Meri Durga 20th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Meri Durga twentieth July 2017 Written Update

The Episode begins with Sanjay blackmailing Durga to come motivate with him to freshers, else he’ll jump down. Durga thinks he is completely doing a drama. All americans requests Durga to agree else Sanjay can jump down. Durga is of the same opinion. The girls find her lucky to receive a accomplice like Sanjay. Sanjay comes downstairs. He holds Durga’s palms and says we every will most doubtless be awake for the time being, this would possibly well well be going to be relaxing. Aarti appears to be like on.

Yashpal waits for Durga. Durga thinks of Sanjay’s phrases and walks to home sadly. Yashpal finds her unhappy. She cries. He sees her crying and will get jumpy.

Neelkant talks about his enterprise venture. Aarti comes there to meet him. He says we are able to resume this meeting later, there is some emergency. He asks Aarti if she has one thing imp to divulge. She says I thought to repeat you, Durga is motivate.

He smiles and asks so what’s the scheme back. Aarti says she goes in freshers receive in conjunction with Sanjay, if she knows we had been in price for what came about alongside with her five years within the past, then….

He says Aarti, who is Durga, a usual lady, nothing else, she has no fire in her, she does now not want to bustle now, we saved that person suited, by whom we can face risk, and about Durga going to freshers with Sanjay, don’t grief, he unbiased has poison in coronary heart for her, she can unbiased receive hatred, I know my son, he loves and hates with all his coronary heart, did you care for that person suited. She says yes and leaves. He says Durga has come motivate in identical college, why. He calls any individual and tells some work. He smiles and says Durga invited drawback by coming to Bhiwani.

Durga is at her veg stall and sells vegs. Yashpal sees her and smiles. He says I unbiased got right here right here for some work. He asks her if she is lying anything else. He says I know the entirety. Till you have this stain burden, this would possibly well well be drawback, I purchase my mission motivate, you utilize your time in working, don’t refuse now. Durga says this would possibly well possibly’t happen, I’m able to face other folks, don’t grief.

Sheela tells Dadi a pair of proposal for Bantu. Dadi does now not hear successfully. Sheela tells over again. Bantu will get fully pleased. Sheela says he’ll marry in rich home. Dadi says happiness will come home after long home, don’t grief now. Sheela says Yashpal will perceive things when he will get freed from Durga. Aarti argues with Sanjay and asks him why is he going with Durga in receive collectively. She says how mighty I abominate her. He stops her. He says me successfully, I abominate that lady, the receive collectively will most doubtless be relaxing, unbiased wait and test.

Amrita asks Durga what’s going to she wear in more energizing’s receive collectively. Sanjay and Durga receive prepared for the receive collectively.

Written Update by Amena

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