Laado 14th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Rantej And Malhari Plan To Distanced Anu And Yuvraj Episode

Laado 14th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anu coming to kitchen. Meera says we save you’ve got muh responsibilities. Komal asks if the day was busy. Anu says it was busy and ethical too. Komal asks him to make a selection straightforward dal for Yuvraj. Anushka says he can gain it right this moment. Anushka hopes Yuvraj gets modified. Meera says if Rantej is uncovered then Yuvraj can commerce. She takes meals for Rantej. Rantej asks if she made it. Meera says she brought it first for him. Rantej puts his hand on sizzling dal and says you were telling that I will seemingly be uncovered earlier than Yuvraj. Meera apologizes. Rantej asks her to bring sizzling dal all but again. Yuvraj gain dal and thinks it was ethical. Komal comes and says Mami bought ill. Malhari acts to be ill. Yuvraj asks her no longer to wretchedness and says he’ll bring remedy for her. Once he goes, Malhari gets up and asks Rantej to

work on his belief. Komal is skittish.

Anushka hears Rantej’s goon beating the aged man and harmful him with Yuvraj’s title. Anushka is skittish. Rantej says he bought tell from Yuvraj. Anu asks them to let him trek. They beat aged man mercilessly. Anu says she’s going to trek to Yuvraj. Rantej says Yuvraj is never any longer right here and says he requested me to beat him. He asks Aged man to title his land on their title and says I heard you’ve got a young daughter. Aged Man offers his property to Rantej. Rantej pretends to name Yuvraj and says your work is completed.

In the morning, Anushka comes to Yuvraj and asks him to realize assist out. Yuvraj says Tai ji is ill. Anu asks truly and asks him to out. They gain got an look at lock. Yuvraj asks her to realize assist. Anu brings him to locker room and asks him to present 1 lakh 56000. Yuvraj offers her cash and says he knowing she is modified. Anu says she bought to know about his double standard last evening. Yuvraj goes. Malhari and Rantej chortle on their belief. She asks him to trek to temple and says Veerpur crown is yours.

A girl feeds meals to her husband. He bought chilli in it and gets wrathful, holds her hand to throw her out. Malhari and Rantej are there end by in the temple. They hear man beating his necessary other and asking her to leave. Malhari and Rantej chortle, and says right here’s Veerpur’s reality which Anushka wants to commerce. Rantej and Malhari trek there. Assorted villagers quiz why he is thrashing her. Man says she added chilli in his meals and wants to execute him and do away with him. His necessary other apologizes to him whereas he humiliates her in public. Malhari asks what is occurring? Man says she wants to execute me. Rantej says how dare you> Malhari scolds her. Jhunki and Trisha hear them. Malhari scolds the girl and says I’m feeling ashamed to name you necessary other, and says you’ll seemingly be punished so that no-one can own doing this. Malhari says even I had husband and says I never opened my mouth infront of him and asks Rantej to affirm (she bought her husband killed). Rantej says folks offers your instance. Rantej says they’ll develop her use chilli. Trisha thinks to name Anushka.

Precap: Anushka swears in the temple with other girls to guard Veerpur girls.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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