Mere Sai 14th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Kulkarni To Trap Sai In Drugs Case Episode

Mere Sai 14th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai comes to Rehana’s dwelling and asks Saleem to glance at him. Saleem’s condition stabilizes seeing him. Sai makes him drink something. Rehana asks what took region to him? Sai says he’ll be dazzling. He asks her to no longer trouble if he wakes up or will get vomiting. Bayaza asks Rehana to have patience. Sai says existence is successful if we construct the existence excellent.

Madhav makes Bhama sit and says you shall no longer stress yourself. He says we’re going to score anyone to work. Jhipri comes to Sai and asks are you listening to me. Sai says I’m listening to you. Jhipri tells Sai that all boys takes pill from Moti kaka and says they have gotten turn into indolent and snoozing. Sai asks didn’t you score it? Jhipri says no and tells that she don’t score anything else from strangers and don’t are making an strive to get something which she couldn’t give you the cash for. Sai says

all the pieces will likely be dazzling.

Moti comes to Kulkarni’s dwelling. Chivu sees medication pill in his hand and eats it. Moti thinks recommendations on how to reveal Kulkarni that she had pill. Kulkarni comes and asks Moti why did he reach in morning. Moti says Saleem became once serious the day earlier to this., but Sai saved him. Kulkarni asks him to give most capsules to Saleem in boom that something happens to him and Sai will get blamed. He asks him to be reach Khandar as his final shuffle region is there. Chivu asks for more capsules. Moti runs.

Rehana tells Sai that her husband is dazzling. Madhav comes to Sai and tells that Bhama couldn’t enact all work of the residence and asks him if something is there to private up the residence. Sai asks him to no longer be dependent. Chivu becomes drowsy while eating food and laughs. Rukmini will get disquieted. Moti comes to Saleem and says you haven’t reach the day earlier to this. Saleem says I didn’t have cash. Rehana comes and asks who’s he? Moti thinks of an contrivance.

Chivu goals gun at Anta and Banta and says she can abolish them. Anta and Banta get worried and runs. Moti comes to Madhav and Bhama’s dwelling and will get job as a servant. Moti says I is no longer going to quiz for anything else. Appa and Bayaza reach to Sai’s region. Madhav comes there and tells about Moti, being his fresh Servant. Moti comes to Dwarka Maai late in night and says your peace will lag quickly. He retains these capsules in Sai’s belonging and leaves from there.

Bhama comes to Sai’s region and sees Moti’s web. She thinks how did it reach here?

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