Maha Epi – Piya Albela 2nd December 2017 Written Episode Update: Naren Marries Pooja In The Well And Saves Her Episode

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The Episode begins with Pooja asserting wow seeing the properly. Naina says we are able to shield right here till they return. Pooja asks shall I sit down on it. Naina says it is more gracious and smiles. Harsha prays to God and says she got right here to hope for Naren and Pooja’s marriage, but I mediate this mahurat will not be acceptable by you. She says she is leaving the determination on God now to secure them married. Pooja and Naina sit down on the properly wall. Naina scares her and then asks her to be careful. Pooja asks how can I could dance class if I give map. Naina asks did your mama learn about it. Pooja says my mama received my title registered in the dance class. Naina is terrified and asks her to hearken to a narrative. She tells about her mum who used to be a dancer and then a prince saw her and fell in like alongside with her, but his household haven’t approve of the wedding and that’s why prince left princess in the jungle with assist of shakuni mama and received married to any individual else. Pooja says she will secure those folks punished. Naina says even she is doing the identical component. They hear any individual’s suppose, Naina signs Pooja to be quiet.

Supriya and Harish simply about Kusum’s dwelling. Kusum scoffs them and says you may private introduced all vyas household to shield that aroused girl and asks Anuj to head with scientific doctors to head looking out out her. Supriya says Pooja is the daughter of both families. Kusum says it is candy, first son makes her aroused and then his household says this to conceal their mistake. Harish says we like her too. Kusum says it is fact that your son made her aroused. Supriya asks why she is accusing Naren and says she wishes our like. Kusum says we are able to cope alongside with her.

Naina asks Pooja to head at some level of the properly else doctor will near and have interaction her in earn. Pooja refuses to head down without her. Naina asks her to wait on the dupatta and secure down, and likewise you will not be going to snatch that you just’ve got got reached the simply space. Naren is coming working there. Kusum talks to Rahul and says what to attain, if she is artful. Rahul says I did a mistake to have confidence you and threatens to extinguish her dream to secure money mattress. Pooja is disquieted and says jiji..Naina says I am with you. Pooja asks her to wait on coloring e book alongside with her and says when I near wait on up then we are able to both color the e book, Mama says we shall part the issues with siblings. Naina will get emotional hearing this, but then asks her to secure down. Pooja is about to drag, but manages to be on stair as Naina is retaining diversified live of dupatta. Naina recalls her mother’s misery and leaves the dupatta live. Pooja shouts jiji as the dupatta falls on her head. Naina thinks this day all of your suppose will live right here colliding with the walls.

Naren runs and falls, shouts Pooja. Pooja says I am coming up. Naina asks her to head down and hides, says she will be able to behold doctor and wardboys coming there. Rahul talks to Bade Babu and says Pooja reached mental asylum folks and he is standing inaugurate air. Bade Babu says he wants to listen to Pooja’s suppose. Factual then Surbhi laughs. Rahul will get an realizing to latest her suppose as Pooja’s suppose. Naren shouts Pooja. Naina asks Pooja to conceal and says they are coming. She says I am right here, don’t anxiety. She thinks no one will secure their son marry a aroused girl. Pooja will get at some level of the properly. Naina says don’t anxiety, I am right here. Naren sees garland on the ground and is terrified, calls her title aloud. Re Saiyyan performs…..

Naina opens the faucets of the properly so as that water will get filled in it. She thinks she belief she will play alongside with her sister for some days, but now the game has resulted in a day. Pooja will get terrified and shouts jiji as water will get filled up hasty. Pooja calls Jiji and asks her to have interaction her out. Naina tells words to designate her revenge. Surbhi refuses to act like Pooja. Rahul says while you happen to alter into widow then Naren will kick you out and so forth. He asks her to behave like Pooja and tries to document her suppose. Surbhi acts like aroused and jumps on sofa. After recording the suppose, Rahul says there may be no one larger than you in doing fraud. Harish and Supriya are also coming there. Pooja cries and asks Naina to shield her.

Naina says sorry Pooja and asks which prince will simply about assign her now. Naren is standing on the top of properly and says I private near Pooja. He asks her to not secure disquieted. Pooja says she is vexed of water. Naren sees the water filling up hasty and tells her that he’ll close the faucet and near. Pooja asks will you return hasty na Naren. Garland falls from his hand. He appears to be like at Pooja and goes to shut the faucet. Naina will get offended and sees him closing the faucet. Strangely Naren don’t behold her. Naina comes wait on to properly. Water scoot alongside with the movement stops. Naren returns and will get down the properly by means of the stair. He will get Supriya’s name and he tells her that he is in properly, his phone slips and falls down in water. Pooja is disquieted and asks him to near wait on hasty. Naren asks her to not be disquieted and jumps in the water. Pooja being disquieted, cries and hugs him. Naren says I private near, don’t cry you are a solid girl. She cleans her nose alongside with his sweater and says sorry.

Rahul apologizes to bade babu and says he’ll invent him hear Pooja’s valid suppose. He tells Surbhi that Bade Babu understood that right here will not be Pooja’s valid suppose. Neelima says you shouldn’t private relied on Surbhi and acts as Pooja. Rahul facts her suppose. Neelima asks Surbhi to alter into horse and sit down on her, while Rahul facts her suppose. He signs thumps up. Kusum and mental asylum folks simply about properly. Kusum asks them to have interaction rope and have interaction them out, she says even his pagla is with him, engage both. Naren says no one can separate me with Pooja.

Kusum says this day Pooja has to head to mental asylum anyhow. Harish says this day our bahu will scoot to her dwelling and that’s final. Naina sees the drama from a long way. Kusum says they’re not married then why you are calling her bahu. Psychological asylum folks throw the rope so as that they’ll near up. Naren pulls the rope and says I could behold who touches my Pooja. Satish asks Kusum to let them near. Psychological asylum guy tells that we are going to not be going to chance our existence for mental folks. Harish asks Naren to climb up till Mayank brings assist. Pooja says she don’t want to head up. Naren says we are going to not be going to near wait on till mental asylum folks are right here. Kusum says who’re you to have interaction determination of pooja, she will not be your simply.

Naren says Pooja is my simply, duty, my faith and wealth, my karma and my abhimaan/e ego. He continues and says she is my prayer/ibadat and my Ram too…Anuj says folks don’t perceive this poetry, for them she is Gupta household’s niece. Kusum says while you happen to’ve essentially understood her then she wouldn’t private long past by means of this. Naren says I did a mistake to not have confidence her and says Pooja has continuously fulfilled her duty without the relation. He asks what proof it be major to level to my like. Satish asks him to near wait on up. Naren says he can behold have confidence in her eyes, though she don’t be unsleeping him. Kusum asks how will we have confidence you, who used to be as soon as determined to extinguish her. Naren says I could attain one thing to guarantee you. He asks Pooja to attain as he says. Pooja says I could not provide you with my toys. Naren smiles.

Naren ties rope spherical her waist, will get wood stick from the dry tree. He says I don’t know why marriage is obligatory to level to simply, I don’t know what is seven vows of seven rounds, and says I appropriate want to claim that I could continuously scoot with you. He lights the wood stick. He takes spherical her retaining the fireplace stick. He recalls Pooja saving him and likewise taking Supriya’s troubles on her and will get aroused. Mayank, Harish and Supriya secure overjoyed. Naren says till now Pooja has loved me with none situation that she took all my deplorable karma on her and says this day after our marriage, I’d like to provide you with with immense latest and asks her to have interaction all his gracious karmas/deeds. He burns the purple color crayon and is about to absorb her maang. Satish asks him to mediate again and says you is seemingly to be going to have interaction immense responsibility. Naren says I am standing right here on tale of her gracious karma and asks on whom I shall utilize my gracious karma diversified than her. He fills her maang with the purple crayon. Pooja smiles. Payo ji Maine Ram Ratan Dhan Payo performs..

Harish, Supriya, Mayank, Rachel and Satish will get overjoyed. Kusum will get upset. Harsha is quiet praying to God. Radhe Krishna performs….Naina will get offended and throws the coloring e book. Naren says now my simply received title and identification now, it be major to reach me earlier than reaching her. Mayank asks Naren to be careful while hiking and says bhabhi’s sasural is right here. Harish asks them to near wait on up. Naren helps Pooja climb first retaining the rope. Pooja gives her hand to him. Re Saiyya performs…….Naren holds her hand and appears to be like on.

At Satish’s dwelling, Pooja shies as Naren appears to be like at her. Satish says it be major to head with him. Pooja says I could not scoot leaving you.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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You’re Staring at Drama Piya Albela full . Drama Piya Albela Most recent Episode . Zee TV drama Serial Piya Albela On the present time Episode . Free To find Drama Piya Albela. Indian Drama Serial Piya Albela on Dailymotion Parts . Drama Piya Albela. Drama Piya Albela On-line Piya Albela Stout . Peep Piya Albela On-line . Piya Albela 2nd December 2017 Peep On-line. Drama Piya Albela . Piya Albela on-line 2nd December 2017.

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