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Naamkaran 14th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with small Avni announcing when I became Krishna in school play and shown how to Arjun, carry out you snatch in thoughts bhagwad Gita which Bebe acknowledged, what did Krishna carry out, that became the upright thing. Avni asks shall I speed away. Microscopic Avni says Krishna acknowledged Karma is extra imp, he believed in saving his people than his name, he mandatory to educate us, combating is now not the completely map, we must restful finish the war if its now not upright for others, now we contain to carry out this, now we contain to entire combating, now we contain to soar, far-off from this metropolis, this may per chance occasionally be his biggest defeat, getting you is his biggest dream, he received’t come by you, he’s going to snatch discovering you and die, this fashion is advanced, but its the completely map, to envision this household and the promise which you made to Neil. Avni remembers her promise. She gets her household’s pic. Avni says

I m sharp. Microscopic Avni smiles.

Shweta asks Bebe where is Avni. Bebe says she per chance in her room, Neil hobble and recognize her. Vidyut waits for Avni. Neil doesn’t uncover Avni in room. Vidyut calls Avni. Neil says Avni is nowhere. Bebe says we haven’t seen her going out. Neil thinks is she hiding one thing. He calls Avni. Bebe says her cell phone is left here. Vidyut gets horrified seeing Avni coming. He smiles seeing her carrying the bridal costume. He goes to her and says Avni, you are in front of me in bridal attire, this may per chance occasionally’t be actuality, as actuality can’t be so ravishing. He bites his hand and says that you can also contain genuinely attain, I knew it, you will attain as my bride. She says yes Vidyut, but I haven’t attain on my own. He worries. She gets Mishti.

Vidyut gets relieved. She says household must be entire, it’d be incomplete with out Mishti. He says yes, pointless to recount, Mishti attain to Papa, did you omit me, don’t come by terrorized. Bebe and Shweta hobble to recognize Mishti. Ali says I mediate I must restful hobble and uncover Avni. Bebe says Mishti is now not in her room. Neil thinks did Vidyut carry out one thing. Shweta says don’t anguish, Neil, Avni left this letter for you. Neil reads… I m going to meet Aisha at her grave, I are searching for to lighten my coronary heart, I m taking Mishti alongside, don’t anguish, I will attain assist rapidly. Vidyut says I m silly, I didn’t call you in. He showers vegetation on Avni. He asks pandit to mild the havan kund, Avni has attain, we are in a position to open rounds in a while, the mahurat will begin when I decide the rounds with my Avni, every 2d may per chance be ravishing now. He asks Ballu to select out Mishti and make obvious she is delighted. Mishti signs no. Avni says you don’t contain to be timid, I received’t hobble any place with out you. Ballu takes Mishti.

Vidyut says mum didn’t agree to me, Ballu called me disagreeable, but I became obvious you will attain as my bride. She says you didn’t leave an option for me, I will by no map turn into your bride. Ballu asks pandit to sit down down again for sometime. All of them leave. Avni says strive to tag what I m explaining, I don’t admire you Vidyut, I will by no map admire you. Vidyut says , opposites entice, but its all nonsense, completely people which may per chance doubtless doubtless be identical is also together, love you and me, we’re supposed to unite, no… I know you received’t agree to me, I will indicate to you, wait, please sit down. He gets his diary. He says whatever is written in this is for you, read this, I basically admire you, I will carry out you mine. He reads out the strains. He says I disapprove Neil….he doesn’t deserve you, we every are same, we’re illegitimate children, now we contain completely fought, Avni for her identity and I basically contain fought for my rights, we are in a position to carry out one thing for our household, Avni, I killed my dad to envision my mum, my admire is my ardour, this is for you now, I’m in a position to carry out one thing for you. She looks at him. He says it’s doubtless you’ll doubtless doubtless in actual fact contain a self-discipline with my infuriate, but don’t anguish, I will vent out infuriate on myself, my admire and ardour will diagram you to me. She says I genuinely feel pity, factual Lord has energy to trade particular person’s will. He says then regard me Lord, I will carry out you mine. He goes.

Avni thinks fire will lit for pyre, now not the wedding ceremony rounds. Neil calls DD and says consult with Aisha’s grave, Avni and Mishti may per chance be there, click a pic and ship me. Vidyut asks Avni to recognize their house. Avni thinks to leave the self-discipline before Neil comes, factual Neil can finish her. DD calls Neil and says Avni and Mishti are seemingly to be now not in graveyard. Neil asks what, click a pic and ship me. He gets the pic of Aisha’s grave. He says Avni had gone there, the vegetation are unique. Bebe says she would attain house. Neil says if she doesn’t attain in 15 mins, I will hobble there. Vidyut says attain Avni, this home is decorated for you. Pandit says we must restful begin the puja. Neil waits for Avni. Puja goes on. Avni throws some chemical balls round. She thinks these pills will spread the fire.

Avni says this marriage will now not happen, you aren’t a man ample. Vidyut says you are giving me hatred as a replacement admire. She says that you can also by no map be dedicated to any lady. He pushes her in the direction of havan kund. Fire catches up. He shouts Avni.

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