Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 22nd July 2017 Written Update Episode

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Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka twenty 2d July 2017 Written Update

Abeer and Amla are unhappy. They traipse separate ways. Amla thinks of her phrases asking Abeer to traipse some distance from her. Mannu comes and tells Amla that he’ll sleep on the side of her. Amla thinks she shall hides these papers from Mando. She hides the papers and lie down beside Mannu to sleep. Abeer packs his stuff and restless. Amla thinks about Abeer and his goodness. She recalls Abeer telling her that he didn’t contact her that evening promising his unnecessary mum. Pallavi tells Rishan that she is now no longer going to traipse and tells that she told Manwinder that she would prefer on no myth gotten her daughter marry such guy. She says Suveer’s mum fundamental Mahi to marry her son, however a lady warned her against Suveer. Rishan asks Pallavi to traipse and convince Manwinder. She refuses. He hurts her hand and holds it tightly.

Raunaq comes to talk

to Rishan angrily. Evan takes him from there sooner than he may perchance perchance well possibly traipse to his cabin. Rishan comes out, however they are already long gone. Raunaq tells Hema that this day he met metropolis Justice of the Peace and he told that we’re very principled of us to like let our son in detention heart to coach him a lesson. Evan smiles. Raunaq says he told that Rishan has cancelled his son’s bail. Hema says however Suveer got here out. Raunaq says Rishan has cancelled Evan’s bail to coach him a lesson. Hema gets mad. Evan asks them to chill down and says his fact is out infront of you. He says he’s now no longer dead that he couldn’t wager. He says he didn’t like powerful quantity of medication. Raunaq asks then why did you terminate me. Evan says he’ll insult you, and says I if truth be told like the next thought to coach him a lesson which he couldn’t neglect.

Karuna comes to Abeer’s room and sees his packed stuff. Abeer asks what took space? When you tumble worn then what happen. That is now no longer easy for me and your tears making it sophisticated for me. Karuna guarantees that she is now no longer going to yowl. Abeer says even I will omit you and these of us. Karuna says then also you is at likelihood of be going. She says good ample and says she has kept few things for him. Pallavi asks Viren why did he call for board meeting. Viren says Bhai Saheb known as. Rishan says ants is getting feathers and gets mad. Raunaq comes there with Evan and Hema. He says I want to repeat one thing, I am retiring. Pallavi asks is everything good ample. Raunaq says he thought to give his publish to his son. Pallavi says you are a joint director. Raunaq says everything is of kids and says Evan will like his space. Rishan disagrees and says he has to reply to many. Raunaq says to whom, here is the family industry.

Evan tells Rishan that he’s joint director indulge in you and asks him to congratulate him. Rishan gets up and says I am satisfied with you. You’re very natty, authorized traipse. Suveer hugs him and says I am so satisfied for you. Raunaq asks any questions. Rishan appears to be like angrily. Suveer says lets meet at house. When they traipse, Rishan tells Pallavi, Viren and Suveer that Evan did this intentionally to extinguish me. He says I if truth be told like reached here after 22 years and says he’s attempting to be equal of him. Pallavi goes.

Karuna comes to Amla and says tonight Abeer will traipse. She says Abeer will omit Raghu and Mannu. She tells Amla that if Abeer can like food with all of them tonight. Amla appears to be like on.

Viren asks Rishan to invent Evan as transport head and free Dev. Later Suveer and Mahi are within the automobile. Dev appears to be like at them within the front replicate. Suveer is terrified. Abeer apologizes to Amla. Amla says she has forgiven him.

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