Mahek 17th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Mahek seventeenth July 2017 Written Update

Scene 1
Niki locks white chilies. A automobile arrives there. She meets her goons and says it’s in all probability you’ll maybe maybe merely dangle strategy on superior time, she provides them restaurant keys and says originate working, she smirks and says all the pieces will recede in step with us now.

Sonal says to Kanta that Mohit hasnt strategy dwelling till now, Sheetal hasnt strategy now too, I am nervous, PD says dont disaster, correct disaster about your self and baby. Kanta says he is her husband so she would disaster. She takes phone to call Mohit.

Shaurya involves the handle man gave him, its a backyard. He searches for Mahek, he is anxious and shouts for her, he hears anklet. He turns around and smiles seeing Mahek carrying sizzling white saree and walking seductively. Shaurya is terrified and mesmerized. Mahek comes in gazebo and lights it, Shaurya smiles, Shaurya comes within the relief of her.


says to household that after police case, he isnt even talking to us, Kanta calls Mohit nonetheless Sheetal brings Mohit there. Mohit is fully drunk and singing. Sheetal says dont act be pleased drunkards as then your loved ones would blame me. Jeevan says easiest this became once final, Sonal says since whenever you occur to began drinking? he says from at the moment. PD says Mohit goes rotten underneath Sheetal’s affect. Mohit says I would maybe maybe merely soundless drunk sooner than as then I would dangle guts to yelp fact, easiest other folks with rotten success would maybe maybe merely soundless ranking fogeys be pleased you, you other folks didnt succor me stand on my feet and after I tried to face on my rep, you other folks dug graves for me, he slips nonetheless Sonal helps him. Mohit says I finally dangle lost so basic cash in closing two days nonetheless I will save extra cash in next two days and then choose condo, I will take my wife and baby away and ranking free from you other folks, Sonal says your drunk is letting you mutter all that and I wont recede anyplace with you, Sheetal takes dru/ nk Mohit away. Sonal says to Kanta that what has came about with Mohit? and what he acknowledged about incomes cash in two days? Kanta says dont disaster, some issues are no longer in our control. He’s going to strategy on superior route eventually.

Shaurya says to Mahek that this became once your predominant work? you gave me unfounded calls to call me closer to you? Mahek blushes.

Niki comes in white chilies kitchen with her goons, she ask them to originate working, they mood with gas connection, Niki says all people will deem that Mahek didnt check on gas pipes leaking and this would be regarded as as her fault, I will carry storm in Shaurya’s life.

Shaurya hugs Mahek from within the relief of and says I am gorgeous husband so that you just needed to operate that, Mahek says I deliberate all this for you with so basic take care of and it’s in all probability you’ll maybe maybe very neatly be soundless praising your self? shaurya says it’s in all probability you’ll maybe maybe very neatly be superior, I will reward easiest you tonight. Mahek smiles. She turns and hugs him passionately. Ang lagade re, Shaurya holds rose petal and roams it on Mahek’s physique, Mahek seductively takes off Shaurya’s coat. Shaurya lies her underneath him on swing and is ready to kiss her nonetheless She strikes away and seductively glances at him. Mahek unbuttons his shirt and takes it off, she caresses his face, he tries to kiss her nonetheless she strikes away. Shaurya involves her and pulls her closer. Mahek goes and lies on swing, Shaurya caresses her neck and areas a kiss on her shoulder, she closes her eyes feeling intense feelings, Shaurya leans in in direction of Mahek and caresses her bare relief, she arches her relief feeling his hand, ang lagade re plays. Mahek sensually kisses her jawline and cheeks, she shut her eyes shut, Shaurya leans in in direction of her lips.

Niki asks her goons if they carried out work? they mutter sure. She comes out and blast occurs in restaurant.

Shaurya is ready to kiss Mahek nonetheless he will get call, he ends it, Mahek says take it, it needs to be one thing predominant, Shaurya says nothing is extra predominant that you just, He leans in again and about to kiss her nonetheless will get call again, she says leer it, it would maybe maybe be pressing, Shaurya says nothing is extra pressing than whats going on here. He caresses her bare relief and pulls her closer nonetheless she will get call, shaurya snatches phone from her and is ready to throw it away, Mahek says atleast let me leer it, dangle you ever gone mad? she takes call whereas Shaurya carry kissing her neck, Mahek is on call and says what? when? she is in tears and appears at Shaurya, shaurya asks what came about?

Kanta and Jeevan lies on bed. sonal comes there and says there became once a blast in white chilies, she reveals them data, they are insecure, Jeevan says how this came about? Kanta asks jeevan to call Mahek. He calls her.

Scene 2
All reporters are out of doors white chilies and covering restaurant burning in flames. Shaurya and Mahek arrives there, they are insecure to survey burnt restaurant. Shaurya asks the put is Niki? Priya says she is in hospital. Fireman comes there and says wiring in kitchen became once no longer gorgeous thats why fireplace broke out on myth of gas leak. Inspector says on myth of your unhappy wiring, there became once injury too, Shaurya says I handled all wiring myself, they had been superior quality. Reporter asks Shaurya what he thinks about fireplace? Shaurya shouts my restaurant is burnt, my superior friend is in hospital and it’s in all probability you’ll maybe maybe very neatly be asking me all this? Mahek asks him to chill down, shaurya jerks away and says dont aloof me down, I could hospital, Mahek tries to discontinuance him nonetheless he ignores her and leaves, Mahek sadly appears to be like on.

Shaurya involves hospital and talks to doctor, doctor leaves, Shaurya says these clinical doctors are ineffective too. Mahek comes there and asks about Niki, Vicky says she is in predominant condition, Mahek cups Shaurya’s face and says search the recommendation of with me, Shaurya says Niki is on this condition on myth of me, how can I be this careless, Mahek says I became once incharge of kitchen, I left her there, if I didnt left her then I would in her condition superior now, it became once my accountability and its all my fault. shaurya says no, you and vicky had been correct helping, I became once incharge of all the pieces, Niki is on this condition at the moment on myth of me. Kanta and Jeevan comes there. Mahek hugs Kanta and says its all my fault, I shouldnt dangle taken such astronomical responsbility after I couldnt handle it, I am sorry Niki. Jeevan says to Shaurya that dont disaster, all the pieces will be gorgeous.

Niki is calmly sitting on hospital bed, she is fully gorgeous. Niki says to doctor that am I no longer a decent actress? She sits on hospital bed and praises her acting expertise. Flashback reveals Niki leaking gas from cylindar and making blast occur within the restaurant.

PRECAP- Mahek says to household that Niki became once superior, transferring restautant in her title became once the coolest decision, Niki became once superior, I dont dangle any expertise in going through trade. Niki would maybe maybe merely soundless escape it and I am naming restaurant in her title, she provides papers to Niki. Niki smirks and is ready to brand it. Shaurya is tensed and appears on.

Written Update by Atiba

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