s marriage ceremony. Atelus announces this wedding celebration is in honor of king Philip and his current lustrous bride Cleoptra’s and their future son who would perchance be king. He badmouths about Olympia. Alexander angrily tries to beat him, nonetheless crew stops him. Philip yells that he unsuitable blood love his mother who is dreaming of snatching is crown, that will never occur. Alexander reminds that he told he’ll be future king. Philip says he lied in illness and asks him to apologize Atelus. Alexander walks away angrily. Philip orders to abolish Alexander and his mother and falls down. Alexander says right here is their king who can’t bear his words and can’t even stand on his hang.

Precap: Olympia tells Alexander he’s going to private to take hang of crown at any be conscious. Alexander takes oath. Darius orders Moses to abolish Anusuya. Puru shatters seeing Anusuya’s ineffective body.

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