Porus 13th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Barsin Misleads Puru Episode

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Anusuya in penal advanced continues expecting Puru and thinks she is no longer going to utilize Farsi’s served meals. Darius watches from balcony and smirks. Barsin walks to him and kissing his hand says she did as per his account for and asks what’s her next account for. He presentations Anusuya’s royal locket and says even Puru has seen it, she may possibly possibly perhaps quiet instruct it to Puru and brainwash him in opposition to Bamni and fix Bamni a villain in Puru’s eyes, allow us to note father and son battling and killing every other.

Laachi walks in direction of Puru and attacks him. He holds her hand and is terrified seeing her attacking him. Laachi continues attacking him and says she got right here to put him going in opposition to her fogeys, but he befriended Farsis and betrayed them. Puru explains her all incidents came about, how Shivdutt kidnapped Anusuya, attacked him, and so forth..

He says Anusuya is in penal advanced and Barsin will discover the build he has kept her. Laachi says she is going to relief him in his every step. Puru emotionally says unless when she is going to relief him. She says forever.

Next morning, Darius will get curious and tells Moses that Barsin will take Puru to Anusuya and will display conceal Anusuya is Bamni’s companion. Moses says what if Puru and Bamni produce a insist for them. Darius says Moses is dilapidated in politics quiet, he desires Bamni and Puru to cancel themselves so as that he can rule Pourav rastra with out battling for it.

Puru waits for Barsin. Laachi asks him to meet Barsin alone as she may possibly possibly perhaps no longer relief him and discover their map. Puru smiles at her. Barsin comes down. On the opposite side, Kanishk walks into Darius’ room and informs that Bamni wans to meet Anusuya. Darius suggests him to uncover that girl is sick, so she is being kept in penal advanced. Barsin presentations Anusuya’s locket to Puru and says right here is Bamni’s first companion’s locket. Puru says which formula Anusuya is Bamni’s first companion and Bamni desires to cancel her. He asks her to take him to Anusuya and walks with her.

Kanishk returns to Bamni and says that girl is terribly sick, so she can be able to no longer meet him. Bamni says if she can be able to no longer meet him he’ll meet her and asks him to take him to penal advanced. Kanishk walks with him tensed. Moses informs Darius that Bamni is strolling in direction of penal advanced to meet Anusuya and even Barsin is taking Puru to Anusuya. Darius says it is a defective news for them, if both father and son arrive to discover out about their identity, they’re going to unite..

Precap: Puru and Bamni stroll in direction of penal advanced to meet Anusuya. Alexander confronts Philip that he promised to connect him king, but betrayed. Philip yells like his mother, he additionally desires to grab his throne, despicable of us like him may possibly possibly perhaps quiet be killed, warns him to claim sorry any individual. Alexander walks away whereas Philip orders to cancel Alexander.

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