Nimki Mukhiya 14th February 2018 Written Episode Update? Nimki And Babbu Argues Episode

Nimki Mukhiya 14th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode Description/Highlight: Nimki asks Babbu to carry her from her home but he doesnt agree, Nimki says she wont advance dwelling then. Mai is fearful of males liking Nimki in her home, she can get wrathful listening to Nimki needs Babbu to secure her up. Babbu says I wont lumber to carry her.

Scene 1
Nimki says to Tunee that I got here from backdoor of palace thanks to rotten omen, grandma believes in them loads. Tunee says dont fool me, tel me if there’s one thing unsightly. Nimki says I dont lie to you, you cant doubt at me, I’m glad there, have confidence me, lets lumber.

At evening, Tettar says to Ritu that birthday party head is glad with marriage. He sees dublo there and asks what are you doing at the display cloak time? Dublo says procuring for replace, Tettar asks him to leave, Dublo leaves. Tettar says Mehtu helped me to fulfill this

dream. Ritu says no you’ve got correct success, Tettar says once Babbu takes head’s feature and then I will launch my replace. Ritu says Babbu must purchase choose watch over of head feature. Dublo says what if Nimki says no and doesnt give him energy? Tettar asks him to leave. Tettar asks to call Ram and asks if he received head practising papers from govt for Nimki.

Nimki tells Mauha and Mono about ring finding ritual and how she made Babbu finish it, Mauha says he did ritual with decrease hand. Nimki says I let Babbu purchase, he’s my husband afterall. Nimki asks her which saree she must aloof wear?

Scene 2
Dayya talks to Babbu, Dayya says dont overlook me whereas you happen to purchase head energy from Nimki. Nimki calls him. Babbu doesnt purchase it. Nimki says he has to secure his companion’s call. Dayya places phone on speaker, Babbu asks what she needs? Nimki asks what color he’s carrying? Babbu says why? Nimki says I occupy to compare. Babbu says wear what you’d like. Nimki says you are coming to purchase me so I occupy to peep dazzling. Babbu says what you are taking into accounts I’m free? interrogate any individual to carry you, I’m no longer free. Nimki says I advance first for you any more, you are my husband, it’s essential advance to purchase me, leave all work. Babbu says you are though-provoking me? Nimki says sure, your companion is dazzling so that it’s essential be dutiful, when are you coming to purchase me? Babbu says I’m no longer coming. Nimki says elegant, I wont advance to palace except you dont advance to secure me, Babbu will get wrathful. Nimki says I’m serious and I know you are death to fulfill me too, I will sad songs for you whereas you happen to dont advance to purchase me, it’s essential carry your companion dwelling, she ends call. Ram asks Nimki what took space? you occupy been though-provoking your husband? Nimki says he’s no longer coming to purchase me. Bua says you cant display cloak tantrums like that. Mauha says its their like fight, allow them to resolve it. Nimki says he’s my husband so he has to advance.

Rekha says to Mai that Dublo will get wrathful on me if I lumber against Nimki, he shouts like dogs. Mai says how dare you call him canine, all males of home are going gaga over Nimki. Rekha says we now must finish Dublo, he can teach reality to Ram, Mai it is likely you’ll perchance well give him money so he begins contemporary replace and prevent pondering her. Sweety says she is exact, Dublo must aloof work. Mai says he doesnt hear. Babbu comes there. Mai says utterly you choose Nimki in her limits, you will never settle for her. Babbu nods. Dayya says but he’s going to carry her. Mai says what? Dayya says sure he’s going to carry sister in law. Mai says purchase her title. Dayya says Nimki called him and requested him to purchase her, Sweety says she can advance herself. Dayya says she said that she wont comeback except he brings her, he laughs. Mai slaps him and says here is no longer shaggy dog story. Babbu says I’m no longer going, she can advance herself. Sweety says she is stubborn. Mai says let her rot in her father’s home, Babbu you will now not lumber to carry her. Babbu says this lady is rare, so great took space but aloof she didnt replace. Rekha says what if Babbu begins liking her fashion.

PRECAP- Mai takes call, its Nimki on phone. Babbu takes phone and says I instructed you I’m no longer coming to purchase you, Nimki says but its valentine this day, Babbu says to hell with valentine, Nimki says must you dont advance then I will occupy an very generous time valentine with any individual else. Babbu will get tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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