Mere Angne Mein 20th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Mere Angne Mein twentieth July 2017 Written Update

The Episode begins with Shanti asking her husband attach her apartment from Aarti, she is a characterless lady. Preeti asks a man to offer marriage advert for Nimmi and thinks to advise a lesson to her. Nandu meets some fans. Preeti sees him with ladies and will get offended. Nandu sees Preeti hiding and seeing him. He thinks its correct likelihood to safe Preeti on route. He says I will attain with you ladies, however I will power the auto. He makes Preeti jealous. Preeti says here is occurring thanks to Charni. Girls joke on Preeti. Preeti angrily comes home and breaks things. Kaushalya asks what took place. Preeti says I agree with considered Nandu with a girl. Kaushalya says your mind has dust, you had been doubting on Rani and Nandu moreover. Preeti asks her to create Aarti leave, Shivam has attain correct. Kaushalya says he’s asserting he has stuffed

sindoor and now she’s going to gather here.

Preeti says present him I m here thanks to him. Kaushalya says he’s sticking to his decision. Preeti says he doesn’t like me. Kaushalya cooks dinner. Aarti makes food. Kaushalya takes the food for Shanti. Shanti asks her to offer food to Chandra too. Chandra says its better to agree with food made by mum, I will conform to you. Shivam comes. Shanti says I will now not agree with food made by Charni, I will trusty agree with food made by Kaushalya, Shivam is now not believing this, so he can mediate if he desires to agree with food made by his mum or Aarti. She asks Aarti now not to be in contact in between. Shivam says I will’t agree with food made by anyone else than mum, however if Charni made food for me, if I don’t bask in it, this could maybe doubtless be an insult, so if I agree with to assemble from either of you two, then I will gather myself, I will now not agree with food made by anyone. Shanti says you doubtlessly did all the pieces, you should to maybe maybe moreover agree with gotten to create things dazzling now.

Shanti says I will gape how long you gather hungry. Shivam says no, I will agree with food, I will organize my things. Chandra says I modified into thinking one incident changes complete household, however don’t alarm, all the pieces will safe dazzling. Shanti says I don’t agree with any resolution for this, if anyone can resolve it, its Lord.

Golu writes a love letter to Nimmi. He will get a call and keeps gift within the field. The letter falls down. Amit comes there and says when will Rani attain in my lifestyles. He sees the letter and picks. Golu will get tensed. Shivam eats resort food. Aarti involves room. Shivam sits working. Aarti takes care of child. He asks her to let him work. She says strive to like me, I will’t gather here as your wife. He says cease this madness, don’t anger me, you are living better lifestyles and let me are living too. She says I will’t gape my vacation attach, I will’t even converse properly, I will’t persist with a stranger. Shanti comes and asks lets create one other room for you. She scolds Aarti and Shivam.

She asks Shivam to kick out Aarti or withhold his decision. She asks Aarti to elevate in a corner. She goes. Shivam asks Aarti to sleep on mattress with child, he’ll sleep on the bottom. Golu takes the letter and says studying diversified’s letter is wrong. Amit says I failed to learn, I notion its some paper, you are doing correct to write love letter, we are in identical boat, we can allotment things, I will moreover write a love letter for Rani. Golu says dazzling, I will mean you should to maybe maybe doubtless, will agree with to you whisk, Rani can high-tail the letter earlier than studying. Amit hugs him. Golu says gather away. Amit sits to write letter.

Aarti sees Shivam slumbering and sits outdoors the room. She imagines Shanti taunting her. She says Ajay is my husband and will agree with to silent consistently be. Chandra will get pressured recalling Aarti’s downside. Aarti sits crying. Chandra comes and holds her. She will be able to get afraid seeing him.

Chandra asks Aarti why is she nervous, he’s there to complete all her concerns. She will be able to get afraid when he holds her hand.

Written Update by Amena

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