Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 24th July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka Twenty fourth July 2017 Written Update

Maaso and Amala scene continues…Amala attain no longer train one thing else…so Maaso says I might utilize with Abeer tonight. Amala then says u might indulge in dinner right here simplest…all people might indulge in dinner right here simplest.

Then Raghu Mannu Amala and Maaso are in sitting right here with dinner…Abeer walks in with a present for Mannu. Mannu thanks him. Mando comes to the sitting house and starts her low-value feedback…she says to Amala what is the idea after dinner…Abeer hears and ignores her. Abeer then affords a present to Raghu additionally. Raghu thanks him…Abeer will get emotional and hugs him.

Mando says waah prono ji, currently you are going to presumably be giving and hugs as effectively. Can also indulge in brought a present for me as effectively, I will be chuffed in present simplest. For hugs there might be someone else (she says closing line taking a see at Amala).
She then asks he didn’t raise one thing else for Amala both? He might indulge in belief of the women folk as effectively.

Abeer says parjayi…i modified into as soon as pondering to present you one thing nonetheless didn’t know what to raise…Mando says Hain you belief of it…and he or she smiles. Raghu says he’ll employ rep in store and question when they might be able to delivery the shop. All are serene. Maaso adjustments the discipline.

Subsequent scene…Suveer and Mahi allotment… they’re strolling again from the restaurant and the vehicle attain no longer launch. Suveer calls Rishan who’s tranquil relatively than job with Viren. Rishan shouts on him that u can’t even arrange a vehicle by yourself. Suveer calls the safety department I guess

Then comes next scene Amala in her bed feeling restless. She then goes to her room…sees her pics

Abeer is in his room and he has a tassel in his hand and pondering…he keeps taking a see to the house from his window.

Suveer and Mahi in the vehicle…suveer sees Dev’s eyes…Mahi asks the driving force from where is he…Dev says Dharamshala…and Mahi will get irritated..oh he’s from that impart. .when will that impart leave us…we ought to no longer indulge in chase there.

Suveer asks Dev to stay the vehicle and affords him money to attract shut a rickshaw to house.

Swap to Abeer popping out of his room with his rep. He sees Amala standing there. He then says I do know requested to your forgiveness nonetheless u didn’t forgive me and I will ticket that, I correct deserve to no person ought to meet indulge in u indulge in to meet me. But tranquil we meet…and now I’m leaving and u is also chuffed nonetheless if that you are going to be ready to imagine attain forgive. Then he walks assist to his room And hears his title from Amala…he turns and goes to her…Amala says I forgive you.

PRECAP – First scene…Dev is inebriated calls Annie..she asks him where is he…he says I might gain them.
Mannu sees Abeer leaving and he hugs him and starts crying I might no longer mean you are going to be ready to head.
Amala is taking a see at Abeer and Abeer is taking a see at her…and next to his room’s wall…there might be Dev…in drunken impart

Written Update by Bhawna

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