Love Ka Hai Intezaar 14th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Bask in Ka Hai Intezaar 14th July 2017 Written Update

The Episode begins with Rana accepting he has framed Kamini. He justifies himself that any father would catch done this, even it’s probably you’ll well well presumably catch done this for Madhavi. Madhav says no, I wouldn’t sacrifice any innocent particular person, you is probably to be gradual Kamini’s raid. Rana says no, IT had doubt on Kamini, she failed to clarify that condominium, I just outmoded that topic. Kamini asks why is the fan off. The woman says we’re routine. The particular person says Arun obtained meals for her. The woman asks her to take a seat down down accrued. Kamini says let me meet him, Lady stops her and takes even water away. The particular person says you cant meet Kamini.

Arun says I do know you is probably to be doing this to position strain on Kamini. Arun thinks of Madhav. Madhav says you obtained what you wished, I failed to marry Kamini, all individuals moved on. Rana says no, you gave divorce to my daughter,

who will marry her. Kamini will accumulate anyone, she is a film actress, forgive me, I m sorry, please marry her. Ali says I failed to fabricate this. Kaka says I do know Vijaylaxmi is making stories, being scared that we are going to…. Vijaylaxmi asks how dare you direct this. She asks Rajmata to retract the keys abet. Rajmata scolds the servants. She can get dizzy. Vijaylaxmi asks Pratap to retract Rajmata to room.

Rana says you bought here here for Kamini, no longer Vijaylaxmi, you don’t deal along with her. Madhav says we can talk this later, picture the reality to CBI. Vijaylaxmi scolds Kaka and Ali and asks them to leave. Rana says CBI will arrest me if I drag to them. Madhav says then Kamini shall be punished, you catch left no possibility, I will picture your reality to CBI. Rana says drag and fabricate anything, nothing will occur, this case will drag on long, Kamini will accumulate trapped. Madhav thinks to fabricate one thing to make Rana admit reality. Kamini says I failed to fabricate any mistake, it’s probably you’ll well well’t torture me this type, I want a lawyer. Madhav says if I give you a resolution, if Vijaylaxmi’s life will get better then, if she will be able to get her situation abet, will you abet Kamini.

Rana says it capability you can marry Vijaylaxmi again. Madhav says yes, you heard it correct, I will remarry her, however on a condition, it’s probably you’ll well well accumulate Kamini out of this scam with respect. Rana says I heard coronary heart provides are estimable, I did this planning as she used to be ruining my daughter’s life, are you taking half in a sport with me, I’m capable of free Kamini, it’s probably you’ll well well refuse to your promise. Madhav says you is probably to be talking to a Rajput, even within the event you don’t agree, I will give in written accumulate. Rana says no need, so you can marry my daughter. Madhav asks him to drag Mumbai by his private jet. Rana says no, its no longer compulsory. Madhav asks will you free her sitting here. Rana says its my work, drag home and relaxation, our names acquired’t reach in this, Vijaylaxmi ought to accrued no longer know about this marriage, I will reach there and give this correct records to her, she will be able to drag wrathful by happiness. He laughs.

Madhav smiles and says don’t peril, I m no longer on walk, I will look forward to you, accumulate Kamini freed. Madhav thinks I needed to build up courage to prevent this type. Ragini asks Arun would you retract to name Madhav, don’t what he did. Arun says my eyes can’t accumulate cheated, Madhav can’t be so adversarial, per chance his family pressurized him. I wish to know why Rana is after Kamini, Madhav knows this, why is he no longer facing Rana, if he tells Rana to abet off, Rana will accumulate abet, Kamini’s case will accumulate adversarial if we prolong. Ragini asks d you trust him, if he is with Rana then, I m certain of this. Madhav comes home. Pratap asks how used to be Delhi outing, is everything handsome. Madhav says yes, things ought to accrued accumulate handsome. Pratap asks why are you upset. Madhav says Kamini’s work shall be done. Ragini says it’s probably you’ll well well accumulate insulted calling him. Arun says I just wish to name Kamini once, per chance he agrees to abet. Ragini takes the resolution and says I acquired’t direct you how to bend to him. She cries. He asks her to prevent it and trust him. Madhav asks Pratap about Rajmata. Arun calls him. He will get vexed and exhibits the incoming name to Pratap.

Kamini will get scared when the lady officer will get an electric shock equipment to torture her.

Written Update by Amena

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