Meri Durga 19th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Meri Durga 19th July 2017 Written Update

The Episode begins with Durga going to washroom and washing his face. She recollects the insult. She thinks of Yashpal’s phrases. Aarti comes there and throws water on her. She says right here’s your punishment. Durga asks who are you. Aarti says you don’t know me, its ethical for you. She goes. Durga thinks I contain to resolve scores with Sanjay.

Aarti says Durga’s perspective did no longer dart unless now. Sanjay says don’t disaster, I promise to remind her that day. He sees Durga. Yashpal waits for Durga. He worries and says she is going to characteristic up herself, she is no longer a young particular person, how will I spend 6 hours extra, I m getting restless, I will dart to work.

Aarti asks Sanjay to leer Durga’s perspective, how is she so peaceable. Major comes there. Teacher tells them about freshers event, every lady must contain a pair, school will
score Ms and Mr Extra energizing. Durga thinks to withhold her veg stall than coming in event. Aarti name callings that Durga received’t score a event to arrangement. Durga says we can meet in event. Constable asks Sanjay about his bike. Sanjay says its my bike. Constable asks him to point papers. He sees number plate gone. Inspector says point out papers. Sanjay says I’m in a position to below no circumstances pick. Constable says every thief says the identical. College mates value his video and unfold.

Amrita and her son arrangement home. Dadi and Annapurna smile. Dadi blesses her. Amrita hugs Annapurna. Brij hugs the boy. Amrita tells his mischief. Dadi asks who has characteristic your hair. The boy says my Papa. All of them score vexed. Amrita says your hair is like your Papa. Shilpa says poor boy, his dad is missing unless now. Amrita feels tainted. Brij plays with the boy.

Police takes the bike and signal Durga. Durga smiles. Sanjay thinks Durga has carried out this. He is in the market in Durga’s device and stops her. She asks him to specialize in before telling anything about her, you did no longer believe me, and spoke massive things about friendship, I disfavor you. This would possibly occasionally be better you defend away. He says feelings are mutual, so that you just get you did this bike say. She says it would no longer topic. She recollects telling her mates about Sanjay’s bike.

Sanjay thinks to educate her a lesson. They argue. He says unless when can she score saved from him. She goes. Amrita recollects Madhav. Sheela smiles and name callings her. Sanjay will get on the live of the building and asks Durga will she became her partner. She thinks he wishes to head in event with me. He says if you happen to refuse, I will leap down. She thinks I don’t care, he can leap.

Aarti says Durga is relieve, if she knows we had been at the relieve of that incident. Neelkant says she invited say coming to Bhiwani.

Written Update by Amena

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