Mere Angne Mein 13th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Mere Angne Mein 13th July 2017 Written Update

The Episode begins with Shanti angrily slapping Nimmi and scolding her. She takes her to lock in room. Raghav comes and asks what took place. Shanti says you realize what’s taking place on legend of your bahu, a man crossed the terrace and gave a present for Nimmi, now of us are whistling for her, glance the implications of accepting a divorcee bahu, I m seeking to inform this to you. He gets jumpy. He says if anyone teases Nimmi, what’s Aarti’s mistake. Shnti says now we comprise accredited a stain, so of us deem our pondering is sinful, anyone can tease our girls and give affords. He says don’t assign the blame on Aarti, its not her mistake. She says to procure blind. He says you all bought blind, you’d just comprise such low-price pondering.

She says you deserve to be in step with society principles. He says I don’t love the arena, I just
settle on you to exchange your pondering towards Aarti. She says beautiful, you’ll not care if Nandu dropped Preeti right here, why, don’t switch his pondering. She takes Nimmi. Kaushalya goes. Raghav says I will just advance. Aarti cries.

Shanti asks Nimmi to not head out. Raghav goes and gets cow dung. He puts dung in each set in the dwelling. He asks what took place now, I m also getting sinful smell, I m suffocated by the low-price pondering, this dung is your pondering. Aarti asks why are you doing this. Raghav says I m doing this for my household member. Shanti says you’d very well be appealing the foundation of this dwelling. Aarti cries. Raghav says I m seeking to exchange you all. Shanti says his girl will assign dung on you. Raghav says I will await that day. He washes fingers and goes. Kausalya scolds Aarti.

Rani meets Ashok at the canteen. He asks her to advance anytime she wants. He apologizes to her on Amit’s behalf. He says I m repeatedly with you. She says I do know, I just deserve to turn out to be just. He asks her to protect an eye fixed on canteen. Nimmi tells Aarti that she is plagued by her halt, as their happiness bought snatched, her fogeys are struggling with. She scolds Aarti. Aarti says even I’m able to’t glance the fights taking place on legend of me, I don’t sigh this marriage, this sindoor is esteem hot coal for me, its burning my coronary heart, you’ll not realize, I m stuck on this inform, I don’t settle on any abshagun to occur with Shivam, I don’t deserve to wipe this sindoor, I will halt right here till he comes and wipes my maang. She goes.

Amit and constable strive to fetch Ajay. They reach some locality and query a particular person about Ajay. A man says I m Ajay, I m married and comprise four adolescence. Amit exhibits Aarti’s pic and asks the man. He doesn’t fetch Ajay. Constable says now we comprise checked in each set, we did not get any Ajay. Amit says now we should proceed Banaras. Constable says my responsibility is except night. Amit says we are able to head the next day. Constable exhibits Rani. Amit smiles and says I will just advance.

Aarti talks to toddler and asks her to wait, till she cooks meals. A man comes and says he is Aarti’s husband Ajay. Shanti welcomes him. Aarti gets jumpy. Shanti asks Aarti to see her husband. Aarti sees the man and says he isn’t my husband, belief me. Shanti says he has advance to take you. Aarti says I don’t know him, he isn’t my husband. They all don’t sigh her. The man exhibits the wedding pic. Aarti gets jumpy. She says I in actual fact comprise lied to you, however now I m announcing truth, he isn’t my husband, this describe is counterfeit. Shanti says he has shown proof, you give proof about your husband in case you’d just comprise. Shanti asks what took place now.

Aarti says I gave him promise, I will not repeat something else about him, in case you don’t belief me, I will give my life. Shanti says better. Aarti gets phenyl. Shanti throws it and forestalls her. She scolds Aarti and sends the man. Shanti says I saved your life, so that I fetch your husband, I will discover why he left you, I will disclose your factual face in front of Raghav.

Nimmi says Raghav wishes to refer to with Charni. Charni talks to Raghav on cell phone. Shanti and Kaushalya see on.

Written Update by Amena

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