Naamkaran 13th October 2017 Written Update Episode

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Naamkaran 13th October 2017 Written Update: Juhi makes an are trying suicide

The Episode starts with Neil seeing Neela and leaving. Bebe says Neil’s madden will vanish when he sees Avni as bride. Avni will get ready. Neela comes to her. She says you seek beautiful, your childhood dream goes to total, earn into consideration the white costume which you wished to attach on since childhood, overlook tension and take care of smiling. Neil will get ready. Neela will get Avni. All individuals claps. Bebe compliments Avni. Neil and Avni smile seeing every other. Neela takes her ahead. Neela says I in actuality hold a shock from my aspect, that is Father Joseph…. Avni will get joyful. Neela says he’s Avni’s faculty foremost, Avni wished a noble fairy anecdote wedding. She asks him to in finding Neil and Avni in finding vows.

Neil holds Avni’s hand and says I must disclose you one thing sooner than vows, although we have to face storms in life, you
will constantly accumulate me with you, I will constantly defend you, although you happen to in finding aggravated and plug away me, I will never plug away you. All of them smile. He kisses Avni’s hand. Father Joseph makes them mumble. Avni accepts Neil as her husband, be time correct or defective, although they take care of rich or sad, she’s going to give a enhance to him till the final day of her life in his every happiness and sorrow. All of them clap.

Father asks Neil to repeat the mumble. Neil says I earn Avni as my…. He will get interrupted by a name. He disconnects and tries to mumble again. He will get name from DD and solutions. He asks what…… He will get scared. He says I in actuality must plug, Juhi is in sanatorium. They in finding scared. Lady asks about whom is he speaking. Neil leaves. The plate with ring falls. Avni drops the plants. Neela picks the ring and cries seeing Avni. The individual asks who is Juhi, why did Neil plug away Avi and plug. Avni says we would possibly possibly well fair peaceable plug sanatorium, Neil will need us. She tells all individuals that birthday party received’t happen nowadays, they would possibly be able to plug away. The company plug away.

Doctor says its suicide strive, thanks to him she purchased saved, he admitted her on time. All individuals looks on. Neil asks Juhi why did you attain this. Juhi cries and says I will’t agree with this, they snatched my daughter from my palms, don’t know the attach is she, if the rest occurs to her. He says nothing will happen, we are able to construct up her. She asks why did fate in finding us meet, I in actuality hold made your life complex, I in actuality hold change into a burden. He says you are no longer a burden. Avni looks on. She asks for whom shall I are residing, I don’t know I will in finding my daughter support or no longer, I in actuality hold no person. Neil says who acknowledged you’ve got no person, I m here. Juhi asks in actuality. He says effective. She says promise me you would possibly possibly never plug away me on my own. He says I promise, I will never plug away you. She cries and hugs him. The household looks on. Neela turns and sees Avni. Avni says I will kindly arrive and goes. Neela goes after her.

Avni sits crying. Neela comes to her. She asks her no longer to lose braveness, no person can arrive between you and Neil. Avni says you would possibly possibly presumably also’t glance my tears, how did you in finding your coronary heart so large, I constantly used to deem Aisha is so strong to fight with society and elevate me, her esteem didn’t discover a repute of relation, she is superwoman. Neela says you are her daughter, I know you would possibly possibly never lose braveness. Avni says you additionally had grand braveness, I didn’t knew your strength, all individuals is little in front of sacrifice, you cherished a one who cherished any individual else, even then you definately accredited the other girl’s young folks and cherished them, you raised them as if they’re your have young folks, I m scared I will change into love you, can I sacrifice love you, you are large.

Neela asks what are you asserting, you don’t need to attain this, I used to hope your life constantly has happiness, your life never becomes love Aisha, I didn’t know your life will change into love mine, sorry Avni, promise me you will no longer sacrifice your esteem, Neil will not be any longer Ashish, he constantly stood for you, promise me you would possibly possibly fight for your esteem. Avni says I must inform over with Aisha, will you be with Neil here, all individuals needs you, promise me you would possibly possibly earn care of Neil. Neela asks why are you asserting so, you are with Neil. Avni says I will meet Aisha and arrive. Neela says I will arrive alongside. Avni says no, I in actuality must inform in non-public. She goes.

Doctor tells Neil to tackle Juhi, her mental situation will not be any longer so correct. Neil says definite. Neela comes. Neil asks the attach is Avni. Neela says she went to graveyard, she had to inform over with Aisha. Juhi says sorry, your and Avni’s particular occasion purchased unhealthy, Avni would possibly possibly well be feeling defective. Neil asks her no longer to deem all this, Avni is shining. Neela says I will in finding Avni house, we are able to inform over with her. She goes.

Neil comes house. He says doctor acknowledged Juhi needs rest, she shouldn’t in finding any stress, she was once upset. Shweta asks why did she attain this, its your anniversary nowadays, you left Avni in front of all individuals, you had been endeavor wedding ritual. He says Juhi was once in sanatorium. She says DD and doctor had been with her, did you specialise in of Avni, you gave her tears and apprehension that you would possibly possibly presumably also plug away her hand and plug anytime, you didn’t turn and glance what she goes thru, you left her and ran away, you realize what she went thru, she came house and went to her room silently, then don’t know the attach she went. Neil asks the attach did she plug and why, Neela went to in finding her. Neela comes and says Avni will not be any longer there, the attach is she, how can she plug this implies. Neil will get alarmed.

Neil reads Avni’s letter. Avni reaches airport. She sees a individual within the flight.

Written Update by Amena

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