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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 13th October 2017 Written Update: Balram runs against kansa to assault him.

The episode starts with guru gargacharya opening 2 kundli’s and he presentations the kundli of balram and lord Vishnu and then says this is balram’s kundli which is no longer similar to prabhu Vishnu’s kundli. Kansa sees the kundli and then says rishi gargacharya that you can personal guided me and I mediate you, I’m honored to personal your steering. Kansa then says rishi that you can personal taught and guided yadu vansh and I’m lucky to born right here, however even though he’s now not in fact vishnu’s avtar, I’m kansa and I’m despicable, I will accumulated waste him. why must accumulated I hear to anybody? I would possibly accumulated waste him as I personal killed so many kids and if I waste him he’s going to merely get dangle of salvation and nothing else. Balram is offended and says maharaj kansa unless now I was contemplating you would possibly most likely reach motivate to your senses however now I mediate you won’t hear unless
you get dangle of a beating, I would possibly fight you and mark you your capability. Kansa says procure his chains. Balram’s chains are eradicated and he screams angrily and race against kansa. Kansa eliminates a weapon of amog shakti to fight balram and runs against him.
Laxmi says swami shesh avtar balram has change into too offended, he’s great however wont be ready to defeat kansa. Narad muni says prabhu kansa has eradicated his weapon of amog shakti which would possibly defeat gods demons and anybody, most spellbinding you would possibly most likely defeat kansa. Lord Vishnu smiles and says shesh avtar laxmn had protected my avtar ram in treta yug however now my avtar Krishna has to guard his brother balram.
There balram runs against kansa and jumps as kansa nears him. there as kanha’s eyes are closed, lord Vishnu’s produce comes out of kanha and a narrate says end. The entire world stops and your entire people end on the region they’re. Kansa stops as nicely as every dinky ingredient, collectively with water, air, clouds, birds, the entire lot end. As kansa stops, his soul comes out of his stopped body and says who dared to end bhagwan kansa? Who’s that? Reach in front of me. Lord Vishnu comes and says it is me, I’m the supreme lord. Kansa sees Vishnu coming and gets taken aback, he steps motivate. Lord Vishnu comes ahead and says I’m the entire lot, I’m the controller and maker of this universe, it lives inner me and I live inner the entire lot on this universe. the surrounding of palace fades away and kansa and Vishnu reach in clouds. Kansa is anxious and he says who’re you? Don’t fabricate riddles. Lord Vishnu says I’m the entire lot, I personal made this universe and everyone that lives in it, I’m the moon that devices and the solar that rises, I’m the parmeshwar, I the the night and the morning, I’m destruction and advent, I’m happiness and fancy, I’m everyone, I’m the clouds, the itsy-bitsy insects on the floor, I judge the entire lot, I’m the previous, the unusual and the future and I’m also inner you. Kansa says you? Kansa says I’m bhagwan no longer you, I’m bhagwan kansa. Lord Vishnu says whilst you’ll want to be a god, even then you positively want to just derive me kansa. Kansa says I would possibly no longer derive you? Lord Vishnu says I personal decided what you would possibly most likely attain ahead and most spellbinding I would possibly end you, so give away this ego. Kansa says why don’t I merely waste you? Lord Vishnu says whilst you’ll want to waste me, you proceed to must derive me and then you positively can wipe me out, every secret to me is by bhakti and you would possibly most likely galvanize me most spellbinding by bhakti kansa. Lord Vishnu goes. Kansa is distributed motivate in his body and the entire lot is the identical manner as earlier than. Balram lands down.
Kansa then places motivate his weapon. There narad muni says no longer everyone gets to meet you prabhu to your produce, you made kansa perceive however he wont. Lord Vishnu says if kansa doesn’t waste balram and does dharma he can also merely get dangle of sakvation however if he accumulated does what he needs then he’s nearing his loss of life day after day.
There balram is operating against kansa, kansa says end there youngster, kansa along with his energy ties balram with a spell.

Precap: kansa is sitting on stairs. Balram hugs vasudev and devki. Kansa says to nand later, If I uncover the rest that is hidden in gokul then I promise you I would possibly waste entire gokul. Kanha is on the throne and he says kansa mama, mother repeatedly says that the truth can not be hidden in anyway it is.

Written Update by Tanaya

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