Paramavatar Shri Krishna 24th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna Twenty fourth July 2017 Written Update

The episode starts with kanha within the fire circle. Putna sees and smiles cunningly and says kanha, your time is over, the Eighth minute undoubtedly one of devki is boring.
In heaven, laxmai says prabhu how is that this possible? How can kanha die this kind of gruesome death? How would possibly perhaps putna enact this? Lord Vishnu says that is karma devi, putna did what she thinks is handsome, she has done iniquity and can gentle continue to enact iniquity till her death. Lord Vishnu says however the fire she created was from her anger and ego, anger and ego will also be obtained easiest by love and there would possibly perhaps be a rain within the originate of love to defeat ego. Lord Vishnu smiles.
There as putna sees, the clouds turn out to be darkish and heavy rain starts. The rain falls on the fire and the total fire is extinguished. Kanha is busy making laddoo. The rain goes. Putna is angry

and says how did this rain reach? I created fire with my demon powers, the gods are saving kanha. Putna seems at kanha angrily. Then she turns support to rohini and kanha makes ladoo and says kaki I made the ladoo. Kanha then says kaki don’t command somebody the recipe to obtain these ladoo as easiest I will eat them. Putna says enough and kanha goes taking ladoo. Putna says I own to search out one other manner as the gods are keeping kanha!
In the palace, vasudev is angry and comes out of the penal complex. three guards holds vasudev. vasudev throws away the guards and heads in opposition to the palace in kansa’s room. kansa is making his deliver. Vasudev is adopted by troopers however vasudev assaults them and throws them down. Vasudev then reach sin kansa’s room with a sword and shouts kansa! Kansa seems within the support of. The troopers protect vasudev. kansa says drag away him please. Troopers drag. vasudev is angry however he throws the sword down and falls at his knee. Vasudev cries and says please kansa, please! Let me and devki drag, let me seize devki with me, she is going to no longer are living for plenty time. Kansa says come up vasudev please you are my brother in legislation, hug me! Kansa makes vasudev come up and hugs him forcefully. Kansa says why wouldn’t I hearken to you brother in legislation? Kansa says I will drag away you and sister devki for obvious however there would possibly perhaps be a query. Kansa says where is your Eighth minute one? Putna will elevate him and the you all can drag collectively. Vasudev cries.
Balram goes to kanha’s friends and says I own brought your buddy kanha’s sandhi prastav to you, friends command so? Why didn’t kanha reach? Balram goes to kanha sitting below a tree and says kanha they’re asserting why haven’t you reach to verify with them? Kanha says please command them one thing your self. Balram goes some other time and says see kanha is sorry for what he did however you are his friends and he misses you all and desires to play with you. friends command however kanha ate our kheer too. Balram goes to kanha and says they love kheer extra than you kanha. Kanha says tells them I will drag away them within the occasion that they don’t search suggestion from me. Balram goes some other time and says kanha is your buddy handsome? Chums command yes. Balram says then enact which that you would possibly perhaps perhaps well like kanha to pass away you? friends command no, kanha is our buddy. Balram then goes in center and says are you kanha’s friends? Chums command yes. Balram asks kanha are you their buddy? Kanha says yes. Balram says the why am I taking your messages right here and there? You all talk yourselves. Balram goes. Kanha takes a ball and goes to his friends and says friends lets play. Chums are sad. Kanha says see friends you are going to be ready to protect sad at me, however we are in a position to in any case play. Chums command that is handsome, we are in a position to play. All of them delivery playing and kanha says I own kheer made at home. friends command yes? Kanha says yes all of them drag.
At home balram tells yashoda that kanha made him bustle right here and there and due to kanha his legs are paining, so he has made up our minds from now now to no longer hold somebody’s messages right here and there. Balram sits and says I will no longer search suggestion from kanha. Kanha comes ithe a plate of laddoo and says mata yashoda, I made these laddos mad by myself. Balram seems the varied manner. Kanha says mom I will no longer give somebody my laddoo. Balram says kaki command kanha no person needs his laddo. Yashoda smiles and says I will no longer talk between you each and every. Yashoda goes. Balram cant resist and takes the laddoo to eat and eats. Kanha smiles.
Narad muni says what mahima is that this of kanha. Narad says kanha convinced all people and balram obtained to eat the laddoo. Narad says sheshnaag’s originate with out thinking obtained to eat the laddoos. Laxmi smiles and says narad muni, it can be that balram obtained his laddoo however kanha continuously gets what he needs, lord Vishnu continuously does what he needs.
There balram has tears in his eyes and kanha says what came about brother? Tears of happiness? Expend extra laddoo. Balram says no kanha, these laddoos are so inviting, balram bustle to hold water. Kanha eats some laddoo and says oh my god, these laddoos are inviting. Kanha says why did kaki rohini obtain the laddoo so inviting?
At home friends reach and command kanha we brought berries for you. one friends says we brought one thing extra better than berries. Kanha says extra better than berries? Give it to me, I want to eat it. friends command it is now to no longer eat however to see. One friends eliminates the gold bangles and says see we stumbled on this. Kanha says this? And appears to be like at it, kanha says this belongs to rohini kaki. On the support of putna in rohini’s originate is hiding and seeing this. Putna thinks clearly it belongs to rohini as I did what would possibly perhaps also gentle had been done. In flashback, putna in her demon originate holds rohini by her neck and says rohini the 1st wife of vasudev will die as we explain for planning in opposition to bhagwan kansa, putna throws rohini within the wisely.

Precap: putna is within the sky and says I need the energy of the darkish demons of evening and with that support I will cancel kanha as we explain. Putna goes down within the home and is beside kanha who is sleeping. Unexpectedly she sees herself and kanha’s originate in entrance of her smiling at her. Kanha is in white robes conserving a white umbrella.

Written Update by Tanaya

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