Pehredaar Piya Ki 24th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Pehredaar Piya Ki twenty fourth July 2017 Written Update

Maan Singh’s brother asks Sajjan who he is to pause Ratan. Sajjan says, partner’s father. Ratan’s family is terrified. Sajjan reveals them video of Maan Singh’s message to his family about Ratan and Diya’s marriage. Sajjan tells Ratan’s family that Maan Singh wanted Diya to change into guard of Ratan. Maan Singh’s brother gets angry and says he doesn’t imagine all this. Sajjan says it doesn’t topic what he thinks. Right here is the truth. He requests every person to invent rituals when family come shortly and likewise peacefully construct last rituals for Maan Singh at his location simplest.

Ratan needs to slump searching Maan Singh. Diya’s sister tells him he can’t glimpse him now and tells him that he has very huge accountability now. He questions why his fogeys left him. Who

he’ll sleep with now? play? Diya is there. He goes to her and asks whether or no longer he is orphan now? Diya’s sister says he has along with his wife him now and consoles Ratan. Choti thakurayan hears all that.

Later, Choti thakurayan comes to Diya. Diya takes her blessings. Choti thakurayan says no person gets class and smartness each and asks whether or no longer she is dazzling or desirable. Diya tells her no longer to refer as Thakrani, she’s very younger. Choti thakurayan says age wise she’s younger but she’s Ratan’s wife, so she is Thakrani. She says if this incident didn’t happen, then she would hang welcomed her Thakrani within the Rajput. Choti thakurayan calls Diya’s sister and asks her to distribute some gift amongst all. Diya says she’s her sister. Choti thakurayan apologises announcing she misunderstood. She says she will’t opt gift motivate both and asks Diya’s sister to protect up it. She doesn’t opt it. Diya’s mum goes to her and asks her to opt it. Choti thakurayan then tells Diya to put together, she will invent her and Ratan’s abhishek ritual. Diya and her family slump away.

Sajjan tells Ratan that he’ll change into Dada hukum nowadays. He’ll be on absolute top living in his home and he can hang many tasks. Sajjan tells priest to bustle up for Abhishek as Ratan doesn’t appear to be feeling effectively. Maan’s brother whispers now 9 year ragged will opt Dada Hukum location. Ratan shouldn’t be any longer feeling effectively, but he says he’ll fulfill his accountability.

Choti thakurayan gives Padma’s jewelries to Diya and says along with that she has gotten her tasks too. They make Diya wear all jewelries. Choti thakurayan says now every person in home will slump on her finger when striking ring in her finger. Diversified aspect, Ratan gets Dada Hukum pagdi. Maan’s brother and various men in family invent rituals and touch his ft. Choti thakurayan tells Diya now she will salvage ultimate accountability of Padma.. keys of the dwelling. Choti thakurayan’s servant had purposely kept keys in fireplace so it gets hot, so when keys is put in Diya’s waise, she throws them away. Each person over there says looks as if Thakrani bought terrified and this kind of large insult. It’s no longer easy to opt this kind of large accountability. Diya is damage and is crying below the veil. Diya and her family study Choti thakurayan.

Precap: Choti thakurayan tells that Ratan didn’t know that princesses are in reports simplest. The truth is, there are none.

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