Naamkaran 14th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Naamkaran 14th July 2017 Written Update

The Episode begins with Neil checking a case. DD says its open and shut case, I purchased the felony, Rajesh has killed his GF. Neil asks why, you hang saved her pics at dwelling, it seems to be you loved her plenty, answer me, why did you shatter her. DD says perchance he saw her with one more individual and purchased jealous, jealousy is such thing, loves makes individual angry. Neil says yes, jealousy takes existence. Kareena checks Fb. She gets a message and chats. She gets tensed on getting a chum quiz. She says I could demonstrate this to Ananya. Neil says make certain, none disturbs me now. Neil checks Rajesh and his GF’s pic. Neil says perchance this woman had an affair, so Rajesh became as soon as jealous, if anyone else did assassinate, we would hang purchased fingerprints. Inspector says this happens with one who does such issues. Neil says taking existence can’t be any


Riya says its factual we are going to ask about youngster’s father. Shweta says all people knows Ananya is not very any longer pregnant, she purchased sick by having soup. Riya says all people knows its no longer Neil’s youngster. Shweta says you mean…. Riya says exactly. Avni calls Neil and says I in reality must uncover him sooner than anyone else tells him, what to build, he’s not very any longer answering, I could plod. She collides with Bebe.

Bebe asks the place are you going. Avni says doctor. Bebe says you’d like doctor to verify this news, come I could come along. Avni says no, I could plod with Neil. Shweta says Riya, that is the possibility. Kareena says I had to ask Ananya, perchance she is in her room. She goes. Amol says bright, I could ship electronic mail. He sees the laptop and gets to read Kareena’s chat message. Kareena comes and worries. He says sorry, all yours. She goes. Shweta sees Bebe coming and asks Riya to delivery. Riya says no, I’m in a position to’t include you on shopping, I in reality must plod cafe. Shweta says its Neil’s youngster, I in reality must choose one thing for shagun, include me please. Bebe says I could come along, I heard you, I’m in a position to’t omit this likelihood, come down, I could name Maddy and Kareena also. She goes. Shweta says arrangement’s first portion purchased executed.

Avni comes to meet Neil at police feature. Neil signs on some file. She does no longer observe him. Avni says he’s not very any longer here, I could name. DD sees her and says you here. She asks for Neil. He says he actual went, are you bright. She vomits. He worries. He gets Bebe’s name. Bebe says we are going to plod to gynac the following day. DD says its me DD, Avni got here here, I could build you verify with her. DD says its factual news, congrats. Avni says no, you are mistaken, name Neil.

Amol apologizes to Kareena and clarifies. Maddy says we must window shop. He asks Amol to come along. Amol says no, I in reality hang some work. Riya says I in reality must plod cafe. Kareena says I could earn ready and come. Shweta and Riya smile. Avni says Neil is not very any longer answering, what to build, I in reality must lend a hand an eye on Bebe, mum is not very any longer here. Riya collides with Ali. She says Avni is not very any longer bright, there would possibly perchance be not any such thing as a one at dwelling, there would possibly perchance be a lot work here. Ali says I could prepare every little thing, will you observe here. She nods. Shweta says its stress-free to build shopping. Bebe says we forgot to preserve Bal Gopal. Shweta says it perchance Laxmi too. Kareena says why don’t we preserve Ram Sita jodi. Shweta says what a belief, Neil and Ananya’s jodi is care for Ram Sita. She thinks now Avni’s agnipariksha will occur. Bebe asks are you bright. Shweta says yes.

Inspector says I mediate its optimistic nick case. Neil says yes. DD comes and hugs Neil. He says you hang hidden this kind of immense factual news, Avni got here to police feature and we purchased to know, she became as soon as having a sight sick. Neil says actual work discuss right thru work. He sees Avni’s overlooked calls and thinks I could name after ending work. He asks DD to register case in opposition to the individual they arrested. DD says if somebody loves a individual, how can he shatter that individual. Inspector says anger can come out on that individual. Neil says without reference to reason, crime is crime, individual will earn punished. Ali says I m going to her. Riya sees her lipstick brand on his shirt and smiles. She remembers applying Avni’s lipstick. She calls police and says please again me, come hasty. She tells her address.

She messages Shweta to realize dwelling with all people. Avni comes dwelling and sits. Ali comes and sees her. He says we are going to plod to doctor. She says no, Neil is not very any longer answering, give me medicines. She thinks there became as soon as one thing in soup, so I m getting vomits, all people thinks I m pregnant. Neil gets told about emergency name from his dwelling. He asks driver to preserve left.

Ali gets water. He asks her to hang medicines. Neil calls Avni. Ali keeps phone away. Avni says I in reality must verify with Neil, Bebe thinks I m pregnant, so she went on shopping. Ali asks are you pregnant, what’s all this. Avni says I m no longer pregnant, I in reality must uncover Neil. She stumbles. Ali asks are you bright. She gets fainting. He makes her lie on the cough. Her mangalsutra gets stuck in his shirt. He tries to free it. Neil gets afraid seeing them. Ali also sees Neil. DD and police crew also seems to be on. Shweta comes and asks what took declare. Ali gets away and mangalsutra breaks. Shweta, Riya, Bebe and others sight on. Shweta says you started all this at dwelling, you wants to be ashamed. Ali says its nothing care for that. Shweta asks what’s this lipstick brand on your shirt, we are no longer blind, we are in a position to seem at every little thing, don’t try to cloak this. Ali says observe Ananya’s declare, she is sick, you all are blaming her, I m actual supporting her, I did not leave her by myself in sickness.

Shweta says if she became as soon as sick, she would possibly perchance per chance hang known as us, but she known as her lover. Avni gets afraid. Shweta asks since when is that this affair happening. DD says we are going to exit, its family topic. Shweta says we authorised you, what values your mum gave you, its a result of unsuitable upbringing. Neil says discontinuance it mom.

Shweta says it technique this youngster, its of Neil or anyone else. Avni says Neil…. Neil signs no and prevents her. Avni cries.

Written Update by Amena

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