Pehredaar Piya Ki 17th July 2017 Written Episode Update Episode

Pehredaar Piya Ki 17th July 2017 Written Episode Update:

Surajgarh’s lavish Kesar Mahal is shown whose demonstrate owner Daata Hukum Maan Singh is shown walking preserving sword and other folks greeting them. His partner Padma is shown with him Maan Singh shoots fireplace arrow and does holika dahan ritual. Rajastani folks dances begins. 1/2 of Kesar Mahal is converted into resort, but Maan Sngh would now not differentiate house and resort and thinks hospitality desires to be lavish in a royal vogue. With high quality respect comes high quality enemies. Maid Jhumki exhibits tiresome cat to Padma and says this kheer was once served to Kunwar saa Ratan Banna, but cat ate it and died attributable to poison in it. Padma asks who served kheer to Kunwar saa. She says kaaki/aunt. Padma sees aunt walking suspiciously and shouts she is aware of she desires to destroy Ratan Banna for property as he is the gorgeous heir of property.

Maan Singhhears her conversation and walks to his real aide and says he came as we direct because it is a crucial subject and desires his wait on. He says Ratan Banna’s existence is in hazard and Padma thinks choti thakurayin is looking out out for to destroy Ratan Banna for property, but she takes care care of Ratan like her possess child. He says the next day he’s going to elebrate holi to his fair correct friend Sajjan Singh’s house and taking Ratan with him for his safety.

Next morning, Maan Singh and Padma stroll in the direction of car. Padma calls Ratan and finds him sleeping in car listening to choti takhurayin’s tell over a map. Padma fumes that choti thakurayin has performed magic on Ratan banna that he would now stay wide awake without listening to her tell. Maan Singh asks her to resolve down. They reach Sajjan Singh’s house. Sajjan and his partner excitedly greet them. Sajjan jokes that Maan Singh is asking uninteresting and has gone frail. Maan says he is sizzling blooded Thakur and is evergreen younger. They stroll in and Maan says he can ranking particular dishes made by bhabhi saa. Servant informs that Ratan is now not in car. Padma rushes to car and cries that choti Thakurayin.

Ratan is seen hiding in gift trunk and popping out of a trunk silently. Sajjan Singh’s daughter Diya is equipped. She is seen coming down on swinger adorning house. Her bhabi asks she has regarded as giving cuffling to her husband as anniversary gift. Diya says it is a worst gift and suggests to give pendant as gift. Bhabhi leaves. Diya walks with maids. Ratan gets mesmerized seeing her class and thinks she is an angel. He follows her. Diya goes to terrace and slips seeing cockroach. Ratan holds her and says she is extraordinarily heavy. She asks who’s he. He says he is Ratan Maan Singh, class 5th D, etc. She says he is Daata huzur’s son then. Ratan chats with him and proposes to marry her. She laughs that he is too itsy-bitsy to marry. Sajjan and others near wanting for Ratan. Padma emotionally hugs him. He says he hid in gift trunk. Maan additionally reaches. He gets chuffed seeing Diya and says he is seeing her after 12 years. She touches his ft and says he gave her 2d existence. Ratan says he desires to marry Diya. All of them chortle. They then droop to build ritual. Sajjan and his partner whisper Maan Singh to build ritual as he is bigger Thakur. Maan breaks jiggery cube with high quality challenge.

All of them droop to backyard for a tea. Ratan insists to marry Diya. Sajjan says boy also can restful reach 21 and girl 18 years for marriage. Ratan says in 12 years, he’ll be 21. Sajjan says after holi pageant, they may well talk about his marriage. Ratan then goes to play bow and arrow recreation with adolescents. His bow thread breaks and he tries to repair it unsuccessfully. Maan tries to wait on with his energyless hand, but fails. Sajjan’s partner says his situation is attributable to them and reminisces toddler Diya taking half in in ground when a horse panics and rushes in the direction of her. Maan runs to set up her and holds horse. Horse kicks him to the ground and steps on his hand. Out of flashback, Padma says he got handled plenty, but may well now not design energy in his hand. Diya helps them repair bow. Maan watches her smiling.

Precap: Kunwar sees Diya dancing and through the use of his father sends his proposal for Diya. Sanjjan gets very chuffed. Diya and her mother put collectively to tear to temple. Ratan insists to accompany them. Maan says he is giving Ratan’s duty to them. Maan’s car blasts. On scientific institution bed, he says Sajjan that it was once assassination strive on Ratan, so he has decided one thing.

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