Mere Angne Mein 15th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Mere Angne Mein fifteenth July 2017 Written Update

The Episode begins with Amit and Ajay assembly. Amit tells every little thing about Rani refusing to marry him. Ajay asks why are you after Rani. Amit says I realized I love Rani a lot, men’s life is ruined after like, wife who is on high of things is correct, don’t opt up after Rani. Ajay’s friend joins them. Ajay jokes about Amit’s broken marriage. Amit asks will you get hang of gotten enjoyable by this. Ajay’s friend tells about Ajay’s marriage, he obtained excellent wives both time. Ajay will get his father in regulation’s name. He asks Amit to protest care and leaves.

Ajay’s friend tells Amit that Ajay trapped a rich girl. Amit asks did you see his first wife. The fellow says she is terribly excellent, dazzling, long hair, gentle. Amit thinks Ajay left his first wife, is he Aarti’s husband, guidelines on how to quiz him, if he will get offended, he gained’t
give me free wine. He calls Shanti. Shanti asks did you spy out about her husband. Amit says no, I m sending some take care of, reach there fleet.

Shanti asks Kaushalya to reach, we are able to meander out. Kaushalya will get delighted. Preeti looks on. She thinks Amit is double crossing her, its excellent, I will meander after him, I will uncover who is Charni’s husband. Shanti, Kaushalya and Amit reach Ajay’s home. Kaushalya says I met him at bar, he taught captivating wine to Shivam. Preeti comes. Ajay’s wife says he does no longer touch wine. Shanti says that you just can perhaps very effectively be minister’s daughter correct. Kaushalya says sure, we attended her marriage. Shanti reminds they blessed her, their jodi seems like Ram Sita, Raghav obtained that girl home that day. Ajay asks what’s the subject. Shanti scolds Amit.

She says this girl is minister’s daughter. Amit says he has remarried, leaving first wife. Preeti hides and looks on. Shanti says I m getting dizzy and asks for water. Kaushalya says I take into account, he made Shivam get hang of wine. Ajay says I take into account Shivam, I became explaining him, wine is substandard, I taught him correct things. Ajay’s wife argues. Shanti says we get hang of a lady home, she is shameless and substandard, raise out you admire her. She shows Aarti’s pic. Ajay will get terrified.

Shanti says she came our home, she acknowledged her husband is Ajay. Ajay says sure, Aarti became my first wife. They opt up terrified. Ajay says she is no longer honest to be referred to as a wife. Amit says she acknowledged a lot. Shanti says sure, she married my grandson forcibly. Ajay will get terrified. Shanti says she obtained in our home as bahu, I desired to kick her out, that you just can perhaps very effectively be a correct guy. Kaushalya says correct americans don’t drink wine. Ajay apologizes. Shanti asks about Aarti. Ajay says Aarti gentle to see men, she is substandard persona girl.

Ajay’s wife tells them that Ajay came to me crying, his oldsters left him seeing Aarti’s substandard persona. Shanti asks Ajay is he obvious. Ajay says sure, she came to us after marriage additionally. Ajay and his wife deceive them. Amit thinks its correct I left mandap that day. Preeti thinks she is characterless, Shivam obtained stuck. Ajay cooks substandard experiences in opposition to Aarti. They opt up terrified. Ajay recount she forcibly took divorce from me. He acts correct in entrance of them. He asks Kaushalya to withhold Shivam a long way from Aarti, care for your daughters away, she’s going to raze your household.

Shanti says Raghav obtained her home. Amit asks why did you no longer repeat me she is characterless. Ajay says you did not repeat me about marriage. Kaushalya says you both are guests, might well perhaps presumably you no longer repeat us. Ajay says Amit would get hang of requested me at as soon as. Amit asks how can I quiz anything. Kaushalya worries. They leave. Preeti thinks to discuss over with Amit. She asks did you double nasty me, you took cash from me and Dadi, and gave files to dazzling Dadi, return my cash. Amit says you don’t reply, I referred to as you over and over, I did not give files to Shanti, she referred to as me here. Preeti asks him no longer to lie. He says I m no longer lying, I don’t return cash, Charni will steadily be characterless, I allow you to to show conceal this.

Preeti says what’s going to I raise out now, she contaminated the total enjoyable. They all leave. Ajay will get offended. His wife asks what’s going to happen now, if Aarti tells them truth that we are lying, what’s going to happen. He says they is no longer going to evaluate her, I get hang of brainwashed them. She says our title must never atomize, if Papa is conscious of this, it gained’t be correct. He asks why raise out you forever fright me. She says I m dazzling saying. He says I will handle.

A particular person will get oil and asks for cash. Aarti goes to make a decision on up cash. Nimmi asks him to withhold container down. He says no, its leaking. Aarti takes container. Nimmi says why did you give cash, quiz him to vary container. Aarti sees the particular person gone. She takes the box. Chandra comes. Aarti drops the box and falls. Chandra holds her. Shanti and Kaushalya reach home, and predicament this. Shanti slaps Aarti. Aarti falls down. Chandra holds her. Shanti scolds Aarti. She calls her substandard persona girl.

Chandra pours a bucket of water on Shanti’s head. They all opt up terrified.

Written Update by Amena

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