Pehredaar Piya Ki 20th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Pehredaar Piya Ki Twentieth July 2017 Written Update

Maan drops Ratan into Diya’s automobile and walks against his automobile. His automobile blasts. He shouts Padmaa and runs against it, but automobile door hits him and he falls a long way away severely inured. Ratan gets out of automobile and runs against automobile. Maan is rushed to scientific institution. Ratan insists to meet maa. Sajjan stops him and says maasa went to god and might well additionally simply now not return. He cries loudly hugging Sajjan’s better half. Diya additionally cries. Physician comes out of working room and tells that Maan’s interior bleeding has elevated and his very crucial organs are now not responding. Sajjan’s better half cries that she is terrified. Sajjan asks her to quiet down as they’ve to govern both formative years. Doc comes out and says Maan wants to meet Ratan. Ratan says he’s Ratan and rushes to Maan and cries hugging him. Maan says rajput..Ratan says don’t

cry. Sajjan walks in along with his better half and Diya. Maan reminisces Diya calling him and asking to send Ratan in her automobile after which automobile blast. He says as soon as extra Diya saved Ratan. Choti thakurayan calls Maan. He asks Diya to pick out out name and repeat her that all the pieces is truthful and he’s busy. Diya says similar. Choti thakurayan asks who is she. She says Diya and disconnects name. Sajjan asks why did now not he order about Padma’s loss of life. He says he does now not need from now on concerns and if he had listened to Padma, he assign now not need considered for the time being. He asks Ratan to exit. Ratan asks if he goes out, will he get better and walks out with Diya. Maan stops Diya. Diya closes door.

Maan says this attack used to be to execute Ratan and by god’s grace he’s saved, he can’t die without assuring Ratan’s security, Ratan will probably be attacked repeatedly as he’s lonely moral inheritor. Sajjan guarantees he’ll provide protection to Ratan. Maan says he does now not know his famil, they would well additionally simply now not let him attain anything, there might be handiest one formulation. Sajjan asks what. Maan reminisces Ratan insisting to marry Diya. He requests Sajjan to fetch Diya married to Ratan. Sajjan and his better half are bowled over. Maan says Diya saved Ratan twice in 2 days, this is god’s wish that they came right here and Ratan insisted to marry Diya. Diya reminisces Ratan proposing to marry her and he or she telling to hunt details from her papa to attain with alliance. Sajjjan says Ratan is rather one. Maan says these extra or less marriages rep took set in his family and succeeded. Maan says Ratan is 9 years historical and might well additionally simply change into 21 after 12, he’s definite then Ratan will discover all his responsibilities and relieve Diya entirely delighted. Sajjan says Diya can take care of Ratan without marriage. Maan says this is tapasya and its vitality is in better half’s adore, this wedding will give Diya a qualified to mosey with Ratan rightfully. Siblings, family members, etc. rep a limit, but better half does now not rep limit and he or she also can bring encourage husband’s life. Diya silently hears that. He extra Sajjan that he’s asking a tall thing and does now not rep every other option.

Diya closes her eyes and reminisces Maan saving her life, says she is animated to marry Ratan. Pehredaar piya ki bani ji..performs in the background. She says she can change into Ratan’s pehredar/protector/guard, holds Maan’s hand and asks if he’s definite that she can fulfill her responsibilities, will she now not disappoint him, the have faith he has on her she does now not rep on herself. Maan says he did now not form a mistake in figuring out of us, he’s definite handiest she can be able to attain this. Despite the undeniable fact that she turns into frail sometime, marriage’s pure bonding won’t let her break. He asks her to fetch Padma’s sindhoor field and says this is in a position to provide protection to her while she protects Ratan. Diya picks sindhoor and says if he trusts her so mighty, then she can marry Ratan. Maan blesses her. Maan asks Sajjan that he wants to explore this marriage earlier than he dies and when Ratan turns into 21, he can fetch Ratan married to Diya legally then.

Sajjan goes out and brings Ratan. Maan says he desired to marry angel, so he’s getting him married to angel, he has to explain that he’ll adore angel similarly continuously and admire and provide protection to her. Ratan guarantees. Maan blesses Ratan and Diya.

Precap: Ratan and Diya marry and Maan watches on tablet dwell.

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