Pehredaar Piya Ki 21st July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Pehredaar Piya Ki Twenty first July 2017 Written Update

Diya’s mom says unless now she didn’t utilize any dedication herself, how did she utilize such a gargantuan dedication. Diya says Maan trusts handiest her to give protection to Ratan, Maan saved her lifestyles risking his lifestyles as soon as, even she is conscious of that Ratan’s lifestyles is at possibility. Mother says even she is conscious of Maan’s favor, but for that she cannot smash her lifestyles. Diya walks in the direction of mantap. Mother pleads her Abhay is her simplest match and Ratan is correct a 9-yr-used child. Maan brings Ratan to mantap. Diya says it’s a distinction of views and she views Ratan is a supreme match for her. Mother asks Sajjan to stammer Diya. Sajjan says he is a chum and a father and he cannot stammer yes or no. He tells Diya that he is proud of her and takes her to mantap. Diya sits subsequent to Ratan. Pandit starts rituals. Pehredar piya ample bani ji…tune…performs

in the background. Diya;s mom helps Ratan perfrm rituals. Ratan is unable to dorn garland in Diya’s neck. Diya bends. Maan watches live video through pill on his scientific institution mattress. Marriage ceremony rituals continue. They develop pheras and then Ratan dorns mangalsutra on Diya’s neck and applies sindhoor on her forehead. Maan throws plant life on tab display and blesses them. Marriage ceremony completes. Maan ges looking breath and collapses. Nurse tries to revive him.

Sajjan’s son and bahu stammer sorry Abhay father for breaking Diya and Abhay’s alliance. Father scolds and leaves with Abhay.

Diya and Ratan return to Maan’s scientific institution room. Maan blesses them and provides Ratan’s hand in Diya’s hand. He reminds Ratan of his promise. Ratan says he will utilize care of Diya and could well well well fair cherish him, Raja Rajpoot will under no circumstances break their promise. Maan passes away peacefully. Ratan cries hugging Maan. Diya and her of us moreover shout.

Sajjan returns with Maan’s deadbody and sitting subsequent to him reminisces Maan coming to celebrat holi, Padma’s automobile blast, Maan’s inquire of to win Diya married to Ratan, etc. He tells his wife that Maan’s family would be coming here anytime and it’s greater they don’t expose his family about Ratana nd Diya’s wedding. Maan’s family reaches and cries taking a peep at Maan’s dumb physique. Choti thakhurayan enters without reacting. Sajjan reminisces Maan telling his family is Ratan’s enemy. He reminisces Maan telling Choti Thakurayan needs to abolish Maan. Maan’s brother yells at Sajjan how did Maan die. Sajjan says his automobile blasted, Padma died on the location and Maan died in scientific institution. Maan’s brother shouts who is he that he didn’t expose about Maan’s loss of life earlier, real a chum and no longer family, holds Sajjan’s collar. Sajjan says infrequently blood relationships are untrustable and Maan didn’t belief his family, so he belief his buddy. Choti thakurayan yells to cease it and yells that she’s going to take into account Sajjan’s harsh words, asks to ship 2 ambulances, and says Ratan will traipse in her automobile. Sajjan says Ratan is no longer going to switch.

Precap: Choti Thakurayan scoffs Diya that god provides either mind or magnificence, she’s going to test her which she has extra. She burns Padma’s key bunch and keeps it on Diya’s waist.

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