Pehredaar Piya Ki 19th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Pehredaar Piya Ki Nineteenth July 2017 Written Update

Ratan slips from terrace and hangs keeping a wall and pleads to envision him. All people fetch concerned. Diya is seen working to envision him. Maan singh also runs calling Bannaaa. He climbs ladder asking him to not disaster he’s coming. Dwell electric wire falls towards Ratan and is ready to hit him when Diya extends wood stick and holds it. She says she will not let one thing else happen to him. All people praise her. Ratan reaches ladder and Maan holds him. Wire touches Diya and he or she collapses after getting electrocuted. All people fetch anxious or her. Ratan waits exterior her room and asks Maan if she is graceful. Maan says yes, but he can’t inch in. He walks in after sometime. Diya wakes up and take a look at him. He says he belief she is pointless. She smiles and says if she dies, who will marry him. He will get angry

listening to that.

At night, Padma tells Maan that even this teach isn’t marvelous for Ratan and he modified into attacked even here. He says it modified into an accident, but hopes her disaster doesn’t come appropriate. She says if they pray Devi maa and accomplish jaap in a temple the set up Diya’s engagement is the next day to come, Ratan will seemingly be marvelous and devi maa will provide protection to him. Maan asks whether it’s miles required. She says yes. He consents and says he’s going to impeach Sajjan to prepare.

Diya’s mom wakes her up early morning and says as of late is her engagement and they must reach temple by 6 a.m. She can get emotional and says from as of late her unusual chapter of life is starting and he or she has to play dual rule of a appropriate wife and a appropriate daughter. Their emotional bonding continues.

Maan will get willing and informs Padma that Sajjan has organized internal most automobile for them and they’ll raze pooja peacefully. He asks her to wake up Ratan. He then meets Sajjan who says he has organized all the pieces neatly. Ratan comes and asks if they’ll temple so early, he informed they’ll construct at uncle’s rental for 2 days. Diya comes willing for engagement. Ratan asks the set up is she going so noteworthy willing. She says she is getting engaged. Ratan asks with him. Sajjan laughs and says yes. Maan asks him to fetch willing. Ratan happily runs. He thinks of informing his kaaki saa about his engagement and calls landline. Padma snatches receiver and keeps it, but call continues. Maid affords phone to choti thakurayan and he or she hears Padma telling he could presumably maybe maybe moreover merely aloof not uncover somebody about pooja. They all towards temple. Ratan constantly peeps out of automobile and looks at Diya’s automobile. Diya notices from replicate and messages Maan to send Ratan to her automobile. Maan makes Padma agree, will get Ratan into Diya’s automobile and says Ratan is their responsibility for sometime. He walks towards his automobile and is scared to gape automobile blasting and shouts Padmaaa. He runs towards automobile. Door hits him and he flies and falls apart. Diya holds Ratan’s eyes.

Precap: Maan tells Sajjan that it modified into an assault to raze Ratan and says there is handiest one formulation to present protection to Ratan, to marry him to Diya. Diya says she will marry Ratan and develop into his guard.

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