Mere Angne Mein 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update Episode

Mere Angne Mein 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update:

The Episode starts with Shanti asking her husband how one can assign her dwelling from Aarti, she is a characterless girl. Preeti asks a man to give marriage ad for Nimmi and thinks to educate a lesson to her. Nandu meets some fans. Preeti sees him with ladies and gets enraged. Nandu sees Preeti hiding and seeing him. He thinks its trusty likelihood to compile Preeti on route. He says I will map with you ladies, however I will power the auto. He makes Preeti jealous. Preeti says that is taking place thanks to Charni. Ladies joke on Preeti. Preeti angrily comes home and breaks issues. Kaushalya asks what occurred. Preeti says I basically comprise considered Nandu with a lady. Kaushalya says your thoughts has dust, you were doubting on Rani and Nandu also. Preeti asks her to comprise Aarti leave, Shivam has map trusty. Kaushalya says he is asserting he has stuffed

sindoor and now she is going to preserve here.

Preeti says repeat him I m here thanks to him. Kaushalya says he is sticking to his decision. Preeti says he doesn’t like me. Kaushalya cooks dinner. Aarti makes meals. Kaushalya takes the meals for Shanti. Shanti asks her to give meals to Chandra too. Chandra says its higher to comprise meals made by mum, I will conform to you. Shivam comes. Shanti says I will now not comprise meals made by Charni, I will perfect comprise meals made by Kaushalya, Shivam is now not believing this, so he can fetch if he needs to comprise meals made by his mum or Aarti. She asks Aarti now to now not chat in between. Shivam says I will’t comprise meals made by anyone else than mum, however if Charni made meals for me, if I don’t eat it, this would possibly perchance perchance be an insult, so if I basically comprise to comprise a substitute from either of you two, then I will fetch myself, I will now not comprise meals made by anyone. Shanti says you did all the pieces, you comprise to comprise issues ravishing now.

Shanti says I will watch how prolonged you preserve hungry. Shivam says no, I will comprise meals, I will arrange my issues. Chandra says I used to be thinking one incident changes total family, however don’t danger, all the pieces will compile ravishing. Shanti says I don’t comprise any resolution for this, if anyone can solve it, its Lord.

Golu writes a esteem letter to Nimmi. He gets a name and keeps present within the sphere. The letter falls down. Amit comes there and says when will Rani map in my lifestyles. He sees the letter and picks. Golu gets tensed. Shivam eats hotel meals. Aarti involves room. Shivam sits working. Aarti takes care of minute one. He asks her to let him work. She says attempt to mark me, I will’t preserve here as your partner. He says finish this madness, don’t anger me, you dwell higher lifestyles and let me dwell too. She says I will’t watch my destination, I will’t even deem successfully, I will’t preserve with a stranger. Shanti comes and asks lets comprise one other room for you. She scolds Aarti and Shivam.

She asks Shivam to kick out Aarti or retain his decision. She asks Aarti to preserve in a nook. She goes. Shivam asks Aarti to sleep on mattress with minute one, he’ll sleep on the ground. Golu takes the letter and says reading other’s letter is depraved. Amit says I didn’t be taught, I assumed its some paper, that you just would possibly perchance be doing trusty to jot down esteem letter, we are in same boat, we are going to share issues, I will also write a esteem letter for Rani. Golu says ravishing, I will serve you to, even as you skedaddle, Rani can toddle the letter earlier than reading. Amit hugs him. Golu says preserve away. Amit sits to jot down letter.

Aarti sees Shivam sound asleep and sits initiate air the room. She imagines Shanti taunting her. She says Ajay is my husband and will consistently be. Chandra gets restless recalling Aarti’s difficulty. Aarti sits crying. Chandra comes and holds her. She gets terrified seeing him.

Chandra asks Aarti why is she taken aback, he is there to finish all her problems. She gets terrified when he holds her hand.

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